Mirror mirror on a wall… beauty update plus my golden beauty rules

I have been asked lately if I am intended to do beauty on this blog. As there are so many beauty bloggers my initial reaction was not to… But as I know what I like and what I believe in there is no harm in sharing that with You !

My beauty regime is very simple. I do not spend a lot of time pampering or going for facials. I would love to but I am time conscious and there is always so much happening in my work life that beauty treatments never happen. I am very minimalistic but religious in my approach and follow the same routine day in and day out.

I love buying more high-end skin care products but I would not necessary say that more expensive products give Your skin more than these  on a more budget-friendly end. There is a difference in how they feel and the packaging but they can be equally  as good and used appropriately they can make a real difference to Your skin.

So without any further delay that is what I do..

  • Sleep is everything 

Your skin care should start from inside Your body. Not taking enough sleep can lead to many health problems and it will definitely show on Your face.

People that know me well can tell that I love my sleep. Getting up in the morning is and always have been a real issue. I need at least eight hours but duration of Your sleep may differ. What really matters is how You feel after a good night sleep. So number one on the list is to rest appropriately and everything else will follow.

  • Diet without being on a diet

I am not an expert on healthy and balanced diet but I know what my body likes and I try to listen. I have been vegetarian for the last seven or eight years and although I am not a saint when it comes to food I feel and look better with a proper diet in place. I love my fruits and vegetables but I also like carbohydrates so the straggle is real.

Maybe the key is to listen to Your body and eat in a simpler way. Less processed food with minimal or none nutritional value, snacks and fizzy drinks. More fruits and vegetables, quality proteins and unsaturated fats..

Do not treat Your body as a rubbish basket and that will show !!

  • Routine is a key

I repeat this process every day, twice a day. To be more precise what I mean is cleanse-tone-moisturise.. I think the key is the frequency not how expensive the products have been.

For my cleansers I love oils and my current favourite is a drugstore cleansing oil that I have been using for some time now. For the toning anything from Simple will work just fine. For the moisturizer I like to add a touch of luxury. My current favourite duo presented below is to die for. It gives my skin moisture boost like none of the most expensive and some cheaper products did ever before. Both serum and cream are on more pricy side but worth every penny !


Cleanser Simple Cleansing Oil

Micellar water (currently in use) Garnier Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

Serum HydraQuench Clarins

Face cream HydraQuench Clarins

Favourite perfumes Diptyque TAM DAO

  • Special measures 

I like from time to time to use face masks. Maybe it is just an impression but I feel like my skin likes it too. For blemishes or brightening the complexion.. once or twice a week is a must. Brand of the mask does not really matter. Find something that Your skin enjoys. I have recently tried Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue mask and I would recommend it without hesitation.


  • Oil as a secret weapon

I am a huge fan of oils You name it I have tried it all.. Argan, castor, coconut I love them all. For my skin, body and hair they are essential. My latest obsession is to put the oil in my hair, leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. It gives my hair shine and glow. Again, budget or luxury effects are very similar.

  • Scrub it all

I am a firm believer in scrubs that You do not even have to buy it. Use what You have available in Your house. My favourite consists of sugar, Nivea Body Lotion and grounded coffee. Mix it together, message on Your skin, leave it for few minutes then wash it off. The cheapest and the best peeling in the world.

  • There is nothing like water

Stating the obvious but water is so important not only for beauty reasons. If I am thirsty, there is absolutely nothing better than water (maybe coconut water if You do not mind the taste). It helps Your brain staying sharp and concentrated and prevents from early signs of aging. I try to keep a bottle by my side but if You do not mind tap water, there is hardly any difference for health benefits !

So that is what I do on daily basis. Some days are better than the others and from time to time I will cheat and relax my routine a little bit. That is mainly to do with diet and processed food which I may have an occasional craving for..

I hope You have enjoyed this post ! Let me know what do You do for Yourself ? Anything that I am missing ?

As usual, many thanks for stopping by !!


Aggie xx


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