What I wore Sunday… back in my comfort zone

As much as love traveling, coming back home after a holiday is always a relief for me. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and just be at home for a couple of days. That need for rest and isolation is a very short one as after about a week or so I cannot resist to plan our next vacation…

The outfit I am showing you today is a very casual one, with a nice pair of heels and a designer clutch bag to add that more luxury feel. Everything I am wearing today, makes me feel comfortable and I love each and every one of these pieces.

The only new thing featured here is this leather jacket by AllSaints that I got during my recent visit to Bicester Village. It was originally retailing for over £300 and I have managed to get it for under £150 !! I am not sure if that is a rule with all the leather jacket, but most AllSaints jackets run big to size so if you are thinking of getting one, my advise would be to definitely size down…

Leather jacket is one of those transitional pieces that will take through all seasons. You can pair it with the summer dress and heels for more romantic vibe or pair of trainers and jeans for a dress down look. If you interested in more styling ideas, I would recommend to check out this post here.

All of the pictures taken for today’s post are from the nearby village which I really like. It is quintessential British and has that amazing feel about it. Small shop, post office, nice pub and a hairdresser that is all that is needed…

So without further delay… that is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie 1*

Jacket AllSaints (similar by Topshop here, here and by AllSaints here)

Jeans Topshop (very similar here)

T-shirt Whistles

Shoes Saint Laurent (black version here)

Bag Chanel

Story by Aggie 13*

Story by Aggie 19**

Story by Aggie 6*

Story by Aggie 8

Story by Aggie 20

Story by Aggie 12

Story by Aggie 3*

How good is to be back home !!

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon…


Aggie xx

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9 thoughts on “What I wore Sunday… back in my comfort zone”

  1. I certainly agree with the first paragraph, Aggie. And the photos are beautiful. I love the Breton style top. I have one too. It’s a classic look, don’t you think. And those soo tight jeans have wow! factor written all over them. And your figure, to die for, carries off the look to perfection. However, I’m not sure about the ripped knee craze. What is that all about?
    Jo xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jo !!
      You are always so kind xx
      I love this top a lot too… I bought is a year ago, wore it a lot but it is still looking good !!
      As for the jeans they are so comfortable, one of my favourites.
      I do not mind mind the ripped knees, I think that relaxes the outfit a little bit xx


  2. Hi, Aggie!! Aww, and you are always soo sweet to me. I am away from tomorrow, and return on the 8th (Brugges), so I will miss your lovely stories. So, some nice reading to look forward to when I get home. Have a lovely week. Keep safe and sound.
    Love, Jo xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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