What I wore Sunday… morning in Brighton

I love to surprise my nearest and dearest with gifts and trips like this gateway which was a surprise to my husband. We have never been to Brighton and although initially, I have something different planned, I think that all in all it was a good choice.

If you follow my blog for a while, you will know that traveling is something that keeps me going. I love the idea of discovering new places and documenting it through my pictures, fashion diaries and most importantly memories.

This trip to Brighton ended up as surprise not only to husband but also myself. The city itself is so much different to what I expected. It has a strong bohemian vibe with huge diversity in its population and although architecture stunning, I thought it will be different…

As for the outfit of the day, I decided to mix trendy and casual and maybe show you slightly more relaxed me. You may remember this shirt from some time ago (here), this time styled with my favourite leather jacket and a pair of sneaker I just cannot stop wearing. The jumper I wore under the jacket is an excellent example of layering piece that will keep you comfortable yet put together and warm at the same time.

So that is what I wore Sunday (this time by the seaside) !!

Story by Aggie 18

Jacket AllSaints (similar)

Knit Zara

Skirt & Other Stories

Sneakers Golden Goose

Bag Chloe

Story by Aggie 10

FullSizeRender 15

Story by Aggie 15

Story by Aggie 21

Story by Aggie 16

Story by Aggie 9



Hope you have enjoyed that trip to Brighton !!

Keep warm and stay tuned for the next post…


Aggie xx

Autumn essentials vlog

You may remember that I have done a post lately listing all of my favourite style pieces for autumn. As the subject is so interesting, I decided to elaborate and prepare a video, showing you five things I like to invest in and what really matters in my opinion.

I enjoyed preparing this video so much that I am considering making it a regular thing with a new one every season. So stay tuned as the winter special will be coming in December…

Making videos and sharing my personal experience with you is something that I love doing. It is not an easy process and required some serious determination from me in order to master editing and making it fairly presentable. I hope you can see that and you will like what I have prepared for you !!

Enjoy and let me know what do you think…

Thank you very much for stopping by and see you soon !!

Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… the warmest day in October

Every October since I lived in the UK we have one weekend when the temperature goes up to 20 degrees… It always gave me the chance to wear everything I loved during summer time and style it, maybe in slightly different way. This particular Sunday the choice was an easy one as this bomber jacket and a good pair of jeans are my staples and something I really on heavily !

I like to mix things up from time to time and add trend-led element like this bag and the slogan t-shirt. I had both for quite some time and the quality and versatility in my opinion is second to none. I can understand that obvious branded pieces maybe not to everybody’s taste but I personally love them.

As the weather was so good, I decided to wear my most colourful pair of shoes which added a pop of colour to this simple outfit. They have been in my possession for about year a half and they are perfect. Heel high is just right and I can wear them all day without any discomfort. I would love to have them in hot pink as I do not own anything in that colour but I think that may need to way till spring…

Without any further delay that is what I wore (this warm) Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 12

Bomber Lukasz Jemiol (similar)

T-shirt Kenzo

Jeans Topshop

Bag Chloe

Shoes Paul Smith

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 2

Story by Aggie 8

Story by Aggie 9

Story by Aggie 15

Story by Aggie 16

Story by Aggie 18

Story by Aggie 11

Next week I am taking you down south so stay tuned for that !!

Thank yo very much for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon…


Aggie xx

My five autumn essentials 

I have spoken about the trends for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 already and I thought it will be a good idea to share my top picks for this season and things I love and enjoy wearing in the colder months.

They are not trend lead, more lifestyle and weather oriented pieces that I think everybody needs in their closet. The styles and colours shown here are my own preferences and I understand that yours may be different…

  • Good leather jacket

I am huge on biker style jackets, the fabric and cut does not really matter. They have to be nicely finish and fit you style and personality.

I like to splurge on the quality jacket as it is an investment that will keep on giving. But remember to look after you biker especially if it is in brushed leather or suede ! Clean it professionally and use suede protector to prevent the damage and slow down wear and tear.

Story by Aggie 20


Picture 3**

Rick Owens

  • Classic coat

I like a good coat and would risk a statement that I try to add a new one every colder season. If you can afford to spend a small fortune MaxMara or Joseph is as good as the coat can get. However, there are a lot of more affordable versions available on high street with Zara and Topshop being on the top of my personal list.

The brand and price do not guarantee the quality. What matters most is the fabric and the attention to details, the buttons and whether the coat is cut properly.





  • Knitwear to die for

In colder months, I love the layers and the comfort and luxury of quality knitwear. Wool and cashmere would be my preference as they are natural fabric that allow your skin to breathe and are in general more environmental friendly.

My first choice for knitwear would be & Other Stories. Their prices are reasonable and the quality of the fabric used is second to none. For more of a splurge head to Joseph. Pricy but their pieces will blow you away !

Story by Aggie 3


Story by Aggie 4*

& Other Stories



Joseph (similar)

  • Layering pieces 

Blouses, shirts and anything else you may wear under a blazer or jumper. Again the quality over quantity is the key for me.

