What I wore Sunday… London affair

My affair with London started more than a decade ago. I had a pleasure of getting to know the city in my early twenties, firstly as a holidaymaker and later as an exchanges student. I know that it is not a place where I could live on a daily basis but I enjoy coming back every few months to experience this cosmopolitan and fascinating city.

We have taken all the pictures for today’s post in Mayfair. It is one of the oldest and most well-known parts of the London and as I was surrounded by designer shops and boutiques it seemed like a perfect location.

London with its diversity is full of contrasts. Wealth and poverty are very close neighbours. I always felt (and still do) intimidated by opulence and luxury but somehow London takes it to another level. You can never be too overdress here… So for this afternoon outgoing I decided to wear something that will give me a confidence boost !!

This Maje dress is last season find that I have managed to get in Bicester Village. It is a very unusual print and length for me but I love it. I wanted to buy it last year, however, the price put me off number of times. I am glad that I have resisted the temptation as I manage to get it at almost 40 % in the outlet… The rest of the outfit is my staples that you have seen number of times. I am still in love with these sandals and I am determined to wear them as many ways as it is possible.

So that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 1

Dress Maje (last season, more here)

Shoes Gianvito Rossi (suede version here)

Bag Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 14

Story by Aggie 10**

Story by Aggie 9*

Story by Aggie 18

Story by Aggie 17

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 25*

I hope you like this look as much as I do xx

Visiting London is always a pleasure and every time I manage to discover something new- restaurant, park, boutique shop or cafe.

Thank you very much for stopping by and see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx


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4 thoughts on “What I wore Sunday… London affair”

  1. I think I have mentioned that I was born and grew up in central London, But it`s all so different now.
    I love going for day visits. Museums, Art Galleries and the lovely parks. Now, I have long had the sea air in me to live there again,
    I`m loving your pretty dress,Aggie. Love the print and the way the sleeves attach to the neckline.
    It looks a lovely cool dress to wear in the summer
    Jo xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It must have changed a lot !!
      Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert are my favourite ones to visit.
      That dress was so long on my shopping list but I am very happy that I have it now xx


  2. Yes, it has. Much too crowded, specially around Christmas time. but it has a lovely buzz. Have you been to Camden Market? It has wonderful goodies that I think you would like.
    The V&A and the Natural History Museum are two of my favorites. And I love anything to do with
    I`m soo happy for you that you bought that lovely dress Do I use the word, `lovely` too much?
    I am also very envious of your style.
    Jo xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have never been to Camden Market but I have been quite a few times to Brick Lane Market xx
      I lived in London as a student (about ten years ago !) and our budget at that time was so limited that traveling by tube was a luxury…
      There use to be a very good car boot sale every Sunday in Battersea- I got tons of good things from there !
      As for the word ‘lovely’ I think it is a very nice word to use as many times a you like !


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