What I wore Sunday… 2017

I have been thinking for some time of how I can show you all the looks from last year in one place. After careful consideration, I have decided to combine them altogether and then split them individually into months.

Looking through the pictures of What I wore Sunday gives me huge amount of satisfaction and pride that I made it work and week after week managed to publish new look. Not all of them make me go wow, but I have learnt a lot along the way of what looks good and what not.

Taking pictures and then editing and choosing the best ones (in my opinion) is time-consuming process. Some weeks I have a couple of hours to finish it all so being perfectionist at heart, I have issues compromising. Having said that, I am happy with everything I have done so far and can confirm none of the pictures have been ever photoshopped or filtered in any way.

So that is what I wore Sundays 2017…























Thank you very much for being part of that journey and all of your views, likes and kind words !!

What was your favourite What I wore Sunday ? I would love to know…


Aggie xx

New Year resolutions and end of 2017

New Years resolutions is not something that I usually make. I do not understand the desire to change something dramatically at the beginning of the year only to discover few weeks later that it cannot be achieved…

I like to set myself targets and goals at any time- mid-week, month, or day. What counts is the will and the decision that I make. Being honest and truthful to myself is the best policy. Discipline and thoughtful approach to your body and health makes it easier too !

Next year I have few things on my ‘to do list’ and things that I want to change or improve. Some are very personal, some work-related but what I am going to share with you is these two:

  • Schedule as much time for traveling and discovering new places
  • Plan my meals in advance and get involve with the cooking more…

I have heard recently that to travel is to live so that is why I am determined to do it even more often. Going away, getting on a plane, seeing things that I have not seen before, taking lots of pictures is something I cannot stop thinking about.

Traveling is time and money consuming so I have to consider my options. Going away every couple of months maybe tricky but with the right mindset and effort from me and my husband it can be achieved…

Meal planning is something that I struggle with. I hate eating highly processed food that give my body nothing else but sugar. At the same time I find it impossible to schedule my meals the same way I schedule everything else in my life.

I want to be more organise and prepared more meals in advance. I do not want to buy my lunch just because I am hungry and I have no other option. Only time will tell if I manage to stick to my resolution but I have high hopes !

2017 was a good year and I hope that will continue in 2018… I have made a decision of starting the blog as well as YouTube channel and I have worked extremely hard to keep it going and publish relevant and interesting posts.

I have to admit that I surprised myself in how determined I became and how much effort I have put into that. Taking pictures, writing to you all is something that I have enjoyed greatly and I know it will continue next year.

To sum up, I have included my twelve favourite pictures of 2017… (if you are interested in any of them, just click on the image and that should take you to the relevant post !).





Picture 19*


Picture 26**


Picture 29**


Picture 9**








Story by Aggie 11


Story by Aggie 13*


Story by Aggie 12**


Stayed tuned as the next post coming you way will be fashion related and will include all of the What I wore Sunday looks in one place…

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What I wore Sunday… a very Merry Christmas

Christmas time is a special time in my family. It is a religious celebration and it is time to spend with your nearest and dearest. I still remember that after Christmas Eve dinner me and my parents would go to church for midnight mass- something that I was looking forward more than you could imagine… Maybe it was a fact that I could stay up late or maybe it was the magic of this special period ?

Christmas gift were not as big and over the top as they are now as the focus on was on something else. My parents had limited means and I would not get more than few presents. They were always special though and I still remember most of them.

As an adult, I try to make and effort and every year I like to give something back to parents, my grandmother and my husband. But with my upbringing comes the modesty in how we celebrate. Less is more and even now, I would only buy one or two quite special gifts…

I like to dress for occasion and the outfit I am featuring today is something I would happily wear on a Christmas Day. It maybe a little bit formal, but I feel dressed appropriately. Most of the pieces have been in my possession for quite some time. The only new item is this stunning pair of shoes that I got during pre-Christmas sales. They are very statement and I hope to get the best use out of them !

So without further delay that is what I wore this Christmas Eve Sunday !

Story by Aggie 7

Shirt & Other Stories

Skirt & Other Stories

Heels Valentino

Story by Aggie 10

Story by Aggie 6


Story by Aggie 11

Story by Aggie 0

I would like take the opportunity and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !

I hope it will be a family time full of love, laughter and forgiveness. Charge your batteries and make real memories with your loved ones.


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… last weekend of autumn

I have probably mentioned countless amount of time but I love autumn. It is by far my favourite season and the colours are to die for. I do not mind the occasion rain and temperature drop that much.

The pictures taken for today’s post are quintessentially autumnal. The colours of the leaves and my outfit are all reflecting my love and appreciation of the season. I could not be happier with those shots and I hope it shows.

