Hand luggage essentials

When I travel, I like to be comfortable. I also like to feel good in myself and I always try to look fairly put together. I does not really matter if it is a weekend away or two weeks of sightseeing, I will aways have few travel essentials by my side.

It maybe controversial but I like to limit my carry-ons, especially when I am flying. I do not like to have too many thing with me, mainly because of convenience and the weight. However, there are few things I would not travel without and I thought it will be useful to share them with you…

The ‘must-have‘ list includes the following:

  • Toiletries

They will be quite minimal in my case and will always include: contact lens solution and case, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup wipes, deodorant, universal face moisturiser (that can double up as a hand-cream) and a small, travel-friendly bottle of fragrance.

  • Travel documents and passport

They are always by my side in less or more organised way… I never put any of my travel documents in plastic pockets, instead I like to fold them and store them in my passport holder for convenience and space-saving…

  • Electricals

Extra phone charger, laptop, camera and all the lenses are too pricy and very needed when I am on a go so they will always travel with me in a hand-luggage. If I take tripod, laptop charger and all the adaptors I may need, I will keep them in a main luggage as they use is limited during traveling.

  • Reading materials

Magazines are good but only for few minutes in my case. There is nothing like a good book, gripping enough so you will not be able to put it down. I remember one eight-hour flight during which I read entire Gone Girl… best flight ever !

  • Extras (socks, sunglasses and pricy items)

As I am cold most of the time, I like to have my nice, comfy pair of socks with me. I know that most airlines will provide some free-of-charge but my own are my favourites. Sunglasses are also an essential, even if I am not traveling anywhere hot. They are perfect if you are without make up and always add that special something to the look.

  • Snacks

I am a fairly healthy eater and I generally like to know what goes into food I am going to eat. Nuts and dry fruits (dates and figs are my favourites) will be always in my bag even if I am not traveling. A bottle of water is also very needed but I am not going to lie… I will have a G&T especially on long-haul flights !

What about you ?

What are your travel carry-on essentials ?




As usual thank you very much for stopping by !!

Ps. Next post that is coming will be from my current ‘home’ in Sri Lanka so stay tuned for that xx


Aggie xx

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8 thoughts on “Hand luggage essentials”

  1. Great post! I definitely used to pack light for carry-on, however, over the last little while I have started to only pack carry-on and no longer check-in bags. Therefore the weight has increase :(. Question for you, in terms of contact case and solution. Have you ever found yourself to maybe lose a side of contact and/or run out of solution on the road? Would you trust buying the solution in a foreign country? Such as Thailand? Also, if you were to lost a contact, did you fulfill a prescription overseas? Sorry for all the questions lol, just trying to get ready for my trip.

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    1. Hello Anil,
      It is not a problem, I am always happy to help !
      For contact lenses, yes that happens… I wear soft contact lenses and they are durable but as I relay on them 100 % I always carry 3 spare ones (I need the same correction in both of my eyes). A pair is fine, but just in case of any emergencies I like to have a backup !
      In most countries you can buy contact lenses without prescriptions. I would suggest to keep the plastic seal from the pack and in case of a problem, you can go to opticians, show them what you wear and buy the replacement (or the nearest available make).
      As for the solution, if I buy it in foreign country, I always go for big brands like Bausch & Lomb (my favourite) or Alcon.
      Thailand (especially in big cities) is very westernised and you will find big chains like Boots so no problem shopping there.
      When are you traveling ?

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      1. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the info :), it definitely will help in my planning. I was thinking 2 pairs, but I think a 3rd may be best, just to be safe. Because as you, I heavily rely on my contacts. I am leaving November 3rd, until the end of December. Total of 7 weeks.

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      2. Yea, it’s gonna be a quite interesting month. I am quite excited to write them too! :), and I will definitely be vlogging them as well! I’ve heard they are just all amazing countries. Hopefully you make it there soon :).
        Thank you!! I’m really looking forward to it!

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