What I wore Sunday…when the graffiti tells a story

I have first noticed this graffiti when I was driving past it well over a week ago. At the time I did not know what was on it, all I have seen was how big it was. I instantly knew that I want to take some pictures there. When I have realised that is all about South Africa journey to freedom and human rights I could not be more happy as the subject is very close my heart.

I am fascinated by the story of Nelson Mandela and South Africa itself is on top spot for my travel destination. I really hope that I would be able to fulfil that dream in the near future !

As for the outfit is very simple. I wanted something that will make a statement but I wanted the background and the graffiti to be on first plan… Black and red seemed like a dream combination.

My dress is from my long-time favourite brand Maje. I bought it in Bicester Village about six months ago and I wore it on at least three or four different occasions. I love the simplicity of this cut and the detachable scalloped collar that adds that special something to this very plain outfit.

Maje is a French ready to wear brand that has been a long favourite of mine. Their dresses are very feminine and beautiful put together. Their cut suits me perfect and although their items are on the pricy side I think they are worth the investment as they will stay in your wardrobe for a very long time. I have another dress from that brand that I hope to share with you very soon.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 16

Dress Maje (similar)

Pumps Isabel Marant (similar)

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 2*

Story by Aggie 10*

Story by Aggie 20*

Story by Aggie 19*

Story by Aggie 1

Story by Aggie 12

Story by Aggie 23*

Story by Aggie 22*

I really hope that you like what you see and the simplicity of this outfit matches the expectations xx

I will see you all very soon !


Aggie xx


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Sharing my passion for simplicity, fashion and travel.

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