Five red lipsticks worth buying…

My red lipstick love affair started about two years ago. When I bought my first one, I was not sure if I am going to wear it and what I going to pair it with. But somehow after trying it once and then twice, I have fallen in love in how it makes me feel and how much more confident I am with red lips.

Over the last year or so, I have tested number of lipsticks with different finish and from different beauty brands and I am thrilled to show you my favourite five. To accompany this post I have done a video on my channel with all the details and information you may need.

I will be showing you my favourites in the price order starting from the cheapest to the most expensive as well as featuring a picture of me wearing the lipstick so hopefully you will be able to tell the difference !

So let’s begin…

It was my first ever red lipstick and I could not have asked for a better recommendation. It is a very matte lipstick that will last all day long. Colour and overall wear is comfortable but it may dry your lips if worn all day, every day. However, it is one of my favourites that I keep going back to !

One of the classics that is well worth trying. It is a very deep red lipstick with matte finish that wears really well in my opinion. It is not as long-lasting as the Sephora one but it will not dry your lips as much so you have to decide what is your priority. All in all, I would highly recommend to try this one as it is a winner in my eyes.

Probably my most used and loved lipstick. I wore it non-stop for quite a few months. It has a matte finish but it is non-drying or sticky and stays in place all day long. Everything about this lipstick is first class and I cannot praise it enough.

This lipstick has the most amazing packaging with huge attention to detail. But what is inside matters and it is pretty stunning as well. The finish of this lipstick is satin and the intensity of colour second to none. It is a pricy one but the quality you get for your money makes up for that in my opinion.

This one is the most expensive of the bunch and the most hyped up at the same time. It comes in a stunning and very minimalist packaging and the content does not disappoint as well. It is a satin finish and the colour itself is very rich and maybe on a slightly darker side. As it is satin finish, staying power is more limited but still fairly long-lasting. A clear choice if you are after some indulgence !

That is my five favourite red lipstick !

Let me know if I missed anything and if there are any others I need to try ?

Thank you very much for stopping by…

Aggie x

Christmas gift ideas for her

With Christmas period fast approaching I decided to put together a gift guide and maybe give you some suggestion on what is worth spending on that little extra in my eyes.

I checked out quite a few gift guides in the past and they all seemed very similar to one another. They all have specific price brackets that show different gifts in each of the brackets. Being me, I decided to take an alternative approach and maybe show you a wider variety of options.

Let me know if you like this format as I have a similar thing in mind specifically for him… All the gift suggestions are only my ideas and I am more than happy to take your feedback on board and change one or two categories !

If you are interested in any of the products featured here, just click on the bottom of the image and the link to the item should come automatically.

So without further delay, let’s begin…

  • Candles

Candles in general would be my number one gift especially for less personal occassions. A nice candle is such a homely gift and can add a little bit of luxury. I like more price candles as they have quite unusual scents and last a very long time.

All of the candles shown here are priced up to £50 and I would recommend each and every single one. Choosing a favourite one would be a difficult one but if I was forced to make that decision it would have to be Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay.



  • Fragrance

Fragrance is my second most favourite gift to give and probably number one if I am on the receiving end. There is so many good fragrances on the market that will suit most tastes and personal preferences.

I like niche and unusual scents, maybe on a more spicy yet floral side. My current number one would be without the shadow of the doubt Diptique L’Ombre dans l’Eau. It reminds me of my childhood yearsand the smell of blackcurrant leaves is to die for !



  • Beauty accessories

Every women needs a good make up brush set, nice hair brush, wash bag or a compact mirror. Options are endless and some of the practical gift are the best ones.

I would love to get a quality brush set and although I do not need any more, I would be more happy to test some new ones… My number one choice would be this set from Zoeva (just in case mu husband is reading this !).



  • SLGs (Small Leather Goods)

Card holder or card case is an ideal little gift and I strongly believe that most ladies would love one. It can be as luxurious as you want it to be with options available both on high street and in designer boutiques.

I would love to find this one by Dior under my tree although I know I am pushing my luck with this price tag attached but it is worth trying !



