What I wore Sunday… spring where are You ?

The weather this year is not spoiling us… Since the beginning of Spring we had two sunny and warm enough days to wear short sleeves and bare legs in the UK. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon, but I am waiting for the sunshine to come !

We have taken advantage of one sunny Sunday to take pictures for today’s post. I wanted to show You a little bit of colour so I decided to wear a dress that I had in my closet for nearly four years. It is a beautiful quality fabric that draw my attention to it in the first place. It is on the thicker side but as I am always cold it was never a problem for me. The dress reminds me of 50s style clothing and it is by the Polish brand Simple, which I have been obsessed with for some time few years ago. Since then, the brand changed their designs and although I have not shop with them any more I will try to explore what they have to offer.

I kept the accessories very simple as the dress is enough statement for me. My flats are the most comfortable shoes I have and the bag is a purchase from last season that I feel I do not wear enough…

Picture 9**

Dress Simple (sold out)

Shoes Chloe

Handbag Gucci

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Picture 6*

Picture 18**

Picture 19*

Picture 23*.JPG_7

Picture 12**

Picture 20**




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Polish designers worth knowing !!

I love quality products anything from home accessories to shoes so it makes me really proud that there are so many quality brands and products that are now available to choose from my home country. I am planning on making a post about most amazing beauty products from Poland but today I want to introduce You to some of my favourite fashion names.
Most of the designers that are known on Polish market started their businesses when I was growing up. They slowly became recognised and known for their uniqueness and attention to details. I am fully aware of the fact that their designs will not be available to everyone. But as You might have guessed already if You are following my blog from the beginning, I believe less is more and I would rather have one quality piece than ten average ones that I will put in the charity bag in a short space of time !

So that is what I have for You:

1. Gosia Baczynska

My personal number one by long way. I have admired her work for many years and when I had to decide on my wedding dress she was my safety blanket. I love her laces and very high quality fabrics. My wedding dress was made from wool so highly selected it shined. She is amazing in making spectacular, evening gowns that would play the part in most red carpets around the world. Few years ago she was the first Polish designer to show her work during Paris Fashion Week something that is a huge achievement most designers can only dream off.


2. Lukasz Jemiol

Very recent discovery for me but equally special as the first one. I had a chance to visit his boutique during my visit to Poland and I loved almost everything. What surprised me the most was the quality of the fabrics and the intensity of the colours. Available now online, it is a destination for more relaxed, everyday fashion.


3. Look-Book

Although I do not own anything from this brand, when I look on their website I want almost everything. Very wearable pieces, especially dresses with bohemian theme. Probably, the cheapest (remember to shop the sale) and the most wearable out of all clothing brands featured here. I tried to find more information about the faces behind the brand but there is limited info out there.

4. La Mania

Probably the most well-known Polish brand that You can get in Harrods and Net-A-Porter. Most of the pieces are slightly too formal for me but the quality of the fabrics is second to none. La Mania was started by spectacular businesswoman Joanna Przetakiewicz who is the best ambassador of her own brand. La Mania dresses are already popular amongst the stars and celebrities around the word.

5. Mokobelle

The most unique of brands creating beautiful jewellery for everyday use. They became famous for unusual combinations of precious metals and stones. Most known for their bracelets that You can create as You like. Very affordable for the quality their offer and definitely worth checking out.

That is mine personal favourite list. I wanted to include brands with the Polish heritage that will stand the test on the international market. From my personal experience all of the brands should be able to ship internationally ! Have I missed anything ?

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Find Your perfect match… jeans edition !!

Finding a right pair of jeans that fits You well is a job… And believe me I know what I am talking about. Shopping for any other piece of clothing (maybe apart from bikini) is a real pleasure but finding a pair of jeans that fits, is the right length, has just the right amount of stretch in a fabric is not easy.

I love my jeans. On almost all of my days off You will see me in a pair. I have tried to save in the past, then I went through a phase when I decided to invest in the right pair so I think I am able to give my honest opinion on both ends of the scale !

I will be splitting my choice into two different categories. First one being a designer jeans that will require some investment and the second being much more affordable option from the high street.

