Italian cuisine

I do not think I can talk about my Italian adventures without mentioning the food. Italian cuisine is big all over the world but there is a very good reason for that. Almost everybody all over the world has tried pizza, pasta or calzone at least once in their life.

What I like the most in Italian cuisine is how fresh all the ingredients are and the fact that their signature dishes are relatively simple. I have ordered the spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil on three different occasions in different places and every time that dish tasted delicious !! Signature al dente pasta, extra virgin olive oil and beautiful, juicy tomatoes with herbs that is my perfect combination.


There are few things that I have learned during my stay in Italy that I did not know and I thought it may be useful to share that with you !

  1. Italians are not huge on breakfast. Few sweet pastries and espresso that is all they have…
  2. The type of pasta really matters ! In every place that I have visited I got asked what type of pasta would I like ? Spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine etc. For somebody like me they all taste delicious so it does not really matter but point taken !
  3. Italians like to feast… Typical dinner will consist of antipasto, first course (soup or pasta), main course (fish or meat) and dessert.
  4. Typical antipasto is made out of different types of cured meat, cheese and marinated vegetables. You will always get some bread, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar with it.
  5. They like their salads in particular something called panzanella. It consists of tomato, cucumbers, onion, garlic, basil and bread…
  6. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients are everything. Nothing gets pre-packed ready for the microwave.
  7. Italians do not like to rush… If they meet family for dinner it will go on forever ! As a result of that if you book a table in the restaurant you will have as much time as you like so enjoy !
  8. They are huge on desserts and their ice-creams are the best in the world. Everybody knows panna cotta, tiramisu or semifreddo.
  9. Italians like their coffee strong and with very little milk or even better without it. Forget the latte something like that does not exist in their dictionary.
  10. If you ask for iced coffee be prepared that you will receive something which I can only described as espresso with ice… Still very refreshing but maybe that is the secret to their diet ?

Just to tease your taste buds I will share one of very simple meals we had in Italy…

Enjoy !!


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