Responsible fashion

The idea for this post came to me when I popped to my local Zara for some last-minute shopping. As the sales are in full swing the amount of clothing everywhere really made me think… How much is too much and do we really need half of the things we buy ?

I am as guilty in the whole process as most of the population but maybe there is something we can do to stop wasting money, damage the environment and reduce the wastage so common in the fashion industry ?

I love shopping but I also like quality items and looking after my stuff. I would happily buy one thing that is going to last me ages that five that will get damage after first wash. The idea of throwing away things I bought with my hard-earned cash is something I cannot agree with… Also the amount of items we buy or we are made to feel we need to buy via social media is really overwhelming. We all need cloths and beauty products but the amount presented in those sources is insane…

I like to have different options available in my closet but I try not to lose my head in all this. So that is what my advice would be !

  • Look after your possessions, be proud of what you have and that will pay off !
  • When looking for a new item to add to your wardrobe think about the rest of the outfit, do you have something else to pair it with ?
  • Shop in your closet and recycle. One item can serve so may occasions… and some examples below…


Favourite pleated skirt (more here and here)


Denim shirt as a must in my closet (more here and here)


Leather jacket I cannot live without (more here and here)


Statement jacket from Zara (more here)

  • Look at the fabric ! Natural fabrics are always more skin-friendly. Anything synthetic is less preferred by me and it is not so environmental friendly either.
  • Never spend the fortune on trends. The items that are statement or come in fashion for one season only are not something I would invest in… classics always !!
  • Donate anything unwanted… Do a seasonal clean and give away anything that you have that you have not worn for over a year (or 18 months in my case). It may make somebody else very happy !
  • And the most important rule… Appreciate what you already have ! Shopping may give you pleasure but it will not bring you happiness !

I have to remind myself of all of this rules from time to time as I am not the finished article and I make mistakes more often that you may think !

Let me know if you like what I came up with and if you like to read more blogs like this one ?

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Traveling disasters and pet peeves plus my first ever collaboration !!

I have not planed this post today but as it is in life the best things happen just like that !

Few weeks ago I got approached by Ken from travel website called to joint forces and write one or two things down. The website specialises in collaborations with different bloggers with big emphasis on travel experiences and if they were bad on what could you have learnt from them.

When I got asked to talk about mine I could not resist !

It is so interesting to read about other people travels and their likes and dislikes. Especially when they are either traveling professionally or more often than myself.

With holiday season so fast approaching I hope you will check them out as it is very eye-opening…

It took me some time to reflect on my mistakes and travel choices. I have listed one big one but since writing that little note I could probably name few more… What about you ?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx


What I wore Sunday… day on a beach

I was waiting for some time to wear this dress. I remember when I first saw it less than a year ago I instantly knew it would make a good statement piece. I got in Zara in Bangkok and without the shadow of the doubt it was the most unusual souvenir I have ever got !

Gingham is big this season… When I looked for a similar dress to link to this post, I have realised that there are so many dresses available on the market for all types of budgets. It is a statement dress for me but I know that with appropriate accessories it can be dress up or down according to the occasion. If I was to advise on the one to go for, I would always go for the one with thicker fabric made out of natural materials available on the hight street. As it is quite a memorable piece, it is not worth in my opinion spending a fortune on with so many budget options available !

I did my research and as I like gingham so much I thought I will link some of my favourite gingham dresses available now… Zara, Topshop, slightly more pricy Cos or less known in UK Loft !

I am so happy summer is finally here and I can wear less layers and that somehow that gives me a courage to be more adventurous with my outfits… I hope to show you some more statement pieces in the coming weeks and be able to show them here !

So that is what I wore Sunday !!


Dress Zara (sold out)

Bag Anya Hindmarch (I got mine from here)

Flats French Sole

Sunglasses Dior








I really hope you like what I have prepared for today !!

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Packing dos and don’ts

With holiday season fast approaching I thought it will be useful to give you my view on holiday packing or packing in general. It does not matter if you are going away for the weekend or two weeks, I believe you can apply these rules to any circumstances.

Some of the things maybe very obvious, some maybe slightly strange but over the years I came up with my own way of managing packing to ensure I have everything I need with me.

So that is what I do !

Four weeks before you travel:

  • If you have a holiday coming up that you booked for some time make a list of everything that is missing you want to take with you. It maybe anything from a summer hat or a pair of sandals to medication that you need for your travel.
  • Collect all travel documents and passports. Print all the travel documents or make a screenshot on your phone. I try to stay paperless as much as it is possible so I would choose the second option.
  • If you are traveling far away make sure your travel vaccinations are up to date and you do not need any malaria prevention. If so, four weeks should be enough to organise an appropriate appointment with a doctor or nurse. Never leave those things till the last-minute !

Two to one week before you travel:

  • Start planning your suitcase and things you want to take. Do the washing or ironing to prevent last-minute surprise. Try to take thinks that will be easy to wear and maintain while away. I stay away from anything linen. I love the texture of the fabric but it creases too easily for my liking.
  • Prepare your case… Make sure it is still in good condition and the closure is working fine. Think about the hand luggage. Even if you are frequent flyer it is worth checking luggage restrictions as different airlines will have different dimensions allowance.
  • Take care of your toiletries ! From my experience they are the heaviest items in the luggage. If you are limited of how many kilograms you can pack, consider miniatures products or samples that you may have collected during recent months.