  • Jewellery

Nice piece of jewellery is a statement and something that will stay with a person for a very long time. It can be anything from a pair of earings to a luxurious bracelet. The choices are endless and so is the budget.

I like my jewellery very simple and understated. I do not wear much gold but I have been eyeing this necklaces for quite some time now and I really, really like it !


  • Cashmere

There is nothing more special to give than cashmere regardless whether it is a scarf, hat, jumper or even pyjamas. The feel and the quality of the fabric is very cosy and it is an ultimate luxury gift in my opinion.

Nobody does cashmere better than Acne Studios. The scarf show here would have stay on my wish list for now but it is a dream…



  • Books

For somebody who likes to read, good book or two will always be a good idea. Knowing their favourite author or hobby may come handy but in general travel books as well as cook books would be good choice.

If you follow my blog for a while, you may know that discovering undiscovered is something I am obsessed with so this travel book would be the one on my wish list !



That is it for the gift guide for her…

I have already started working on the gift guide for him (available here) so if you have any suggestions, please let me know !

As usual thank you very much for stopping by…


Aggie xx

Five beauty products worth the hype…

There is nothing worse than spending your own hard-earned money on a particular beauty product that is not worth it… That is even more painful if the product in question is on a pricy side.

Over the years, I have made that mistake on several occasions. I have also tried product that I liked and would use again but only a few became my holly grails. I am more than happy to share them with you today and I promise that if you decide to give any of them a chance, you would not be disappointed !

I discovered both products on one of the YouTube channels I follow and decided to try both for myself. I had high hopes but the reality was even better. They are by far the best shampoo and conditioner combo I have ever used !

They make your hair unbelievable smooth and shiny and somehow healthier looking. I like the texture, the smell, the fact that they are made from natural ingredients and that they are sulphates-free.

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms and tried a lot (I mean a lot !)… This one is probably the most luxurious yet still more affordable than others.

It takes all the make up off in one go and leaves my skin fresh and moisturized. It has the right consistency and texture without any artificial fragrance or colorants. I love everything about this product and I cannot recommend it strong enough !

I wanted to try this one for a long time and when I finally did I liked it instantly. Firstly, due to very luxurious packaging and nice, thick consistency. Overtime, I discovered that my under-eye area is much smoother and defiantly less discoloured.

It is not the cheapest of the eye creams but it is by far the best one I have ever tried !

I really do not like to fake tan. I am not keen on the smell and the fact that most fake tanning products make my skin dry and itchy. This one is different… It is an oil to start with and somehow makes the tanning process easier and more enjoyable.

The tan is very natural looking, never yellow and stays on my skin longer than anything else. I like the packaging too and as you only need small amount this one is fairly reasonable priced too !

I wanted to keep this post fairly skin care based but this one was so obvious to me than I could not resist. It is tinned moisturizer by Nars (I currently use the matte version but they are both equally as good !).

It is very light cream-foundation with a good coverage so much so that my colleague at work was really surprise when I told her that I have no foundation on !

It has a natural finish, moisturizes my skin and never leaves it dry and uncomfortable. A clear winner and a long favourite of mine…


What are your holly grail products ?

I would love for you to let me know and maybe recommend something I have not tried before ?

As usual, thank you very much for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

Current favourites August

The idea for this post came to me quite some time ago as I did one before (available here). I love watching my favourite bloggers uploading videos discussing fashion and beauty choices of the month and their personal recommendations. It helps me to discover and select products and items I would like to try to purchase for myself.

I thought it will be good to share my personal favourites list and see if I can be of any help to anybody ?


Story by Aggie 2

I simply cannot get enough of these shoes (first shown here). They are the perfect flat sandal and as I love them so much, I am now considering adding different colour of the same shoes into my collection.

They are not cheap but the quality matches the price and in my opinion they add that special something into every outfit.


When I bought this shirt, I had no idea how much I would love it. It is of a beautiful quality, fits perfectly and it is so versatile that adding different elements of the outfit cannot be easier. It is now a true staple in my closet and one of the few items I could not be without !!

