Social media and how not to judge the book by its cover…

This post will be quite different to my usual routine but I feel like need to address it and get it out of my chest. Quite recently I have heard the comment about myself and my shopping habits. It was not anything nasty or unpleasant but it made me reflect and I think it is good time to share it with you !

I started my blog and social media journey in order to share and maybe inspire, never to show off. I never buy anything just to take a picture and then give it away or sell… I have been interested in fashion in particular for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, wanting or pursuing job in fashion industry would be considered risky or irresponsible to say the least. As a result, I have chosen a different career which as much as I love, it does not satisfy all my ambitions.


I do my weekly outfits post to show you guys, how I dress, what I like to wear and where I am investing in. I hope that checking my blog, Instagram account and YouTube channel will spark the joy within you, make you smile and maybe inspire to try something new or different that you have not tried before.


I like my closet big in order to allow me to shop around in my own wardrobe. I love recycling and looking after my belongings. Some items you will see over and over again here as they are true staples in my mind.


Coming out of my comfort zone is something I like to try from time to time in order to experiment and push the boundaries if that makes any sense.

So, I would love to hear from you… Do you find fashion blogs and Instagram accounts useful and enjoyable or self-centred and pushy ?

As I am trying to start a discussion, I am allowing all the comments without the need to leave your email address and all the usual details that are sometimes too time consuming to be bothered !

What do you think ?


Aggie xx

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Sharing my passion for simplicity, fashion and travel.

6 thoughts on “Social media and how not to judge the book by its cover…”

  1. Hello, Aggie.
    I have to admit that I am not into reading blogs. I have dipped my toe into a few and found them
    uninteresting and not to my liking. However, there are two that I love. Yours, and those from tbymallano.
    I think that is where I found you. Anyway, Tatjana and Max are now like old friends. I love T`s dress style and M`s photography.
    My love of fashion came from my mother. She designed and made ballgowns and wedding dresses.
    I remember our London home usually having at least two or three dresses in the making, and sketch books full of designs. Anyway, enough of me.
    Oh, I`m all for discussions, and loving that blue shirt you are wearing.
    Love, Jo x

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    1. Hi Jo !
      I love tbymallano as well xx
      Their photography is second to none and I enjoy reading about her adventures and recommendations xx
      How awesome about your mum…I really love those stories Jo !!
      As for my background, my parents were not into fashion that much. It was important to dress appropriate but we had limited options and budget. I started developing my likes as a teenager and from then is try and error xx


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