The day before you travel:

  • This one will be slightly controversial but I will not start packing sooner than the day before I travel. I like my clothes fresh and uncreased and as I am quick packer, it would not take me long. I have tried many techniques and folding works best for me. I always like to take few extra hangers even if I travel to a nice hotel. From the past experiences I never seem to have enough !
  • Charge all the electrical equipment (normally my other half looks after this part). Make sure that all the cameras have matching batteries, SD cards etc. and remember to take the chargers and adapters !
  • Make sure you have some reading materials. Magazines are good but only for five minutes in my case. I prefer a good book or two (criminal books are my favourites) from my trusted authors. For light, travel reading I would recommend Agatha Raisin series from M.C Beaton…

The day of your travel:

  • Pack the last bits that you may have needed on the day like toothbrush, toothpaste or contact lens solution. I like to leave some space in my the case as I always try to bring something new from my travels…
  • Take a little snack with you ! As I am not keen on the airport food I like to have some nuts or dried fruit with me just in case.
  • Before you leave the house make sure you have all the essentials that you cannot live without. For me it would passport, travel documents, wallet, medications and spare contact lenses. The rest can be bought so do not worry and enjoy you time !!

I hope that little guide is useful and as I will be traveling in the next two weeks I have already started my preparations…

Many thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx


Ps. Me after about 20 hours in the air… I love traveling but the more prepare I am the more I enjoy it !! More on that experience available here.

What I wore Sunday… metallic obsession

I have been desperately looking for a metallic, pleated skirt in dirty silver colour. As I could not find anything exactly to my taste on a reasonable budget and as I was not prepared to spend my holiday allowance on this skirt I had to make some compromises. When I saw this one in the beautiful, deep green colour I knew this is the one… I have not seen anything like this before and I hope to make a staple in my wardrobe !

I have pair this skirt with my current favourite denim skirt and my must have flats and handbag. The combination maybe something I have not tried before but I felt really good wearing it and I think it works.

We have found this warehouses on the outskirts of Sheffield. I have discovered them some time ago when trying to find my way home and I truly loved this setting.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !


Shirt Madewell

Skirt & Other Stories

Handbag Chloe

Flats Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel (sold out)







And a little something extra… We have been playing with the camera and although it was proven more difficult than one may think that is the result…


Thank you so much for the visit and I hope you have enjoyed this post !!


Aggie xx

Sales- is it worth the hassle ?

With sales in full swing, I though it will be a good idea to tell you about my approach to sales shopping and show you best (in my opinion) sales happening at this minute.

I am not a person who see sales and wants everything because everything is half price. I like a good bargain, but regardless whether it is a reduction in price or not the item in question must be needed, fit me well and go with everything else that is in my wardrobe. When I consider my next purchase I need to be able to come with at least two, three different outfits I could pair the item I am considering buying. It is not always a pain-free process and more often than not I have to walk away and say no to myself…

During sales I make a small list in my head of key pieces I would like to add to my closet. I will always look at the higher end brand first as the reduction in price helps me to justify the spending. I like to buy quality, classic items that will stay in my wardrobe for years to come. Statement items like leather jacket, good pair of brogues or heels, quality handbag and a pair well-made sunglasses will not only dress you appropriately but will also stay in your closet for a very long time.

I have a number of websites and shops I like to visit during sales. I have decided to split them into three categories with the best of the best items from each of them:

High end websites and shops:

Favourite of mine for accessories, shoes and handbags. Customer service is first class and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I always want more from their sale than I can afford but that is life…

The most amazing selection of clothing and accessories. Everything comes beautifully packed in super stylish box. Dream shopping experience.

Probably my most loved luxury website. The selection of items is just right and the bargains available are always great.

This one is another favourite of mine for luxury fashion but I think visiting a store is better idea than shopping online. I managed to get some great clothing bargains in winter sale and I may take a journey to my nearest store to see what is out there at the minute.

High end high street shops:

Oldie but goodie with the best quality shoes out there. The prices are on the higher end of the scale but it my opinion well-worth the hassle.

I could dress from head to toes on that website. The finish and the fabrics used are amazing and everything is very current.

French brand that have stolen my heart some time ago. All of the designs are very unique and you will not find it anywhere else. Their dresses are amazing and extremely comfortable.

High street shops:

With shops at most of the high street it is a favourite for many people. I like the variety and how responsive Zara is to the changes in trends. Quality varies so check the composition and the finish before purchasing.

For a very long time I was not sold on Topshop. Everything changed when I discovered their jeans range. Worth checking out, especially during sales.

I am not sure why but everything I always want from River Island gets sold out so quickly that I never have the chance to get it… Some of the designs are first class but be prepared to make decisions without any delays.

I really hope that this quick guide to my favourite places to shop will help and maybe allow you to find something that you have not seen before ?

I will keep you posted if I make any purchases this sale season and I maybe do a haul video on my channel ?

As usual thank you very much for stopping by and all the lovely comments and likes !!


Aggie xx

Fifty posts… statistics and what next ?

When I wrote my first blog post, I had no idea if anyone will read it or be interested in what I want to show you. It took a few weeks but after my Bangkok post I have realised that same of my fellow bloggers are checking what I have posted !

I have mentioned before that nothing gives me as much pleasure as knowing that a new reader checked out my website especially from a new to me country or place I have never been to. No words can describe the satisfaction you get from the kindness and encouragement from your readers and followers. As a lot of my friends have been asking how is it going with the development of my blog I thought I will let you know !

FullSizeRender 9

  • The most surprising views for me came from South Korea, Brunei, Trinidad & Tobago, Pakistan and Argentina…


  • The most popular time for viewing my blog is Sunday at 7 pm (!)
  • I am normally one to two Sundays ahead with the pictures and lately I have been giving my followers a sneak preview of what is yet to come on my Instagram so if you are interested go and check it out xx

I am so surprised with myself how much I love blogging and expressing myself this way. I have all the intention to continue and deliver even more posts with better content and take more interesting pictures as the time progresses.

I want to say massive thank you to everybody who supported me so far, to all my colleagues and fellow bloggers that have been commenting and liking what I have been posting especially to Anil M. and Matt !!

I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx