Radio 1 Big Weekend

I have never spoken about my music interests on this blog so I decided to rectify that with this post… I had a pleasure of taking part in Big Weekend music festival organised by BBC with national coverage. This year the festiwal took place in Hull the city of culture 2017 and it was an amazing weekend.

This festival takes place every year in different parts of UK and has the most awsome selection of artist… BBC radio 1 is the main organiser of the festival and because of its connection with the best bands and singers it is always very popular. This year line up included Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Clean Bandit, Kasabian, Plan B, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, Royal Blood, Rita Ora, Little Mix, The Chainsmokers and many more !

It was my first time on Radio 1 Big Weekend and I can say I will do my best to repeat that experience. The quality of the artists and the music played was unbelievable. The all sounded great live with my three personal favourite being Kings of Leon, Dua Lipa and Royal Blood. All the artists played on different stages Main, Where It Begins and BBC Introducing. Unfortunately, I could only come on Sunday but from what I have seen Saturday was equally spectacular.

Festivals like this one are very good opportunity to discover new bands and types of music that are less known for general public. For me the discovery of the weekend was Royal Blood. They were incredible, the sound of music, drumming… everything !! Their music is on the heavy side for me but live they are better than one can imagine.


Variety of food on offer was insane ! anything from Mexican, Italian to Greek and Vegan !


Me and Rita Ora in the background ! (please excuse the rubbish…)



Radio 1 delivered an amazing weekend and I enjoyed it big time.

More on what I wore and the reason why as usual on Sunday !!

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What I wore Sunday… shopping in my wardrobe !!

Although I know some of my nearest and dearest will disagree I do not consider myself a shopaholic. I like to buy new things but I take a real pleasure in looking after my clothing and accessories and re-wearing them year after year. So for this post I decided to look for items that I had for some time but for one reason or the other I do not reach for often enough.

All of the pieces featured in today’s blog are at least one year old with the oldest being five-year old wedges from L.K.Bennett. I would encourage everybody to buy less and recycle more as a more friendly option to our pockets as well as environment. Investing in classic pieces like this white dress is the key. Good quality fabric, nice cuts that is what makes the items not to date.

The pictures for this post were taken during our trip to Knaresborough. Beautiful, market town at the north-east of England. It is slightly off the bitten track but worth every minute of your time.

So that is what I wore Sunday !!

Picture 23**

Dress Miss Selfridge (similar)

Cardigan Zadig & Voltaire

Handbag Gucci

Shoes L.K.Bennett (similar)

Picture 5*

Picture 9

Picture 0

Picture 14*

Picture 10 **

Picture 18*

Picture 26*

Picture 15

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Currently wishing for…

I am a demanding person. I expect a lot from others but even more from myself. I never understood the fact that I cannot buy something that I really wanted and always found a (legal !!) way of getting my dream goods.

Over time I have learnt that material things are there to make us feel good and satisfy our emptiness in one way or the other but the real happiness can be found somewhere else… But I still get occasional cravings for luxury and today I decided to share with you what I am wishing for !

1. Gucci Marmont Velvet Mini Bag

I am not sure what it is about this bag I like so much but I am obsessed with it. The colour is so unusual and more statement that I have ever gone for. It is a small bag but seems spacious enough to keep all of my essentials like keys, phone, make up etc. I do not own anything made out of velvet so maybe that is the attraction ?

2. Sea NY Dress

I have first saw this dress on Tanya Burr channel and fell in love instantly ! Beautiful lace and the lightness of the fabric blowed me away. It is a very pricey piece of clothing and I am not sure if I am able to justify the cost so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will go on sale !

3. All Saints Papin Leather Jacket

Some items in your wardrobe will become staples that you cannot live without and that jacket will soon be mine ! It is a perfect combination between casual and everyday style and the quality of the finish is exceptional ! I know that the colour is not very summery but I just do not care…

4. NO 21 Bow Satin Slippers

I have no idea of how practical this purchase would be but when I saw these slippers I felt that I need them in my life. They are so unusual and such a statement piece. Pairing them with jeans and t-shirt seems like a match made in heaven… The price is silly to say the least but as it is a wish list I can include whatever I want !

5. Rose Golden Complete Brush Set by Zoeva

I have been obsessed with their brushes ever since I got one that is an essential in my make up bag. I am not sure if I need all of the brushes included in the set but as I find difficult to compromise on quality I would love to get them. It is spring Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and some of the retailers will give their shoppers 30 % off so maybe now is the time ?