The outfit of the day consists of my favourite pieces that kept me warm and comfortable. My favourite parka, pair of jeans I cannot stop wearing lately and the new scarf that I have already mentioned here. I like to feel dress appropriately and this outfit provided just that.

Being comfortable in yourself is a key. Knowing what you like but also taking under consideration what suits your body shape and size is something that I consider with every outfit. This one is totally me and I would be happy to wear it every single day (maybe with occassional twist !).

That is what I wore last Sunday !

Story by Aggie 2

Parka Burberry (budget friendly option here)

Shirt Madewell

Jeans AllSaints

Sneakers Isabel Marant

Scarf Acne Studios

Bag LV

Story by Aggie 10

Story by Aggie 12

Story by Aggie 11

Story by Aggie 8

Story by Aggie 15

Story by Aggie 21

Story by Aggie 20

Thank you very much for stopping by !!

My next fashion post will be coming next Sunday so stay tuned for that.


Aggie x

Forgotten Sri Lanka vlog

As you may remember, we have travelled to Sri Lanka for our wedding anniversary back in September. A lot of months have gone before I realised that I recorded our train journey from Galle to Colombo and I am thrilled to share that with you today.

Traveling by train in a foreign country can be challenging but Sri Lanka takes it to another level ! Language difference, heat, noise are only few of the obstacles on the way. All in all, the vlog will tell you the whole story of our journey and the challenges we have faced.

I hope you will like it, if so check out my other videos (available here).

Thank you very much for stopping by and hope to see you soon !

Aggie xx


What I wore Sunday… night out

I am not a party animal. I like to go out from time to time but dancing till sun rise is not something I am going to even attempt ! Christmas time in UK is full of parties and gatherings and I thought it will be a good idea to show you what I like to wear on those occasions.

Lately, I have been wearing a lot of black. It is my comfort colour and somehow makes me feel safe. Putting this outfit together took me less than five minutes but I like it very much. It is different textures and fabrics that makes it work in my opinion. It is not the warmest of outfits (to say the least, especially as it was snowing…) but as I meant to be indoors I think it works fine.

This leather skirt is from Whistles and I bought it during Black Friday sales. It is quite an adventurous buy for me but so far so good. I love the quality of the finish and how flattering it is. My only advise if you want to buy any leather items (jackets, skirts, trousers etc.) is to always downsize. The leather will stretch significantly over time so going one or two sizes down is a must.

That is what I wore this Christmas party Sunday !

Coat Joseph

Blouse & Other Stories

Skirt Whistles

Heels Chanel (old collection)

Clutch Chanel



Thank you very much for stopping by and taking your time to check out my blog !

I hope to see you all very soon,

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November is one of my least favourite months. Cannot really explain why but somehow it feels gloomy and brings up bad memories. Last year my husband had serious accident this time of the year and it took him well over six months to recover.

This year November was different and it brought some changes both in our professional and private life which I am looking forward to embracing. The weather have been pretty mild and I had not had a chance to catch a cold (yet !). We also had our first snow in UK which made me feel a little bit more festive.

Last month was a month of spending… Right or wrong I have made few purchases that I will be able to share with you all in the near future. Season of sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not something I go crazy about but somehow I felt that I needed to add some essentials to my wardrobe !

Most loved item‘ title would have to go to this Acne Studios scarf. It is the softest and warmest of scarves and the quality is to die for. I like the shade of grey as well, not too light not too dark.

Story by Aggie 4*

Second of the items I have been loving this month is the pair of sneakers by Isabel Marant you may have already seen here and here. They are not new, I got them last year but somehow only this autumn I have learnt to love them. They are super comfortable, well-made and add a little bit of edge to my outfits.

Picture 12**

Blog has been doing very well last month and there were number of posts you really liked. Gifts ideas for her and him ended up on the top of your favourites. They were quite tricky to prepare so I am happy that you checked them out and enjoyed my suggestions.

The blog post that you liked the least was vlog from Brighton (available here if you are interested). I personally really like this post as it brings back positive memories but I agree if may not be for everyone.

One thing that I have missed in November is going for a walk. With so many nice villages  around where I live I should definitely do it more often than I do !

Story by Aggie 17

Story by Aggie 13


In December I am looking forward to some family time as well as documenting first Christmas on the blog. I cannot wait to share some of my Christmas traditions with you all and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

I have four different videos in a making on my YouTube channel (one of which is an incredible train ride from Sri Lanka…) so stay tune for that and do not forget to subscribe.


As usual thank you very much for stopping by !!

Aggie xx