Khaki coat Sunday

Some outfits come together without any effort whereas others require some thought and planning. This one took me less than five minutes to put together yet I still felt very comfortable and current (Trends 2017). It is a very autumnal look maybe not adequate to the season we are in but I could not care.

My favourite Paige jeans and brogues that are the most practical pair of shoes You can imagine. Coat is my Zara favourite (previously feature in the Date night post) and the classic LV bag that I had for at least five years.

As I like the coat and its colour some much I have been looking for alternatives as mine is few seasons old and there are few that I like Zara Faux Suede Coat, Zara Trench Coat and my absolutely favourite, slightly unpractical but awesome AQ/AQ Coat.

The only new addition to the outfit is a pair of sunglasses I got for my birthday. You will definitely see them more often as I have to justify cost per wear !

We took the pictures during our stay in Lincoln on Sunday afternoon. The weather was so nice, just right for a walk.

I really hope You will enjoy the pictures as much as I have enjoyed that afternoon !








Thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx


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