My honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur

As You know I love traveling. As I mentioned before in Bangkok post it gives me huge thrill to be able to see new things and experience what other countries have to offer. Choosing Kuala Lumpur for our honeymoon destination may like a seem strange idea as it is not a very romantic destination. Maybe Maldives or Sri Lanka but why Kuala Lumpur ? The answer is simple. We wanted to go somewhere far away with different vibe and Malaysia fitted that description. As I love big cities it felt perfectly natural to fly to Kuala Lumpur !

Once the decision has been made there was no going back. No regrets though. Kuala Lumpur does not disappoint and I really hope I will be able to go back there at some point in my life. It is such a modern and developing city. One may call it a concrete jungle but I could not care..

We have manage to see quite a lot but there were two things getting in the way. Firstly, the weather.. It was very hot, humid and the visibility was not great. The air felt sticky and no matter how many showers I took I have constantly felt in the need of one. Secondly, the time difference is a challenge. I could not adjust and felt sleepy all the time. Fighting the jet lag is strange as You want to go to bed and rest but when You are in bed, You cannot sleep.. My other half was even worse so getting up for breakfast did not happen the whole 9 days we stayed in the capital of Malaysia !

Petronas Twin Towers are the true landmark of the city. They make a huge impression on the picture and they do not disappoint in real life. I had a chance to get to the highest point available for tourists to go to and that was the highest I have ever been at that point in my life. They are truly spectacular and as we stayed in the amazing Mandarin Oriental I could look at them from my hotel window.

Another thing to see slightly outside of the capital are Batu Caves. Combination of Hindu temples, nature, wild animals and religious features is spectacular. I have never seen anything like this before and I would strongly recommend to visit given a chance to do so !

While talking about Kuala Lumpur You have to mention the shopping experience.. From the most luxury boutiques and the biggest shopping centres You can ever imagine to local markets. You can spend as much and as little as You want. The city looks after everybody. My personal recommendations will include Pavilion, the most central Suria KLCC and much more traditional Central Market.

Be my guest and enjoy traveling with me !! Preparing this post gave me so much pleasure going down the memory lane.. Take me back in time..

Picture 8

The view from the hotel pool does not get better than this..

Picture 14

One of my happiest memories from that trip..

Picture 18

Absolutely amazing view from our hotel room

Picture 6

Petronas Twin Towers in their glory

Picture 10

Picture 11

Batu Caves experience

Picture 12

Picture 16

Picture 9

When things do not go according to plan..

Picture 22

Breakfast (at lunchtime hour) does not get better than this !


Picture 23

I hope You have enjoyed this post !

Many thanks for stopping by and let me know what do You think !


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Ps. On of the first nights of our stay I got this bookmark on my pillow. I keep it with me at all times and it became something I try to follow everyday..

Picture 17

Sunny morning in Cambridge

This post will be the last one from beautiful Cambridge. Second day of our stay could not be more perfect. The sun was shining, sky was blue and it was surprisingly warm for this time of the year.

As I am determined to try new things I came across this dress when I was in my local Zara. I saw it on one of the sales assistants and I instantly knew it could work for me. It looks more expensive than it is and it incorporates the hottest trend at the minute ruffles without being over the top. It is quite short but styled appropriately with tights and brogues it can work for my professional responsibilities.

I have paired this dress with my favourite over-the-knee boots that I got at the beginning of the winter season. I can confirm that it was one of the best investments I have ever made. They are not cheap but the quality is amazing and the are extremely versatile. They come in variety of colours and heel heights so everyone can find something to suit their style.

I finished my outfit with my brushed leather jacket and trusted wallet on chain. I felt that everything worked together really well and it made me feel dressed appropriately and put together.

Cambridge is so beautiful, full of hidden treasures and corners so exploring that beauty was a huge pleasure.

I am particularly proud of the pictures my husband took. Happiness is extremely difficult to capture but I think we managed to give it a good try.


Dress Zara (not available online)

Jacket Rick Owens (similar)

Over-the-knee boots Stuart Weitzman

Handbag Chanel








Enjoy Your Sunday !!! I will be back with the next post on Wednesday.


Aggie xx

Fashion trends for men for Spring-Summer 2017

I have touched on the new trends for women in my post Trends March 2017 so I thought I will do something similar for my male readers. I have asked some of my male friends and colleagues if they were interested in reading a post like this and the answer was.. yes ! I have done fair amount of research and some of the trends felt unpractical and completely not suitable for everyday life. As a result I have narrowed my searches and that is what I found..

  • Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are big regardless whether we consider men or women.  As I was not that keen on them, if took me some time to get use to the idea. I have found some beautiful examples that can be worn without too much effort. If You are brave enough go for a statement print- my favourite one !

