Shopping Christmas sales

With festive season fast approaching I thought it will be a good idea to write something about sales… They will traditionally start on the Boxing Day but nowadays more and more retailers offer them mid-December. I am all about buying quality without overpaying but shopping Christmas sales requires some preparations and forward thinking…

I have touched on this subject already (previous post available here) but as December sales are a little bit different that any other sale, I decided to list all the items worth hunting for as well as all the preparation stages I take in order to buy only things I really need and save myself some money…

My usual starting point would be to make a list. Planning ahead of what is missing in your closet, homeware, accessories etc. is crucial. The more specific the list the better. If you are interested in particular brands, list the retailers that stock them and add the appropriate links to your favourites. Regardless, if you prefer online shopping or traditional approach it would be my starting point.

The second step is to make the list smaller… Ask yourself three magic questions:

  • Do I want it ?
  • Do I need it ?
  • Can I effort it ?

Lately, I have added the fourth one that is more a rule that a question.

  • Can I buy it twice ?

It will be hard initial but the more I practice this approach the more conscious all of purchases are.

Step three is the most difficult in my opinion and consist of shopping but with ability to restrain myself from buying anything that is not on the list or not perfect. Sometimes I will see something that ‘will do’ but I know that I will end up going to my original item over and over again. So not settling for any thing than perfect is the key !

To prove that shopping sales can be a good idea I am going to include my five top purchases made during sales. All of the examples featured here are in my opinion good options to buy on sale as their initial price point will be higher but they hopefully deliver on quality of the finish and durability…

  • Outerwear (coats, jackets, parkas etc. made out of quality fabrics)

Story by Aggie 8

Amazing Joseph coat bought in 2016 during Christmas sales (with nearly 70 % discount)

Story by Aggie 6

AllSaints leather jacket bought in Bicester village (60 % off)

  • Shoes (especially designer heels and boots that will be used for many years to come)

Story by Aggie 27

Story by Aggie 22

Most wanted pair of Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps (over 50 % off original price)

  • Occasional pieces (dresses and jumpsuits with limited amount of re-wear)

Story by Aggie 2*

Maje dress bought in Bicester village (30% off)

  • Swimwear (may be an odd choice but I only ever buy higher price point swimwear on sale as the initial price is far too high to justify the spending)



Swimsuit from Solid and Striped (bought during summer sale for 40 % off)

  • Handbags (this one can be tricky as classic designer models sporadically if ever go on sale, but worth exploring)

Story by Aggie 14*

One of my most loved bags by Bottega Veneta bought in Bicester village (with 50 % off the full retail price)

Let me know if I missed anything and what are you planning on buying if anything this time ?

I hope that you find this guide useful and I would love to know you thoughts.

As always many thanks for stopping by…


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… my world

I have spoken about living in the countryside quite a few times already but I will come back to it one more time… The sense of peace and comfort is something that I treasure the most. No busy roads, traffic, trams and crowds. That is why I love where I am so much…

I need to have my own space and although I always knew that, it took me quite some time to figure out that I need to be outside of the city. The hassle and bustle are good for a day but I do think it is for me on the daily basis.

For this autumnal walk, I have decided to wear my favourite coat I got two seasons ago. It is a pricy thing but so worth the money in my opinion. Parka coats are incredible for winter as they are excellent for layering and they come with a hood which is very needed if live in England…

As I wanted to be warm, I added the simplest of cashmere sweaters you can think of. It is thick enough to keep me comfortable without feeling bulky and impractical. Simplicity is the key for me and I hope you will like what I have put together.

That is the outfit for this what I wore Sunday !!

Parka Burberry (budget friendly option)

Knit M&S

Jeans Paige

Boots Isabel Marant (similar)

Bag Bottega Venetta

Sunglasses Ray-Ban (on sale)

Story by Aggie 14*

Story by Aggie 23

Story by Aggie 17

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Christmas gift ideas for him

As promised last week after posting a gift guide for her (available here), this time is all about men in your life. Shopping for men can be tricky so I have tried to be consistent and incorporate many ideas form very different price points.

Regardless of how difficult it is to choose the right gift the happiness of giving is always enormous and as a result I love this time of the year very much.

As with previous post all the gift ideas are only my suggestions and I am more than happy to take on board any of your ideas and comments. If you are interested in any of the products featured here, just click on the bottom of the image and the link to the item should come automatically.

