Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2017

I have never been a person who followed trends and was the first one to try new things. I like to choose clothing and accessories based on their quality, practicality and overall value for money. But I thought I will try something different and do some research of what is yet to come in 2017. The list presented here is quite selective but I tried to include the most popular trends of coming season.

Just a quick reminder to myself.. Not everything presented on the runway fits everyday lifestyle to say the least !

So what is coming ? Over the next few weeks I am taking on the challenge of presenting different trends for 2017 in my outfits.

The list of things I will be featuring includes the following:

  • Sleeve details and ruffles

This is a difficult one as I like simplicity and the trend feels a little bit out of my comfort zone.. But I will give it a go.. I have narrowed the search to few designs at various price points accessible to everyone !


1. Topshop Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

2. Zara Striped Top

3. Zara Embroidered Blouse

4. Topshop Ruffle Top

  • Statement colour fuchsia and yellow

I like a strong colour from time to time hence my love to a red lip.. Being adventurous and courageous with the colours is not my strong thing but I did browse the internet for my favourite picks (care to guess which one is already in my possession ?)

1.Topshop Tuck Neck Blouse

2.Zara Dress with Frilled Sleeves Yellow

3. Zara Dress with Frilled Sleeves Fuchsia

4. Maje Belted Coat

  • Floral everything

I always liked a floral print but this season retailers took it to another level. All the main high street brands have everything in flowers.. I have already shown You my take on the floral print in the Date night post. Other of my favourite examples include the following..

1. Nobody’s Child Green Dress (Topshop website)

2. H&M Wrap Dress

3. Zara Dress with Chest Frills

4. Zara Silk White Dress

  • Statement T-shirts and logos

I like to make a statement but I do not to scream about what I am wearing so this one is quite a difficult to make right. However, a plain t-shirt with a simple drawing or logo can be very understated and catching.


1. Gucci Distressed Logo T-shirt

2. Kenzo Icon T-shirt

3. John Lewis Deborah Campbell T-shirt


  • Khaki everywhere

This trend is the closest to my heart. I love the military vibe and I will be featuring my favourite Zara coat in the new way coming Sunday so stay tune for that !

1. Zara Jacket with Frilled Sleeves

2. H&M Cargo Trousers

3. H&M Utility Jacket

4. Zara Shirt Dress

I hope You liked my suggestion and the format of this post.. Please me know what You think !

See You at my next one,

Aggie xx

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