That is all I have on my wish list at the minute… Am I missing anything ?

All of the items included in today’s post would be great to have but it is not the end of the world if I do not get them so take that list with the pinch of salt !

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Few words about self-care…

I have done one of these posts about three weeks ago and I thought it will be a good idea to do one more this time concentrating on me rather that us.

Constant stress, work, family issues etc. make us concentrate on everything else but ourselves. It is very easy to miss one or two appointments to the dentist or doctor with easy justification of lack of time and different priorities. The reality is that looking after everyone else and everything else should start from looking after own body and mind.

I would lie if I say that I am an expert in self-care. More often than not work and relationship problems will come first. But I try to reflect on things and if this post will make only one of my readers to do the same, it was worth writing it…

The idea of today is give you simple guide of what each of us should (and hopeful want to) do daily, weekly, monthly etc. I will concentrate on the things that are the closest to my heart and I will try to give you examples of what I do as well as things that I try to avoid for one reason or the other…

Daily priorities:

  • diet full of greens and healthy fats
  • no highly processed food or fizzy drinks (I mean it !!)
  • undisturbed deep sleep (in my case at least eight hours…)
  • water- tap or bottled (I try to drink at least 1-1.5 l a day)
  • exercise… as little as 20 minutes a day can make a difference (I do yoga every morning, few positions that is all I have time for)
  • finding me time (meditate, read a book or apply a face mask whatever makes you happy)

Weekly priorities:

  • flossing (I am huge on dental care so I will try to floss at least twice a week)
  • spending some time with the loved ones (mental health should never be underestimated and if you are like me charging your batteries will only be possible next to the people you cannot live without)
  • checking your breasts for any abnormalities (as they may feel different due to menstrual cycle it is a good idea to check them few times a month with the absolute minimum being once a month)

Monthly priorities: 

  • skin self-exam (checking unusual moles, changing shape birth marks or skin abnormalities takes only few minutes but can save a lot of stress in a long run)
  • couples time (finding time just for the two of you should be something to look forward, to re-connect to speak and just to be together), we try to go somewhere new every month even if it is only day trip !

Half a year priorities:

  • dental check (I would recommend to go twice a year but absolute minimum should be yearly, find the dentist that make you relaxed and you are not afraid of what is to come)

Yearly priorities:

  • visit to your doctor for annual blood pressure check, medication review or/and blood profiles (full blood count, biochemical profile, lipid profile etc.)  that in my opinion is an absolute must
  • eye check (it is recommended to have your eyes check at least once every two years but from my experience I would do it every year)
  • annual pill check if any of my female readers use hormonal contraception (worth every minute of yours and the nurses time)
  • mammograms should be part of the yearly (minimum two yearly) priorities if you are over 40 or 45 depending on a guidance from various sources

Every two years or less often:

  • hearing test (it can be done by your doctor or specialist and it will only take 15 minutes… mine is very overdue so hopefully this post will give me motivation for that)
  • depending on your age bracket the frequency of the cervical screening will vary (from three to five years) but it is an essential that I would not miss

I really hope that what I put together will be useful and may help you to put the priorities in order. Nothing too complicated, nobody will change everything just like that. Simple reminder on the phone or calendar should be enough. Once the commitment and the will is there everything else will follow. I understand that some of this appointments and tests may require payment if they are not included in your health insurance… But in my opinion they are worth every penny as it is an investment in our health and wellbeing !

Have I missed anything ? Is there anything else you are doing for your own health benefits ?

As usual thank you so much for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

Ps. The profile picture for this post was taken during our stay in Knaresborough… More on that very soon !!

What I wore Sunday… part 2

As promised yesterday I am coming back with the second post this weekend (part 1 available to view here). I am styling my latest find pleated skirt bought in & Other Stories.

This time I am pairing it with a cosy jumper from the same brand. Two different fabrics that not necessary go together in my mind make a perfect match.

As I live in a very windy part of UK I have decided to take an advantage of the situation and push it even further. Massive steel bridge, blue sky, wind that is all I had in mind when preparing to take these pictures.

I am not a huge fan of mixing metals so I styled my outfit with all silver accessories… watch, vintage clutch and my wedding shoes. These shoes are definitely a statement pair and they have been in my wardrobe for over two years. I got them on Net-A-Porter sale when I was preparing for our wedding. I would risk a statement that they are the most comfortable pair of heels I own. I think that is due to the fact that they are cushioned from inside and the heel height is perfect for my liking.