For the designer jeans there is nothing like Paige denim. They are so well-fitted with just right amount of stretch I like. I bought the pair below about two and a half years ago, washed them countless amount of time and they still feel and look brand new.  They are very price (I agree) but I think that if I was to calculate the cost per wear (my favourite way of justifying my spending habits) I would be looking at about few pounds if not pennies…



Paige jeans (similar here and here)

For the high street choice the answer is very simple for me. There are no better jeans than the ones in Topshop. I have four different pairs, each of them slightly different style and I would recommend them all without any hesitation. They are all priced under £50 and they all last and wash very well. The cut and the quality of the jeans is comparable to the designer pair and I cannot imagine splashing the cash again to buy something more pricy knowing that I can have the ones from Topshop.

They come in variety of styles but my two absolute favourites are Jamie and Lucas. Jamie jeans are designed to be skinny and well-fitted whereas Lucas are more relaxed, boyfriend style.

However, what I like the most about these two styles is how many different fabrics and colours there are to choose from. Black, white, waxed, ripped, washed… the choice is endless.

Just to give You few examples…


Topshop Jamie jeans


Topshop Jamie waxed jeans (sold out)


Topshop Lucas jeans (similar)

So that is it for today… let me know what would You like to see in the next edition of Find your perfect match… (previous post available here).

Ps. Just a quick reminder about the giveaway from last week (details available here). I will be extending the deadline for the comments till Sunday so there is more time if You are interested !

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What I wore Sunday… casual night out !

I am not a party animal… I like a good night out every so often but as I love comfort and peace I would be very happy staying in instead of going out ! But over the last few weeks I have been trying to be more outgoing and sample what my neighbourhood has to offer. Few new restaurants and bars have opened and we thought it will be good to check what the fuss is all about !

I had different outfit planned but the weather in UK is very changeable and You have to be prepare to make adjustments. The wind and rain are another problem but without further delay that is what I wore !

Picture 27*

Blouse Cooper & Ella (similar)

Jeans Topshop (similar)

Pumps Isabel Marant (similar)

Bag DVF (sold out)

Jacket (on some pictures) Rick Owens

Sunglasses Dior (similar)

I wanted to create relaxed yet put together look without trying too much. I love pairing simple blouses with a pair of jeans and adding heels to make it more evening appropriate. The pair of shoes presented here is a long favourite of mine. I bought them last year on sale and I can confirm it was money well-spent. They are perfect for day and night and as the heel is about 2-3 inches, they can be worn for long periods of time.

The only pop of colour (apart from my lips…) is my clutch bag. I have one more in the same style by the same designer (shown here) and I love them both. They are perfect size for Your phone and few essentials. Unfortunately, they are no longer in production and I am extremely happy that I managed to add two to my collection.

Picture 28*

Picture 29**

Picture 15**

Picture 22**

Picture 10**

Picture 5**

Picture 4*

I hope You like what I put together !

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Current favourites

I have made some discoveries lately as I am testing and adding new things into my everyday life. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with You on more or less monthly basis. All of the products featured here have been tried and loved by me and to stay true to myself I will never recommended something I do not believe in… So without further delay that is what I have been loving lately…

  • Beauty

I have been trying out this hair wand for about two months now and I would say that it is the best one I have ever used ! When I used it the first few times I have burned my hands on number of occasions but after a little bit of practise I am no longer having that problem. The curls stay in all day and I do not feel my hair got any drier (my hairdresser Phillipa may disagree…).

As for the shampoo and conditioner Kerastase is a long favourite of mine. The brand is expensive but they products lasts long time and I do believe they are worth the money. The conditioner makes my hair very smooth and I love the smell too !

  • Fashion

I may have made a cheeky purchase lately but my activity must be justified by the discount I got. I have been wanting this Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps for as long as I can remember and when I saw a pair with a discount of over 50 % I could not resist ! The pair I bought is not pictured above as it is sold out due to the discount but I promise to share it with You very soon !

  • Technology

I received this mouse as a gift from my husband and it is seriously good. So interactive and responsive like no other I tried. It is on a pricy side but if You are like me and do not like using a mouse touchpad on Your laptop it is the one to go for !

