My fashion story and shopping rules

My love for fashion started really early. I can remember that when I was a child and later a teenager I would wait for my mum to come home with the latest edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine called Twoj Styl which translated directly would mean Your Style… I would go through the pages of that magazine imaging how it would feel to wear anything featured there.

When I was old enough to go shopping for clothes independently I would go and spend my entire pocket-money on one or two items. Some of those purchases were a complete disaster !

During mu university years I had a chance to study in London as a part of an exchange programme. As our budget was reduced (to say the least) to bare minimum, I would go to Battersea Car Boot Sales to buy my clothing. I still have some of the gems I managed to pick up during mu usual Sunday shopping habit. Everything was second-hand but You could find very good quality items for just few pounds !!

Looking back at myself from 10 years ago I know that I have gone a really long way… I do not come from a wealthy background and everything that I have it is because of mine and my husband’s had work. So whatever Your goal is, it can be achieved !! Although I still consider my purchases (maybe even more than I have ever before) I do not have to shop in second-hands or Car Boot Sales.

Going back to my fashion obsession I have made some shocking mistakes in the past (mostly shoes related..). Not only I have wasted money and time, but also damaged my pride more than I should have. Just to name some of these mistakes:

  • Buying a pair of ALDO heels a size too big just because they were on sale and looked similar to the ones from Sex and the city
  • Buying a pair of Jimmy Choo’s just in case I want to wear them for my wedding day exactly 4 years before getting married !!
  • Buying a pair of extremely unflattering white jeans just because it was summer. They made me look awful and I can still recall somebody on a street commenting how badly I looked in them !!

But over time I have learnt my lessons and picked up few things along the way. I am in a point in my life where I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I am still passionate about designers and newest shoes and handbags but I understand that not everything will work for me.

I am very lucky that I have a man in my life that understands my passion for fashion. However, I would lie if I said that some of my extravagant handbag purchases did not cause an argument or two…

But as we get older we get wiser so I have learnt to stick to my golden rules which I am happy to share with You:

  • Limit Your spending.. For expensive things never buy more than one maximum two items a month. They can be harsh on a budget and if You buy more than two things per month You will not appreciate what You are gaining !
  • Visualise.. Do You have something that will go with the item You are planning on buying ? Or would You have to buy the whole new wardrobe to find something to wear it with ?
  • Wait.. Impulse purchases from my experience can be tricky so if You find something that You like give it a week or so.. If You still think about the item after that time do not have any guilty feelings and go for it !
  • Respect.. Treat Your belongings with love and respect and they will last You a very long time to come.
  • Invest.. There are some items in my closet that over time increased in retail value. That is mainly the case with handbags so knowing what is worth Your money is crucial. Do Your research and be critical. Investing in a very expensive clutch bag (currently on my wish list Bottega Veneta) may not be practical if You do not go on a red carpet at least once a week !!

The effects of everything I told You about can be seen below.. Let me know what do You think ? I would really want to hear from You !!





And lastly a sneak pick into my closet !!


Aggie xx

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