Fashion trends for men for Spring-Summer 2017

I have touched on the new trends for women in my post Trends March 2017 so I thought I will do something similar for my male readers. I have asked some of my male friends and colleagues if they were interested in reading a post like this and the answer was.. yes ! I have done fair amount of research and some of the trends felt unpractical and completely not suitable for everyday life. As a result I have narrowed my searches and that is what I found..

  • Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are big regardless whether we consider men or women.  As I was not that keen on them, if took me some time to get use to the idea. I have found some beautiful examples that can be worn without too much effort. If You are brave enough go for a statement print- my favourite one !

1. Topman Black Bomber Jacket

2. Topman Navy Bomber Jacket

3. Zara Printed Bomber Jacket

4. Zara Linen Bomber Jacket

  • Blue shirt

The power of blue shirt cannot be underestimated. Crisp and freshly ironed shirt will always add something to the outfit and usually makes everything more classic and occasion appropriate. You can team up the shirt with anything from brogues to sneakers to dress it up or down depending on the situation.

1. Jack Wills Plain Shirt

2. Zara Blue Shirt with Details

3. Zara Blue Shirt with Elbow Patches

4. H&M Linen shirt

  • White sneakers

You can not go more casual yet modern than a pair of white sneakers. My personal favourite will be Converse shoes for both women and men. A real staple in modern closet. With so many available on the market You can choose the right style and price point suitable for Your budget.

1. Adidas White Sneakers

2. Converse White Sneakers

3. Dsquared2 Leather Sneakers

4. New Balance Sneakers

  • Childhood memories pieces

This one is a difficult one but it can work really well with the right base. Statement symbols, movie titles, well-known carton characters You choose what is the one You want to go for. Be careful and remember that less is more !

1. Topman Star Wars Sweatshirt

2. White Mickey Mouse T-shirt

3. Navy Mickey Mouse T-shirt

4. Zara Printed Sweatshirt


  • Light Wash Denim Jackets

Light denim jackets have always been and still are the favourite jacket type across most European countries. They are perfect for casual outgoing and one jacket can last You many, many years to come. I will invest in one for myself this season but I am not sure if my husband is going to join me ?

1. Topman Distressed Jacket

2. Topman Blue Doodle Print Jacket

3. H&M Denim Jacket

4. Levi’s Classic Jacket

  • Bandana

I was debating with myself if I should include this one as it is a little bit more catwalk inspired than any other trends I featured here. But the more research I did the more bandanas I saw. Not an easy trend but from time to time it is worth trying something new.. Plus You do not have to invest much with prices starting at £3 !


1. Topman Snake Print Bandana

2. Topman Leopard Print Bandana

3. Mango Bandana

4. Saint Laurent Bandana

I hope I gave You some ideas without putting You too much out of the comfort zone. I feel like all of the things and trends I have featured in this post can work long-term and some of them may stay in You wardrobe forever !

Have fun and enjoy Your spring-summer shopping !!


Aggie xx


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