Polish designers worth knowing !!

I love quality products anything from home accessories to shoes so it makes me really proud that there are so many quality brands and products that are now available to choose from my home country. I am planning on making a post about most amazing beauty products from Poland but today I want to introduce You to some of my favourite fashion names.
Most of the designers that are known on Polish market started their businesses when I was growing up. They slowly became recognised and known for their uniqueness and attention to details. I am fully aware of the fact that their designs will not be available to everyone. But as You might have guessed already if You are following my blog from the beginning, I believe less is more and I would rather have one quality piece than ten average ones that I will put in the charity bag in a short space of time !

So that is what I have for You:

1. Gosia Baczynska

My personal number one by long way. I have admired her work for many years and when I had to decide on my wedding dress she was my safety blanket. I love her laces and very high quality fabrics. My wedding dress was made from wool so highly selected it shined. She is amazing in making spectacular, evening gowns that would play the part in most red carpets around the world. Few years ago she was the first Polish designer to show her work during Paris Fashion Week something that is a huge achievement most designers can only dream off.


2. Lukasz Jemiol

Very recent discovery for me but equally special as the first one. I had a chance to visit his boutique during my visit to Poland and I loved almost everything. What surprised me the most was the quality of the fabrics and the intensity of the colours. Available now online, it is a destination for more relaxed, everyday fashion.


3. Look-Book

Although I do not own anything from this brand, when I look on their website I want almost everything. Very wearable pieces, especially dresses with bohemian theme. Probably, the cheapest (remember to shop the sale) and the most wearable out of all clothing brands featured here. I tried to find more information about the faces behind the brand but there is limited info out there.

4. La Mania

Probably the most well-known Polish brand that You can get in Harrods and Net-A-Porter. Most of the pieces are slightly too formal for me but the quality of the fabrics is second to none. La Mania was started by spectacular businesswoman Joanna Przetakiewicz who is the best ambassador of her own brand. La Mania dresses are already popular amongst the stars and celebrities around the word.

5. Mokobelle

The most unique of brands creating beautiful jewellery for everyday use. They became famous for unusual combinations of precious metals and stones. Most known for their bracelets that You can create as You like. Very affordable for the quality their offer and definitely worth checking out.

That is mine personal favourite list. I wanted to include brands with the Polish heritage that will stand the test on the international market. From my personal experience all of the brands should be able to ship internationally ! Have I missed anything ?

Thanks for stopping by !!

It means a lot… xx



Aggie xx

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6 thoughts on “Polish designers worth knowing !!”

  1. Nice list. Have you heard of Paprocki&Brzozowski? I love their pieces.
    There is no need to write “you” with capital letter in the English language 🙂 from my experience nobody does that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mary,

      Many thanks for your comment.
      I heard about Paprocki & Brzozowski but as I not tried any of their clothing (or visit their shop) I felt it is not right to mention them here.
      I feel the same way about Bohoboco so maybe I will do round 2 in a future ?
      As for You/you I am quite old-fashioned in some ways so maybe that is why ?
      But I will take your comment on board !

      Many thanks for stopping by,


    1. Hello AmoyLily !
      Thank you very much for such a lovely comment ! I always gravitate towards the V-necks just feel better on me-:)
      I am glad you liked the pictures- that is my favourite part about this blog !
      Aggie xx


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