  • Red detail

Story by Aggie 12


Something new for me as I was always more conservative when adding injection of colour. But now I love my red lip, it gives a bust of confidence and feels very natural.

I think that adding collar or lipstick it is the best way to experiment with colour without pushing the boundaries too hard… Any recommendations for a new red lipstick for me to try ? My favourite one will be a surprice for some of you but it is this one here !!



If you follow my blog for a while you may know that I am a huge fan of Diptyque fragrances. I have already spoken about another scent before (here) and now I have added this one to my list of must haves. It is so unusual, yet interesting without being overwhelming and at your face.



One of my essentials that I put on most days. It is natural and delicate enough for every day use and will never leave your lips dry and uncomfortable. The colour is a perfect match for me and I love the smell, packaging and presentation.


It was not a type of movie I would think I am going to enjoy but I did. Charlize Theron is spectacular and the movie is packed with unexpected twists and surprises. It is maybe on a violent side and it made me uncomfortable at times but all in all so worth seeing. Plus the outfits selection is to die for…

  • Chopin music

Classic music is something that I love and always have, especially in the evening. It helps me to relax and rest properly. Chopin is not for everyone but is something that I have been enjoying and listening to most days in the last few weeks.

What have you been enjoying lately ?

Is there anything else I should try ?

Thank you very much for your visit and I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx

Find your perfect match… foundation !!

I have already revealed my favourite fragrances and pairs of jeans so it is high time for my most tested make up essential… foundation. I have tried variety from the cheapest on the market to the most expensive. Sometimes the price is not a guarantee for quality and as you will be able to see on my shortlist some of my favourite foundations are available on the high street. Good foundation must be durable, blend well and never cake or look like a mask… Colour selection is crucial, but over time you can learn to blend different shades to create the best match.

So without further delay that is what I have for you. I have selected five of my absolute favourites (plus that extra special one) and I will present them in a price order from the cheapest to the most expensive one !

My latest discovery that can easily compete with the high-end brands. I love how durable it is and how natural my skin looks. It comes in variety of shades but to get my perfect match I normally mix two shades in equal proportions ivory and true ivory. It offers medium to full coverage and it is ideal for day and night.


The one I would recommend for everyone to try. The coverage of this foundation is unbelievable, it will cover anything ! Consistency and the feel on your face is like there is nothing there. The only negative is quite limited colour range. From my experience finding the right shade may require mixing different shades…


This brand is quite new to me and initially I was very caution to try it. I am very glad that I did because this foundation is amazing ! It offers full coverage and can easily cover blemished and dark circles. Shades are quite close to each other and I can easily buy one of three and they will all match !


Nothing else will give you so much glow and general appearance of health than this foundation. It is a perfect colour match for me (shade Deauville for the reference) but I tend to use it more in summer than winter as it is lighter in texture and it will give you maximum of medium coverage.


Not cheap but in my opinion worth every penny. It does offer quite high coverage and it lasts forever… I love that you only need a small amount of this foundation to make such a difference to your face. It is probably better for combination skin as it will suppress any shine but I always made it work for me as well.


Bonus one as it is number six on the list. My shade (number 2) got discontinued some time ago and I do not use it anymore. Very pricy but in my opinion worth every penny. Will last months plus it smells of roses so be prepared to get sold on it quicker than you think !


That is it for today… I hope you liked it and please let me know if I missed anything off ?

As usual many thanks for stopping by and see you soon very soon !!

Aggie xx

Ps. The cover picture is by Adam Trzcionka our amazing wedding photographer !!

Current favourites

I have made some discoveries lately as I am testing and adding new things into my everyday life. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with You on more or less monthly basis. All of the products featured here have been tried and loved by me and to stay true to myself I will never recommended something I do not believe in… So without further delay that is what I have been loving lately…

  • Beauty

I have been trying out this hair wand for about two months now and I would say that it is the best one I have ever used ! When I used it the first few times I have burned my hands on number of occasions but after a little bit of practise I am no longer having that problem. The curls stay in all day and I do not feel my hair got any drier (my hairdresser Phillipa may disagree…).

