Current favourites August

The idea for this post came to me quite some time ago as I did one before (available here). I love watching my favourite bloggers uploading videos discussing fashion and beauty choices of the month and their personal recommendations. It helps me to discover and select products and items I would like to try to purchase for myself.

I thought it will be good to share my personal favourites list and see if I can be of any help to anybody ?


Story by Aggie 2

I simply cannot get enough of these shoes (first shown here). They are the perfect flat sandal and as I love them so much, I am now considering adding different colour of the same shoes into my collection.

They are not cheap but the quality matches the price and in my opinion they add that special something into every outfit.


When I bought this shirt, I had no idea how much I would love it. It is of a beautiful quality, fits perfectly and it is so versatile that adding different elements of the outfit cannot be easier. It is now a true staple in my closet and one of the few items I could not be without !!

  • Red detail

Story by Aggie 12


Something new for me as I was always more conservative when adding injection of colour. But now I love my red lip, it gives a bust of confidence and feels very natural.

I think that adding collar or lipstick it is the best way to experiment with colour without pushing the boundaries too hard… Any recommendations for a new red lipstick for me to try ? My favourite one will be a surprice for some of you but it is this one here !!



If you follow my blog for a while you may know that I am a huge fan of Diptyque fragrances. I have already spoken about another scent before (here) and now I have added this one to my list of must haves. It is so unusual, yet interesting without being overwhelming and at your face.



One of my essentials that I put on most days. It is natural and delicate enough for every day use and will never leave your lips dry and uncomfortable. The colour is a perfect match for me and I love the smell, packaging and presentation.


It was not a type of movie I would think I am going to enjoy but I did. Charlize Theron is spectacular and the movie is packed with unexpected twists and surprises. It is maybe on a violent side and it made me uncomfortable at times but all in all so worth seeing. Plus the outfits selection is to die for…

  • Chopin music

Classic music is something that I love and always have, especially in the evening. It helps me to relax and rest properly. Chopin is not for everyone but is something that I have been enjoying and listening to most days in the last few weeks.

What have you been enjoying lately ?

Is there anything else I should try ?

Thank you very much for your visit and I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx

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8 thoughts on “Current favourites August”

  1. Hi, Aggie.
    In no particular order are my favorites. I love the green pleated skirt combined with the blue blouse. So pretty. My Mum would tell me that blue and green should not be seen. But I would disagree with her.
    I love Chopin. The Waltzes and E’tudes. I have an eclectic mix of music; likewise with books.
    I love, too, the LBD with the red collar. Cute.
    For the future, I think you would look fantastic in a pouffy tulle skirt worn with a double wool fine knit top with three quarter lenght sleeves. But which colours? I will let you decide.
    Jo xx

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    1. Hi Jo !!
      Your sugestions are so on point xx
      I do not have any tulle skirt but I looked into buying one for some time now… I would go for either off-pink or grey with darker knit !!
      Chopin (as I am Polish it is Szopen) has been a long favourite of mine but only recently I started listening to his music every day. I like that we share the same taste in music xx


  2. Can you imagine dancing the night away. The men in smart uniforms, the women in white ballgowns, waltzing and twirling to the music of Chopin? Heavenly. I think we shall discover that we love many of the same things. Do you like the books by Jane Austin? xx

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  3. Oh, yes. She could write a good story. Annie Proulx writes well. So too did Irene Nemirovsky. A book my Mum would read to me when I was little was, ‘ Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott. I loved it. I have her copy on my bookshelf still.
    Have you seen the film’s, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, staring Ethan Hawk and Julie Delpy? I love those soo much. xx

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  4. Good morning, Agnieszka
    Ģoing back to tulle skirts. Grey or off pink would look great. What do you think of one in navy blue worn with black boots and a dark chunky top? But you really do have to shop around to find the perfect tulle skirt.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

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