Packing dos and don’ts

With holiday season fast approaching I thought it will be useful to give you my view on holiday packing or packing in general. It does not matter if you are going away for the weekend or two weeks, I believe you can apply these rules to any circumstances.

Some of the things maybe very obvious, some maybe slightly strange but over the years I came up with my own way of managing packing to ensure I have everything I need with me.

So that is what I do !

Four weeks before you travel:

  • If you have a holiday coming up that you booked for some time make a list of everything that is missing you want to take with you. It maybe anything from a summer hat or a pair of sandals to medication that you need for your travel.
  • Collect all travel documents and passports. Print all the travel documents or make a screenshot on your phone. I try to stay paperless as much as it is possible so I would choose the second option.
  • If you are traveling far away make sure your travel vaccinations are up to date and you do not need any malaria prevention. If so, four weeks should be enough to organise an appropriate appointment with a doctor or nurse. Never leave those things till the last-minute !

Two to one week before you travel:

  • Start planning your suitcase and things you want to take. Do the washing or ironing to prevent last-minute surprise. Try to take thinks that will be easy to wear and maintain while away. I stay away from anything linen. I love the texture of the fabric but it creases too easily for my liking.
  • Prepare your case… Make sure it is still in good condition and the closure is working fine. Think about the hand luggage. Even if you are frequent flyer it is worth checking luggage restrictions as different airlines will have different dimensions allowance.
  • Take care of your toiletries ! From my experience they are the heaviest items in the luggage. If you are limited of how many kilograms you can pack, consider miniatures products or samples that you may have collected during recent months.

The day before you travel:

  • This one will be slightly controversial but I will not start packing sooner than the day before I travel. I like my clothes fresh and uncreased and as I am quick packer, it would not take me long. I have tried many techniques and folding works best for me. I always like to take few extra hangers even if I travel to a nice hotel. From the past experiences I never seem to have enough !
  • Charge all the electrical equipment (normally my other half looks after this part). Make sure that all the cameras have matching batteries, SD cards etc. and remember to take the chargers and adapters !
  • Make sure you have some reading materials. Magazines are good but only for five minutes in my case. I prefer a good book or two (criminal books are my favourites) from my trusted authors. For light, travel reading I would recommend Agatha Raisin series from M.C Beaton…

The day of your travel:

  • Pack the last bits that you may have needed on the day like toothbrush, toothpaste or contact lens solution. I like to leave some space in my the case as I always try to bring something new from my travels…
  • Take a little snack with you ! As I am not keen on the airport food I like to have some nuts or dried fruit with me just in case.
  • Before you leave the house make sure you have all the essentials that you cannot live without. For me it would passport, travel documents, wallet, medications and spare contact lenses. The rest can be bought so do not worry and enjoy you time !!

I hope that little guide is useful and as I will be traveling in the next two weeks I have already started my preparations…

Many thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx


Ps. Me after about 20 hours in the air… I love traveling but the more prepare I am the more I enjoy it !! More on that experience available here.


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    1. Thank You so much !! The ironing is something that I try to avoid as much as I can… Me and my husband divide all the housework so I does not work out that bad ! As for the long haul flights I try to look presentable but I remember how tired I was…

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