Dubai is always a good idea

I took You to Abu Dhabi last week so this week is Dubai’s turn. These two cities are relatively close to each other yet it is really difficult to describe how different they are. Abu Dhabi is a capital but Dubai is definitely the icing on a cake. It is bigger, flashier and much more cosmopolitan. It is so big that traveling from one end of the city to another seems like a real obstacle.

I had a pleasure of visiting Dubai twice in my life once in the winter and once summer time. I will try to share my observations and pictures from both times… so let’s begin !

Dubai can be captivating and inspiring while being tacky and very over the top. You will like it or hate it but You can not be indifferent to what You see and that makes it worth a visit. Everything is bigger, shinier, more fashionable.


The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai. It stands the total height of 829.8 m and it took about six years to build. It is so tall than if You lucky enough You can see the top being above the clouds while take off…


The amount of shopping centres, hotels and restaurants available at any moment in time will satisfy the most picky traveller. Shop until You drop gets a different meaning in Dubai !

My personal favourite places to shop include Dubai Mall (the biggest shopping centre complex in the world… why not ?), Mall of Emirates and not fashion-related but absolute amazing fruit and vegetable marketwith the biggest dates selection I have ever seen !

The fruit market is quite far away from the city centre but worth a visit even just to look around.



Dubai beaches and the hotels located in the Palm Jumeirah area (artificial archipelago) are well-known for their hospitality and attention to details. They can be very pricey with access to private beach so travelling off-peak is my top tip !


Dubai Marina is my favourite area to visit while in Dubai. It has a lot to offer and it has that vibe of complete relaxation. You can walk for miles or go for coffee and something to eat. It is also a very desire place to live or rent so the property prices are high…

IMG_7064And finally something much more traditional where the clock has stopped…

Dubai Creek is a natural, 14 km long sea-water inlet that was the main reason why Dubai was established where it is now. It divides Dubai into two parts Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. It played a significant part in the development of the city to what it is today.

There is nothing like taking a water taxi (abra) and traveling from one side of the creek to another.



Thank You very much for Your visit !

I loved taking You on that trip… please let me know where would You like to go next ?


Aggie xx


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4 thoughts on “Dubai is always a good idea”

  1. Looks like an amazing city to discover. Haven’t been there yet but it’s on my wish list. Thanks for taking me there for a few minutes. I enjoyed your post.

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