Wedding trailer and some wedding ideas

I have shared with You some of my wedding pictures and my overall impression of my wedding experience. I was debating with myself if I want to include the video footage of the day. As it is a very private matter it does not come easy to me to share it. But maybe now is the time ? I have started this blog to share with You what I like and what I am investing in and as I could not be more proud of the trailer and I sincerely think it is worth watching !

The idea of me sharing this with You is to give You some ideas of what You can have in place for Your big day as well as showing You the beautiful Krakow which in my opinion is the perfect place to tie the know or maybe renew Your vows ? We got married in September and the weather was perfect so I would say the timing could not have been better.

The video was created by MP Studios and I would highly recommend their services. They have the experience working with some of the superstars.. (Robert Lewandowski for example) and they are amazing in what they do. They are extremely flexible, professional and will travel the word to film Your wedding day.

Without further delay that is what I got for You.. Feel free to ask any questions I will be more than happy to answer them all !

As usual enjoy !


Aggie xx

Ps. Beautiful pictures used for this post are by Adam Trzcionka an amazing photographer from Kraków !


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