So without further delay, let’s begin…

  • Fragrance

This one is pretty obvious choice as most men like a nice bottle of perfume (or two…). Both my husband and my dad are huge on fragrance and I try to give them a bottle each at least once a year.

Buying a specific scent can be tricky as we need to think about the preference the person we are giving to has, not our own. My personal number one for the most loved perfume would have to be Giorgio Armani Code. I do not know the men that do not love it !



  • Grooming accessories 

This one is slightly unusual but in my opinion may make a beautiful and practical gift. As grooming accessories I mean anything from scissors, brushes, clippers, wash bags and many more.

I had this shaving set on my radar for quite some time now and I know that my husband would love it. It is on a pricy side, but it will last for very long time !



  • Scarves

The simplest and most useful gifts of all… The beautifully finished and classic scarf can make a very stylish present without breaking the bank. You can spend as much and as little as you like.

I love cashmere so my top pick would be on a more expensive front. This one here is such an investment piece that would take the very special man in you life through a lot of winters.



  • Leather accessories

I think that every men should have a good wallet or card holder. It is a practical item that he will use every single day and the quality really matters.

My personal favourite would have to be this one from Aspinal of London. It is a statement piece that can also be personalised and I know it will stand the test of time !



  • Practical gifts (ties and socks)

There is nothing wrong with a trusty pair of socks under the tree… I love to give quality pairs that will last. Black, navy, grey pairs are always well received in my family but I may try more adventurous approach this year and add a little bit of colour.

This set from Happy Socks is awesome and I am very tempted to buy it for my husband…



  • Jewellery and watches

Jewellery and watches are such statement gifts for a very special man in your life. A good watch will last a lifetime and will always remind the receiver about you…

I love to give watches and personalized or collectible cufflinks. The budget and the choices are endless, both on high street or in designer boutiques.

I love this watch as it reminds me of my grandfather’s watch that I was lucky enough to receive as his last gift to me…



  • Technology

Gadgets like new smartphone, drone, speakers are in general very good yet pricy gifts. With so many options available and new releases every season it is difficult to keep up…

I know that my dad would be very happy with new phone and my husband would love this home speaker !



Let me know if you find my selection useful and what are you planning on buying this year for the men in your life ?

As usual thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon !


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… the comfiest I have been

Wearing what I love to wear is not always possible. Work and weather determine most of the time what I choose on the daily basis. That is why when I get to wear something that I truly feel good at, I treasure that for a very long time.

This outfit is my comfy one. I felt very put together yet comfortable. As you may have realised I like block colours and simplicity most of the time. I will try to add a pop of colour every so often but stripes, odd shaping and mixing various styles is not something that feels like me.

Classic, single breasted wool coat is such a must that I feel very glad I got mine last season. It is warm enough to keep me cosy but stylish at the same time. I wear it most days and I strongly believe that this will continue until it gets really, really cold and starts to snow !!

A pair of shoes I have on maybe not to everybody’s taste. It took me quite a few months to find my way of wearing them that will suit my style. I knew I liked them on other people but somehow I could not rock them myself… They were definitely worth the wait and you will see them more often in the near future !!

So that is what I wore this Sunday…

Story by Aggie 1**

Coat Joseph

Knit Zara

Jeans AllSaints

Sneakers Isabel Marant

Bag LV

Story by Aggie 0*

Story by Aggie 10*

Story by Aggie 5*

Story by Aggie 16*

Story by Aggie 12*

Story by Aggie 7*

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I will be back very soon with the new gift guide for him (gift guide for her available here).


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Christmas gift ideas for her

With Christmas period fast approaching I decided to put together a gift guide and maybe give you some suggestion on what is worth spending on that little extra in my eyes.

I checked out quite a few gift guides in the past and they all seemed very similar to one another. They all have specific price brackets that show different gifts in each of the brackets. Being me, I decided to take an alternative approach and maybe show you a wider variety of options.

Let me know if you like this format as I have a similar thing in mind specifically for him… All the gift suggestions are only my ideas and I am more than happy to take your feedback on board and change one or two categories !

If you are interested in any of the products featured here, just click on the bottom of the image and the link to the item should come automatically.

So without further delay, let’s begin…

  • Candles

Candles in general would be my number one gift especially for less personal occassions. A nice candle is such a homely gift and can add a little bit of luxury. I like more price candles as they have quite unusual scents and last a very long time.

All of the candles shown here are priced up to £50 and I would recommend each and every single one. Choosing a favourite one would be a difficult one but if I was forced to make that decision it would have to be Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay.



  • Fragrance

Fragrance is my second most favourite gift to give and probably number one if I am on the receiving end. There is so many good fragrances on the market that will suit most tastes and personal preferences.

I like niche and unusual scents, maybe on a more spicy yet floral side. My current number one would be without the shadow of the doubt Diptique L’Ombre dans l’Eau. It reminds me of my childhood yearsand the smell of blackcurrant leaves is to die for !



  • Beauty accessories

Every women needs a good make up brush set, nice hair brush, wash bag or a compact mirror. Options are endless and some of the practical gift are the best ones.

I would love to get a quality brush set and although I do not need any more, I would be more happy to test some new ones… My number one choice would be this set from Zoeva (just in case mu husband is reading this !).



  • SLGs (Small Leather Goods)

Card holder or card case is an ideal little gift and I strongly believe that most ladies would love one. It can be as luxurious as you want it to be with options available both on high street and in designer boutiques.

I would love to find this one by Dior under my tree although I know I am pushing my luck with this price tag attached but it is worth trying !



  • Jewellery

Nice piece of jewellery is a statement and something that will stay with a person for a very long time. It can be anything from a pair of earings to a luxurious bracelet. The choices are endless and so is the budget.

I like my jewellery very simple and understated. I do not wear much gold but I have been eyeing this necklaces for quite some time now and I really, really like it !


  • Cashmere

There is nothing more special to give than cashmere regardless whether it is a scarf, hat, jumper or even pyjamas. The feel and the quality of the fabric is very cosy and it is an ultimate luxury gift in my opinion.

Nobody does cashmere better than Acne Studios. The scarf show here would have stay on my wish list for now but it is a dream…



  • Books

For somebody who likes to read, good book or two will always be a good idea. Knowing their favourite author or hobby may come handy but in general travel books as well as cook books would be good choice.

If you follow my blog for a while, you may know that discovering undiscovered is something I am obsessed with so this travel book would be the one on my wish list !



That is it for the gift guide for her…

I have already started working on the gift guide for him (available here) so if you have any suggestions, please let me know !

As usual thank you very much for stopping by…


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… my neighborhood

Living in a countryside surrounded by pretty English villages was never my dream. I love big city and accessibility of modern culture, shops etc. But somehow over the years my priorities have changed and peace and quite is what I care for.

On this particular Sunday afternoon we went shopping and all the pictures for today’s post were taken after our trip to town. The village location for this shoot could not have been more perfect. I love the feel of this place so much so that every time I visit, I promise myself to come more often.

As for the outfit of the day, I could not resist wearing this coat from Zara, first shown here. The quality of the fabric is superb and as it is very oversized, you can fit quite a few layers underneath. I paired it with all black outfit and the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. They are my favourite work shoes and would recommend a pair of these to anyone. The ones shown here are by English brand Church’s. I got introduced to this brand quite some time ago now and without a shadow of a doubt I can say they are the best and most comfortable shoes you will ever get !

Without further delay that is what I wore (this sunny) Sunday !

Story by Aggie 19

Coat Zara

Blouse & Other Stories

Jeans Belstaff

Shoes Church’s (similar)

Bag Givenchy

Sunglasses Ray-Ban’s

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 6

Story by Aggie 8

Story by Aggie 2

Story by Aggie 12

Story by Aggie 13

Story by Aggie 11

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Brighton vlog

Today I have a pleasure of sharing my weekend away with you all ! We traveled to Brighton for few days and although the choice of the destination was quite an unusual one, I have no regrets.

Brighton is full of contrasts and as it is a seaside town, it has a lot features typical for that. I loved the old buildings and lots of tiny side streets along with the promenade and variety of cafes and bars. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of poverty and homelessness. First impressions are not always the right ones so I will let you decide for yourself !

Enjoy my vlog and if you liked it, check out my channel for more fashion, travel and beauty related content.

Let me know you thoughts as well as any recommendations and suggestions for more gateways ?

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