Find your perfect match… fragrance !

I have been thinking about this cycle of posts for some time now. I would like to start with a fragrance as is a subject very close to my heart but I am intended to develop it further into clothing and other beauty products… so lets begin !

Finding a fragrance that You like and suits Your personality can be tricky and may require some research. I think it is difficult not to be influenced by new releases, celebrities advertising and perception that You are missing on bargains. However, sometimes less is more and I believe having few selected fragrances suitable for variety of occasions may well be a way forward.

I use to buy a lot of different fragrances to cheer myself up, I got quite a few as a gift and over the years I have accumulated so many bottles I was not even remembering what I had… Last year I decided to stop that bad habit and made myself a promise that I will not buy a bottle for the whole year. Year and half gone, I got only one new fragrance added to my collection but I still do not feel like I need to buy anything ! The reason behind this is simple. I may like variety of fragrances but I will go back to the same ones over and over again.

My best of fragrance list includes the following:



Most amazing fragrance that I wore on my wedding day. Very floral but with something extra makes You feel very special. I had the same bottle for over year and a half and I use it from time to time, every time when I need do make me feel good.

The fragrance that suits me best. Every time I put this one on, I am being asked of what I am wearing. It is a very wearable one and can do wonders from day to-night. It is very durable as well and You do not need much to make an impact.

My newest everyday fragrance in my collection. Perfect for day, gives You that feeling of freshness. When I first smelled it, it was a love at first sign. It is so wearable without being overpowering. It is definitely on the lighter side so do not expect it will last days…

Given to me by my husband it is the most original fragrance that I own. It has very strong spice to its base and will probably work better for nighttime however I try to wear it daytime as well.

My first proper fragrance given to me by my dad. Every time I put this one on I am still amazed how much I like it, even after all those years… It is a fragrance that will stay with me my lifetime and I could not choose better !

Now for a fun part… When I was preparing this post I had a chance to look through my perfume collection and I realised that I have some fragrances that I no longer love or need.. So I have decided to give them to my readers. All of the perfumes listed below were purchased by myself or I received as a gift. All of them are original and they are used but they have at least 2/3 of the fragrance left.

Give away list includes:

YSL Opium (summer edition fragrance)

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir

Jimmy Choo Flash

Emporio Armani Diamonds (rose)

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom

In order to receive a fragrance of your choice You need to:

  1. Subscribe to my blog (subscription link available on my website) in order to receive post updates by email… If You are already subscribed then tick it of Your list !
  2. Share my website/this post with Your friends on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Leave me a comment telling me which fragrance would You like and why ?

The winners will be announced in one week in this post !

I hope that this all makes sense… Please check this post for regular updates !

I hope You liked my fragrance selection and good luck for the give away !!


Aggie xx


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