Sales- is it worth the hassle ?

With sales in full swing, I though it will be a good idea to tell you about my approach to sales shopping and show you best (in my opinion) sales happening at this minute.

I am not a person who see sales and wants everything because everything is half price. I like a good bargain, but regardless whether it is a reduction in price or not the item in question must be needed, fit me well and go with everything else that is in my wardrobe. When I consider my next purchase I need to be able to come with at least two, three different outfits I could pair the item I am considering buying. It is not always a pain-free process and more often than not I have to walk away and say no to myself…

During sales I make a small list in my head of key pieces I would like to add to my closet. I will always look at the higher end brand first as the reduction in price helps me to justify the spending. I like to buy quality, classic items that will stay in my wardrobe for years to come. Statement items like leather jacket, good pair of brogues or heels, quality handbag and a pair well-made sunglasses will not only dress you appropriately but will also stay in your closet for a very long time.

I have a number of websites and shops I like to visit during sales. I have decided to split them into three categories with the best of the best items from each of them:

High end websites and shops:

Favourite of mine for accessories, shoes and handbags. Customer service is first class and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I always want more from their sale than I can afford but that is life…

The most amazing selection of clothing and accessories. Everything comes beautifully packed in super stylish box. Dream shopping experience.

Probably my most loved luxury website. The selection of items is just right and the bargains available are always great.

This one is another favourite of mine for luxury fashion but I think visiting a store is better idea than shopping online. I managed to get some great clothing bargains in winter sale and I may take a journey to my nearest store to see what is out there at the minute.

High end high street shops:

Oldie but goodie with the best quality shoes out there. The prices are on the higher end of the scale but it my opinion well-worth the hassle.

I could dress from head to toes on that website. The finish and the fabrics used are amazing and everything is very current.

French brand that have stolen my heart some time ago. All of the designs are very unique and you will not find it anywhere else. Their dresses are amazing and extremely comfortable.

High street shops:

With shops at most of the high street it is a favourite for many people. I like the variety and how responsive Zara is to the changes in trends. Quality varies so check the composition and the finish before purchasing.

For a very long time I was not sold on Topshop. Everything changed when I discovered their jeans range. Worth checking out, especially during sales.

I am not sure why but everything I always want from River Island gets sold out so quickly that I never have the chance to get it… Some of the designs are first class but be prepared to make decisions without any delays.

I really hope that this quick guide to my favourite places to shop will help and maybe allow you to find something that you have not seen before ?

I will keep you posted if I make any purchases this sale season and I maybe do a haul video on my channel ?

As usual thank you very much for stopping by and all the lovely comments and likes !!


Aggie xx

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8 thoughts on “Sales- is it worth the hassle ?”

  1. Only thing i find with high street sales, they advertise these sales as discounted lines but in reality they are buying in what is in fact rubbish and people are buying into the “sale”. Its not very fair in my eyes. If a store is to do a sale make sure its genuine, current lines to make way for new stock not any old stock floating around the warehouse. Yes i get these pieces need to be sold but make people aware that its old. Just my view from someone who works in the industry.

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      1. Not a problem its a common ploy. In my store we have 2 genuine sales a year. Summer and winter. We go on sale after most of the high street stores. We put in all of our seasonal stock to be as clean as possible for new season lines. Proves people are getting a bargain and not just making a quick buck on utter rubbish.

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  2. Curious to know when you order during sales form websites, do you end up paying alot between the shipping and conversion? I once saw an amazing sale (online only) and bought a couple pairs of pants, and shirts but in the end, after shipping, exchange conversion, and customs, I paid more than double the amount.

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    1. Hi Anil !
      I am quite careful ordering from USA especially as the customs are very high…
      From my experience all the websites from USA and Canada go on sale first before any of the European sites. I would normally wait until I can order from UK and not to pay any customs (I would say it is on average two to three weeks..) !
      However, on one or to occasions I did order from American website but I was desperate to get the item so the need was greater than additional fees !!

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