My honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur

As You know I love traveling. As I mentioned before in Bangkok post it gives me huge thrill to be able to see new things and experience what other countries have to offer. Choosing Kuala Lumpur for our honeymoon destination may like a seem strange idea as it is not a very romantic destination. Maybe Maldives or Sri Lanka but why Kuala Lumpur ? The answer is simple. We wanted to go somewhere far away with different vibe and Malaysia fitted that description. As I love big cities it felt perfectly natural to fly to Kuala Lumpur !

Once the decision has been made there was no going back. No regrets though. Kuala Lumpur does not disappoint and I really hope I will be able to go back there at some point in my life. It is such a modern and developing city. One may call it a concrete jungle but I could not care..

We have manage to see quite a lot but there were two things getting in the way. Firstly, the weather.. It was very hot, humid and the visibility was not great. The air felt sticky and no matter how many showers I took I have constantly felt in the need of one. Secondly, the time difference is a challenge. I could not adjust and felt sleepy all the time. Fighting the jet lag is strange as You want to go to bed and rest but when You are in bed, You cannot sleep.. My other half was even worse so getting up for breakfast did not happen the whole 9 days we stayed in the capital of Malaysia !

Petronas Twin Towers are the true landmark of the city. They make a huge impression on the picture and they do not disappoint in real life. I had a chance to get to the highest point available for tourists to go to and that was the highest I have ever been at that point in my life. They are truly spectacular and as we stayed in the amazing Mandarin Oriental I could look at them from my hotel window.

Another thing to see slightly outside of the capital are Batu Caves. Combination of Hindu temples, nature, wild animals and religious features is spectacular. I have never seen anything like this before and I would strongly recommend to visit given a chance to do so !

While talking about Kuala Lumpur You have to mention the shopping experience.. From the most luxury boutiques and the biggest shopping centres You can ever imagine to local markets. You can spend as much and as little as You want. The city looks after everybody. My personal recommendations will include Pavilion, the most central Suria KLCC and much more traditional Central Market.

Be my guest and enjoy traveling with me !! Preparing this post gave me so much pleasure going down the memory lane.. Take me back in time..

Picture 8

The view from the hotel pool does not get better than this..

Picture 14

One of my happiest memories from that trip..

Picture 18

Absolutely amazing view from our hotel room

Picture 6

Petronas Twin Towers in their glory

Picture 10

Picture 11

Batu Caves experience

Picture 12

Picture 16

Picture 9

When things do not go according to plan..

Picture 22

Breakfast (at lunchtime hour) does not get better than this !


Picture 23

I hope You have enjoyed this post !

Many thanks for stopping by and let me know what do You think !


Aggie xx

Ps. On of the first nights of our stay I got this bookmark on my pillow. I keep it with me at all times and it became something I try to follow everyday..

Picture 17

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