1. Topman Black Bomber Jacket

2. Topman Navy Bomber Jacket

3. Zara Printed Bomber Jacket

4. Zara Linen Bomber Jacket

  • Blue shirt

The power of blue shirt cannot be underestimated. Crisp and freshly ironed shirt will always add something to the outfit and usually makes everything more classic and occasion appropriate. You can team up the shirt with anything from brogues to sneakers to dress it up or down depending on the situation.

1. Jack Wills Plain Shirt

2. Zara Blue Shirt with Details

3. Zara Blue Shirt with Elbow Patches

4. H&M Linen shirt

  • White sneakers

You can not go more casual yet modern than a pair of white sneakers. My personal favourite will be Converse shoes for both women and men. A real staple in modern closet. With so many available on the market You can choose the right style and price point suitable for Your budget.

1. Adidas White Sneakers

2. Converse White Sneakers

3. Dsquared2 Leather Sneakers

4. New Balance Sneakers

  • Childhood memories pieces

This one is a difficult one but it can work really well with the right base. Statement symbols, movie titles, well-known carton characters You choose what is the one You want to go for. Be careful and remember that less is more !

1. Topman Star Wars Sweatshirt

2. White Mickey Mouse T-shirt

3. Navy Mickey Mouse T-shirt

4. Zara Printed Sweatshirt


  • Light Wash Denim Jackets

Light denim jackets have always been and still are the favourite jacket type across most European countries. They are perfect for casual outgoing and one jacket can last You many, many years to come. I will invest in one for myself this season but I am not sure if my husband is going to join me ?

1. Topman Distressed Jacket

2. Topman Blue Doodle Print Jacket

3. H&M Denim Jacket

4. Levi’s Classic Jacket

  • Bandana

I was debating with myself if I should include this one as it is a little bit more catwalk inspired than any other trends I featured here. But the more research I did the more bandanas I saw. Not an easy trend but from time to time it is worth trying something new.. Plus You do not have to invest much with prices starting at £3 !


1. Topman Snake Print Bandana

2. Topman Leopard Print Bandana

3. Mango Bandana

4. Saint Laurent Bandana

I hope I gave You some ideas without putting You too much out of the comfort zone. I feel like all of the things and trends I have featured in this post can work long-term and some of them may stay in You wardrobe forever !

Have fun and enjoy Your spring-summer shopping !!


Aggie xx

My fashion story and shopping rules

My love for fashion started really early. I can remember that when I was a child and later a teenager I would wait for my mum to come home with the latest edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine called Twoj Styl which translated directly would mean Your Style… I would go through the pages of that magazine imaging how it would feel to wear anything featured there.

When I was old enough to go shopping for clothes independently I would go and spend my entire pocket-money on one or two items. Some of those purchases were a complete disaster !

During mu university years I had a chance to study in London as a part of an exchange programme. As our budget was reduced (to say the least) to bare minimum, I would go to Battersea Car Boot Sales to buy my clothing. I still have some of the gems I managed to pick up during mu usual Sunday shopping habit. Everything was second-hand but You could find very good quality items for just few pounds !!

Looking back at myself from 10 years ago I know that I have gone a really long way… I do not come from a wealthy background and everything that I have it is because of mine and my husband’s had work. So whatever Your goal is, it can be achieved !! Although I still consider my purchases (maybe even more than I have ever before) I do not have to shop in second-hands or Car Boot Sales.

Going back to my fashion obsession I have made some shocking mistakes in the past (mostly shoes related..). Not only I have wasted money and time, but also damaged my pride more than I should have. Just to name some of these mistakes:

  • Buying a pair of ALDO heels a size too big just because they were on sale and looked similar to the ones from Sex and the city
  • Buying a pair of Jimmy Choo’s just in case I want to wear them for my wedding day exactly 4 years before getting married !!
  • Buying a pair of extremely unflattering white jeans just because it was summer. They made me look awful and I can still recall somebody on a street commenting how badly I looked in them !!

But over time I have learnt my lessons and picked up few things along the way. I am in a point in my life where I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I am still passionate about designers and newest shoes and handbags but I understand that not everything will work for me.

I am very lucky that I have a man in my life that understands my passion for fashion. However, I would lie if I said that some of my extravagant handbag purchases did not cause an argument or two…

But as we get older we get wiser so I have learnt to stick to my golden rules which I am happy to share with You:

  • Limit Your spending.. For expensive things never buy more than one maximum two items a month. They can be harsh on a budget and if You buy more than two things per month You will not appreciate what You are gaining !
  • Visualise.. Do You have something that will go with the item You are planning on buying ? Or would You have to buy the whole new wardrobe to find something to wear it with ?
  • Wait.. Impulse purchases from my experience can be tricky so if You find something that You like give it a week or so.. If You still think about the item after that time do not have any guilty feelings and go for it !
  • Respect.. Treat Your belongings with love and respect and they will last You a very long time to come.
  • Invest.. There are some items in my closet that over time increased in retail value. That is mainly the case with handbags so knowing what is worth Your money is crucial. Do Your research and be critical. Investing in a very expensive clutch bag (currently on my wish list Bottega Veneta) may not be practical if You do not go on a red carpet at least once a week !!

