Few words about relationships…

It will be a very different post from me today. It will be all about relationships and how to keep them going for many years. It does not really matter if we are considering marriage, friendship or partnership the truths and statements from this post are universal to whathever type of relationship we are talking about.

I am quite fortunate that I found my life partner, later husband at twenty-two. We have been together for over ten years now and although not easy at times our relationship is something that I am most proud of out of all the things I have achieved.

Over the years, I manged to come up with some general rules of how to approach being together. So that is what I have for you… It is all about one word LISTEN !

  • L is for learn about your partner, husband or friend. Find out what are their likes and dislikes. What hobbies or interests they have ? Try to be a part of that not to please your partner but just because you want to be with them.
  • I is for inspire… be a better version of yourself. Show your other half how to achieve impossible. Always dream big but work hard to get where you want to be…
  • S for stay true to yourself… The fact that you are in a relationship does not mean that you have to change who you are. People that love us, feel this way because of what we are about so remember not to lose yourself.
  • T for talk… My favourite moment of the evening is when me and my husband talk. About black holes, Albert Einstein or what have happened during the day. Being interested in what other person is saying is the key !
  • E for engage… Be interesting in order to attract attention of your partner or friend. Start a new tradition, something special that only two of you do. We have our own thing we started doing once a week. As I am a huge fan of Hitchcock movies we are now watching one by one every single week.
  • N for never give up ! Some things are worth fighting for and your relationship may be one of them. Nobody is perfect, everybody has their own problems. My advise would be to start with T (for talk) followed by the whole LISTEN and the rest should fall into place !

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know about your ways to maintain happy and healthy relationship ?

As usual many thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx

Ps. Beautiful picture from this post is by Adam Trzcionka our wedding photographer !


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