Enjoy and let me know which of the looks you prefer ?

Picture 12

Jumper & Other Stories

Skirt & Other Stories

Heels Sophia Webster

Sunglasses Dior (similar)

Clutch vintage

Picture 7**

Picture 23

Picture 22

Picture 10**

Picture 17

Picture 26

Picture 222

Picture 21

Picture 0

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See you very soon…


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What I wore Saturday and Sunday… part 1

As you may know I always publish my What I wore on a Sunday on a Sunday… But sometimes I have too may ideas in my head that I can not satisfy all my needs with only one look per week. When I bought this skirt, I knew instantly it is a winner. It fits me perfectly and although I wear more dresses than skirts it was definitely love at first sight.

It is by & Other Stories brand that I discovered at the end of last year. I love the quality of their clothing and very reasonable prices. Not everything will be my cup of tea, but it is without any doubt worth checking out. As I love this skirt so much, I thought I will style it twice for you. One of the looks will be shown today, the other one will be published on Sunday as a part of my What I wore Sunday cycle.

Beautiful bomber jacket that I am wearing in today’s post is by polish designer Lukasz Jemiol. I have bought it during my recent trip to Poland and I like it a lot. The quality of the finish is exceptional and the design is so unique. I will link the website of the designer here if anybody wants to check it out as all of the pieces are very wearable and of outstanding quality.

So without further delay that is what I wore on Saturday !

Picture 18**

Jacket Lukasz Jemiol

Top River Island

Skirt & Other Stories

Sandals Jimmy Choo (sold out)

Handbag Chloe

Picture 34*

Picture 16**

Picture 9*

Picture 32*

Picture 28**

Picture 21*

Picture 39**

Picture 25*

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Discount shopping anybody ? … Bicester !

I am sure we all agree that everybody likes a bargain ! I hate wasting money and by wasting money I mean buying something not worth the money of poor quality or unnecessary.

Quite some time ago a good friend of ours introduced me to the outlet shopping village called Bicester. It is enormous and as the official website tells me it has more that 130 fashion boutiques. All the shops are descent space and the selection of goods is surprisingly current. The choice is endless as both high street and high-end are represented here. My favourite brands present in Bicester will include All Saints, Barbour, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Dior, YSL or Burberry.

Bicester is an extremely interesting place to shop for one more reason (apart from the minimum discount of 30 % from the retail price up to 70 % during sales). You are not allowed to film or photograph inside the shops only to keep you guessing of what stock shops have ? It is unpredictable experience and you will never know if you are able to find anything you like or your trip will be unsuccessful.

Transport links are very convenient as the village is located in close proximity to Oxford. You can travel from London by train, bus or car. More details are available on Bicester official website which is linked here.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. The only think I cannot stress enough is the unpredictability of the shopping experience. Stock will change very frequently so be patient and be prepared to go home without all of the items on your shopping list !

Taking this opportunity I would like to share some of my best finds with the brief description of the item and some advice. So let’s begin !


One of my oldest purchases and the most loved beautiful dress by L.K.Bennett worn to the wedding of my friends back in 2015 ! I got is as a sample sale item and paid less than £50 for it !

FullSizeRender 4

Finding comfortable bag that is as light as the feather is tricky… This handbag delivers that and is of beautiful quality by italian brand Bottega Veneta. I bought it back quite some time ago and it was definitely money well spent !


The most recent purchase Maje dress with detachable collar. It was waiting for me in the store with only one left in my size and over 50 % off the original price.


Handbag that I was searching for over the year… When I discovered it, it was already sold out. Never in my life I would have guessed that I find it in Bicester. It is by Tod’s and when the shopping assistant brought me this burgundy one I started jumping up and down. Price reduction was 50 % and in my opinion it was a complete bargain !


Finally, my most recent jeans purchase (more pictures available here and here). They are by Belstaff the brand my husband loves. The quality of the coating on that pair is unbelievable and with 60 % off it was difficult to complain !

FullSizeRender 3

That is just a few examples of the stars you can find in the village. Whatever your budget is, I am sure you will find something to suit your needs.

Do you know of any other outlet villages around the world worth visiting ? If so, please let me know !

As usual, many thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx