Brighton vlog

Today I have a pleasure of sharing my weekend away with you all ! We traveled to Brighton for few days and although the choice of the destination was quite an unusual one, I have no regrets.

Brighton is full of contrasts and as it is a seaside town, it has a lot features typical for that. I loved the old buildings and lots of tiny side streets along with the promenade and variety of cafes and bars. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of poverty and homelessness. First impressions are not always the right ones so I will let you decide for yourself !

Enjoy my vlog and if you liked it, check out my channel for more fashion, travel and beauty related content.

Let me know you thoughts as well as any recommendations and suggestions for more gateways ?

Thank you very much for stopping by.


Aggie xx

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3 thoughts on “Brighton vlog”

  1. I don’t live up North like you, and yet I’ve still not been to Brighton either – I should take a leaf out of your book and have a visit as I always hear how ‘vibrant’ and lively it is. Must admit I hadn’t actually even heard of the tower though, shows just how little I know about places! Loved the Vlog, especially how you’ve shown clips of such variety in the city and paired it with music in between the talking sections, really useful for newbies who want to take a visit like me! Glad you had a good trip x

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    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment xx
      Brighton was very vibrant, yet modern and very cosmopolitan. I am sure you will like it !!
      The Tower is now advertised as a landmark of Brighton and even HRH Prince Philip came for the grand opening in 2016.
      I have lost vlog from Sri Lanka coming soon so fingers crossed you will like it as well xx

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