The effects of everything I told You about can be seen below.. Let me know what do You think ? I would really want to hear from You !!





And lastly a sneak pick into my closet !!


Aggie xx

Ruffles, logos and all those things

As You know from my previous post, I had a pleasure of visiting Cambridge last weekend. It was a really good trip and we mixed pleasure with work and took some pictures for my blog.

The outfit in question was put together in reference to my Trends March 2017 blog post.

I wanted to feature both sleeve detail and logo t-shirt to show You how things can be mixed and matched. Khaki seems to be a colour of choice for this season and together with ruffles on the sleeves this jacket is a perfect combination. I bought it from Zara as it was too difficult to resist and I have no regrets. The quality of the material is exceptional and I know it will be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.

The t-shirt that I am wearing is from Kenzo and I got it about two years ago. I love the fabric and how durable it is. It was definitely a good investment and again no regrets.

As for the rest of the outfit.. Trousers are from Belstaff (the brand I have not tried on before). They are very thick, waxed pair of jeans with interesting cuts in all the right places. They are also surprisingly comfortable and I would happily wear them all day long. Handbag and shoes are my long-time companions. I have always wanted a pair of Alaia sandals and never in my life I expected to own a pair..

I hope You will all enjoy the pictures and get some outfit inspirations. I wished we could take the pictures on much more sunny day but as I am UK-based the weather is not always picture-friendly !


Jacket Zara

T-shirt Kenzo (similar)

Trouser Belstaff (sold out)

Sandals Alaia (sold out)

Handbag Chanel








Many thanks for stopping by and see You soon !


Aggie xx


Welcome to Cambridge

Living on the island with good transport links makes spontaneous traveling possible. After a very long week at work we decided as a spur of a minute to go on a trip to Cambridge. Why Cambridge ? First of all, we have not been there before and second of all, the day before I watched one of those Escape to the country programmes (UK daytime television programme about moving from the city to the countryside) and the choice was obvious.

The trip started really badly, it was raining and most importantly I booked the wrong date so when we arrived to the hotel our reservation was not valid.. Luckily, a very nice customer assistant from came to the rescue. Not only did he called the hotel to change the date for the booking but he also sorted the charge for the room so we did not have to pay any extra !!

Cambridge is really special, maybe even more than Oxford. It has that vibe to it, with all the beautiful buildings, colleges, bicycles and restaurants. I cannot even express how much I like it. The weather was not ideal but it did not stop us to explore the place.

We went punting, we visited the famous Fitzwilliam Museum with its amazing collection of art, we went to Botanic Garden and had few drinks on Regent Street. I loved being surrounded by old buildings and historic sites and although my live is far from traditional trips like this make me to reflect on my everyday life.

I do not think that the pictures I am including do Cambridge any justice but I have the best intentions in mind so please forgive me..




Bikes and bikers are everywhere so be careful.. Crossing the road can be very tricky !




As I have never been punting it was very exciting for me to try. Taking a boat ride allows You to see all the famous colleges with their student accommodation and some of the most known bridges in Cambridge. It is a definite must if You are in the area !




Botanic Garden in Cambridge is out of this word and taking a walk on a sunny day like ours is something You cannot put a price on.. I have also got our next travel destination put on my wish list..



Many thanks for going on a trip to Cambridge with me and I will see You soon !!


Aggie xx

New trends.. yellow

As promised last week I am trying to introduce new things to my wardrobe. I have not been experimenting with colour and there is no time like present…

I saw this blouse some time ago on YouTube and I could not get it out of my head. I was debating whether to get it or not and decided against it… But if something is meant for You it will find You soon or later. A week later I was shopping in Topshop and came across the last chance to buy rack. There it was my blouse in the very last size that was perfect for me. It is perfect in every way as it is featuring the newest trend, fits perfectly and has this lady-like appeal.

The rest of the outfit came together in a very natural way. As the blouse stand out enough I wanted to add pieces that would highlight its texture and colour. Black seemed like a perfect match. I also added my beloved grey clutch and YSL heels that go with everything.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what would You like to see next !!!


Blouse Topshop

Coat Zara

Jeans Topshop

Handbag DVF (sold out)

Heels YSL (similar)







Thank You very much for stopping by !!!


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