January spending ban

January is proving to be a new start for me. Not only it is a start of New Year, but also first month ever when I decided that I am putting ban on my expenses. By ban I mean not buying any unnecessary items of clothing, accessories or beauty. Only essentials are allowed so toiletries and things that I have run out of.

I have bought everything that I needed and wanted back in 2017 so I think this exercise will make me think differently and maybe make me appreciate what I already have… It is one thing to buy quality and ‘treat’ yourself from time to time but compensating all the bad stuff by shopping is a complete different story.

Getting a little bit of prospective on what I really need and what I want is something that I have to work on constantly and I hope that this spending ban will provide just that.

I am giving myself thirty days to start fresh. If at the end of January I have learnt anything, I will try to repeat the ban every three or four months for continuity and practise !

When I shared my plans with my colleagues, I have heard that I have chosen the worst time ever as January is famous for its sales. It will be unlike me saying this but I cannot imagine what would I like to buy during these sales ? The fact that something is reduced does not mean it is what I look for and need.

I have fairly substantial closet (my closet tour and fashion story available here if you want to check it out) and all of my possessions are really precious to me. I have spent years choosing clothing and accessories I want to have and most of the time they stay with me for years. Maybe as a result of that, I do not have a feeling that I am missing out on anything. Creating new outfits from what I already have gives me an enormous satisfaction and pleasure !

What are your plans ? Are you going to try to put a ban on spending or maybe something on sale caught your attention ? I would love to hear your opinion on the subject so let me know !

As usual many thanks for stopping by and for checking out my blog…


Aggie x

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