I have few blouses and shirts that I keep recycling and wear over and over again under something else. My absolute favourite shirt is from Zara and if I am not mistaken I bought it over 8 years ago. I love it so much that the minute it is out of wash I will wear it again !


& Other Stories

  • Favourite pair of boots 

I cannot do autumn essentials without mentioning my favourite pair of over-the-knee boots. They are by far the most expensive pair I have ever bought but without any hesitation I can confirm that they are worth it.

Over-the-knee boots are not for everyone and maybe biker boots are more your style ? I have a pair of beautiful grey boots that I will be thrilled to share with you in the coming weeks. Whatever the choice is, make sure you look after them properly especially if they are suede.

Story by Aggie 11


Stuart Weitzman 

Let me know if I have missed anything and what are your favourite autumn pieces you relay on ! I am happy to answer any of you questions or suggestion so fire away…

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… village life at its best

We have taken these pictures quite some time ago but I have never had the chance to share them with you. As with most of my outfit posts, they were taken on Sunday when the temperature dropped and I felt I need a nice comfy knit and quite a few layers !

The village we are in is one of my long time favourite locations and it feels like home to me. As is was a very casual outgoing, I decided to wear clothes I feel most comfortable in and that make me happy. The jeans and the jacket are old-time favourites of mine and you may have seen them already (here, here and here).  For under layer I went for an amazing knit (first seen here) that I bought and loved ever since I got last season. It is an amazing quality and value for money and comes in many different colours. A complete bargain to me and I am seriously considering adding more than one to my closet !

The rest of the outfit is just my trusted pair of white sneakers which are the most comfortable pair you can ever imagine as well as the statement bag. I do not wear that bag a lot but when I do, I am still amazed by the quality of the finish and craftsmanship involved in creating it. I have included that particular style in my Designer bags worth investing in video so check it out if you want to know more…

Without keeping you any longer that is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie 8*

Jacket AllSaints

Knit & Other Stories (similar)

Jeans Topshop

Sneakers Golden Goose

Bag LV

Story by Aggie 4*

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 9

Story by Aggie 11

Story by Aggie 16

Story by Aggie 14*

Story by Aggie 15

That is it from me for today…

I will be coming back to my YouTube with the new video next week so make sure you subscribe and follow me there !

Many thanks for stopping by and your support…


Aggie xx

Five beauty products worth the hype…

There is nothing worse than spending your own hard-earned money on a particular beauty product that is not worth it… That is even more painful if the product in question is on a pricy side.

Over the years, I have made that mistake on several occasions. I have also tried product that I liked and would use again but only a few became my holly grails. I am more than happy to share them with you today and I promise that if you decide to give any of them a chance, you would not be disappointed !

I discovered both products on one of the YouTube channels I follow and decided to try both for myself. I had high hopes but the reality was even better. They are by far the best shampoo and conditioner combo I have ever used !

They make your hair unbelievable smooth and shiny and somehow healthier looking. I like the texture, the smell, the fact that they are made from natural ingredients and that they are sulphates-free.

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms and tried a lot (I mean a lot !)… This one is probably the most luxurious yet still more affordable than others.

It takes all the make up off in one go and leaves my skin fresh and moisturized. It has the right consistency and texture without any artificial fragrance or colorants. I love everything about this product and I cannot recommend it strong enough !

I wanted to try this one for a long time and when I finally did I liked it instantly. Firstly, due to very luxurious packaging and nice, thick consistency. Overtime, I discovered that my under-eye area is much smoother and defiantly less discoloured.

It is not the cheapest of the eye creams but it is by far the best one I have ever tried !

I really do not like to fake tan. I am not keen on the smell and the fact that most fake tanning products make my skin dry and itchy. This one is different… It is an oil to start with and somehow makes the tanning process easier and more enjoyable.

The tan is very natural looking, never yellow and stays on my skin longer than anything else. I like the packaging too and as you only need small amount this one is fairly reasonable priced too !

I wanted to keep this post fairly skin care based but this one was so obvious to me than I could not resist. It is tinned moisturizer by Nars (I currently use the matte version but they are both equally as good !).

It is very light cream-foundation with a good coverage so much so that my colleague at work was really surprise when I told her that I have no foundation on !

It has a natural finish, moisturizes my skin and never leaves it dry and uncomfortable. A clear winner and a long favourite of mine…


What are your holly grail products ?

I would love for you to let me know and maybe recommend something I have not tried before ?

As usual, thank you very much for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

Safari vlog

I am extremely excited to share this video with you as I was quite nervous editing it and making it work. I have little experience in putting vlogs together but when I start, I always choose music first. I get the impression that if the music works, everything else will follow and that is how I decided to approach this vlog…

I have already published a post detailing our safari trip and shared some beautiful pictures taken by my husband. If you are interested in checking that out, the link is available here.

Let me know what do you think ? Even if I could have done something better or different, I am more that happy to listen to your opinion.

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Enjoy and thanks for stopping by,

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