As for the shampoo and conditioner Kerastase is a long favourite of mine. The brand is expensive but they products lasts long time and I do believe they are worth the money. The conditioner makes my hair very smooth and I love the smell too !

  • Fashion

I may have made a cheeky purchase lately but my activity must be justified by the discount I got. I have been wanting this Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps for as long as I can remember and when I saw a pair with a discount of over 50 % I could not resist ! The pair I bought is not pictured above as it is sold out due to the discount but I promise to share it with You very soon !

  • Technology

I received this mouse as a gift from my husband and it is seriously good. So interactive and responsive like no other I tried. It is on a pricy side but if You are like me and do not like using a mouse touchpad on Your laptop it is the one to go for !

  • Lifestyle


I have been obsessed with this balls ever since I first trying them ! They are protein snack with no preservatives, colourants or gluten. I like to grab one on a go. They are really tasty and high in protein, fibre and vitamin E. My favourite one is coconut & macadamia protein bliss closely followed by apple & cinnamon !

  • Best of all


I am not a foodie and I always try to look at nutritional value of my food over the taste… (I am boring and to self-discipline like this…). But the pancakes are my absolute favourite for Sunday breakfast. With fresh fruits and maple syrup or honey. Style of the pancakes does not matter, the more the better !

So that is what I have been loving and enjoying lately !

Let me know if I am missing on something worth trying ?

Many thanks for stopping by !


Aggie xx

Find your perfect match… fragrance !

I have been thinking about this cycle of posts for some time now. I would like to start with a fragrance as is a subject very close to my heart but I am intended to develop it further into clothing and other beauty products… so lets begin !

Finding a fragrance that You like and suits Your personality can be tricky and may require some research. I think it is difficult not to be influenced by new releases, celebrities advertising and perception that You are missing on bargains. However, sometimes less is more and I believe having few selected fragrances suitable for variety of occasions may well be a way forward.

I use to buy a lot of different fragrances to cheer myself up, I got quite a few as a gift and over the years I have accumulated so many bottles I was not even remembering what I had… Last year I decided to stop that bad habit and made myself a promise that I will not buy a bottle for the whole year. Year and half gone, I got only one new fragrance added to my collection but I still do not feel like I need to buy anything ! The reason behind this is simple. I may like variety of fragrances but I will go back to the same ones over and over again.

My best of fragrance list includes the following:



Most amazing fragrance that I wore on my wedding day. Very floral but with something extra makes You feel very special. I had the same bottle for over year and a half and I use it from time to time, every time when I need do make me feel good.

The fragrance that suits me best. Every time I put this one on, I am being asked of what I am wearing. It is a very wearable one and can do wonders from day to-night. It is very durable as well and You do not need much to make an impact.

My newest everyday fragrance in my collection. Perfect for day, gives You that feeling of freshness. When I first smelled it, it was a love at first sign. It is so wearable without being overpowering. It is definitely on the lighter side so do not expect it will last days…

Given to me by my husband it is the most original fragrance that I own. It has very strong spice to its base and will probably work better for nighttime however I try to wear it daytime as well.

My first proper fragrance given to me by my dad. Every time I put this one on I am still amazed how much I like it, even after all those years… It is a fragrance that will stay with me my lifetime and I could not choose better !

Now for a fun part… When I was preparing this post I had a chance to look through my perfume collection and I realised that I have some fragrances that I no longer love or need.. So I have decided to give them to my readers. All of the perfumes listed below were purchased by myself or I received as a gift. All of them are original and they are used but they have at least 2/3 of the fragrance left.

Give away list includes:

YSL Opium (summer edition fragrance)

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir

Jimmy Choo Flash

Emporio Armani Diamonds (rose)

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom

In order to receive a fragrance of your choice You need to:

  1. Subscribe to my blog (subscription link available on my website) in order to receive post updates by email… If You are already subscribed then tick it of Your list !
  2. Share my website/this post with Your friends on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Leave me a comment telling me which fragrance would You like and why ?

The winners will be announced in one week in this post !

I hope that this all makes sense… Please check this post for regular updates !

I hope You liked my fragrance selection and good luck for the give away !!


Aggie xx