  • Lifestyle


I have been obsessed with this balls ever since I first trying them ! They are protein snack with no preservatives, colourants or gluten. I like to grab one on a go. They are really tasty and high in protein, fibre and vitamin E. My favourite one is coconut & macadamia protein bliss closely followed by apple & cinnamon !

  • Best of all


I am not a foodie and I always try to look at nutritional value of my food over the taste… (I am boring and to self-discipline like this…). But the pancakes are my absolute favourite for Sunday breakfast. With fresh fruits and maple syrup or honey. Style of the pancakes does not matter, the more the better !

So that is what I have been loving and enjoying lately !

Let me know if I am missing on something worth trying ?

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Find your perfect match… fragrance !

I have been thinking about this cycle of posts for some time now. I would like to start with a fragrance as is a subject very close to my heart but I am intended to develop it further into clothing and other beauty products… so lets begin !

Finding a fragrance that You like and suits Your personality can be tricky and may require some research. I think it is difficult not to be influenced by new releases, celebrities advertising and perception that You are missing on bargains. However, sometimes less is more and I believe having few selected fragrances suitable for variety of occasions may well be a way forward.

I use to buy a lot of different fragrances to cheer myself up, I got quite a few as a gift and over the years I have accumulated so many bottles I was not even remembering what I had… Last year I decided to stop that bad habit and made myself a promise that I will not buy a bottle for the whole year. Year and half gone, I got only one new fragrance added to my collection but I still do not feel like I need to buy anything ! The reason behind this is simple. I may like variety of fragrances but I will go back to the same ones over and over again.

My best of fragrance list includes the following:



Most amazing fragrance that I wore on my wedding day. Very floral but with something extra makes You feel very special. I had the same bottle for over year and a half and I use it from time to time, every time when I need do make me feel good.

The fragrance that suits me best. Every time I put this one on, I am being asked of what I am wearing. It is a very wearable one and can do wonders from day to-night. It is very durable as well and You do not need much to make an impact.

My newest everyday fragrance in my collection. Perfect for day, gives You that feeling of freshness. When I first smelled it, it was a love at first sign. It is so wearable without being overpowering. It is definitely on the lighter side so do not expect it will last days…

Given to me by my husband it is the most original fragrance that I own. It has very strong spice to its base and will probably work better for nighttime however I try to wear it daytime as well.

My first proper fragrance given to me by my dad. Every time I put this one on I am still amazed how much I like it, even after all those years… It is a fragrance that will stay with me my lifetime and I could not choose better !

Now for a fun part… When I was preparing this post I had a chance to look through my perfume collection and I realised that I have some fragrances that I no longer love or need.. So I have decided to give them to my readers. All of the perfumes listed below were purchased by myself or I received as a gift. All of them are original and they are used but they have at least 2/3 of the fragrance left.

Give away list includes:

YSL Opium (summer edition fragrance)

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir

Jimmy Choo Flash

Emporio Armani Diamonds (rose)

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom

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The winners will be announced in one week in this post !

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What I wore Sunday plus birthday celebrations !

My husband has been celebrating his birthday last week and that has prompted me to take that dress out of the closet. It is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite item of clothing. It is extremely well-made, fits me perfect and has that something special about it. I bought it about two years ago before Self-Portrait popularity. It was fairly new brand at the time with great potential. It has not disappointed me both the dress and the brand… They have been delivering gorgeous items with characteristic lace and very good quality, heavy fabric.

This particular dress is sold out long time ago but there are many similar ones I would love to add to my collection like here, here and here.

Self-Portrait is a pricy brand but in my opinion worth every penny. Their dresses, jumpsuits, blouses are timeless so much so that I have invested in more items from them and I will share that with You when the time comes !

The rest of the outfit is just couple of accessories. My trusted pair of heels You have already seen in here and new bag I have shared with You here

Without any hesitation these pictures are my absolute favourites so far. I love the combination of lilac and grey and beautiful marina as a background.

Please give it thumbs up if You like it too !!

Picture 19*

Dress Self-Portrait (similar)

Bag Chloe Drew

Heels YSL (sold out)

Picture 15*

Picture 20*

Picture 13*

Picture 2*

Picture 9*

Picture 22*

Picture 30*

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