What I wore Sunday… colours of autumn

Autumn seems to be a favourite season of most people and I am no exception. I love the leaves and their change in colours and something about cosy nights in. I love the knitwear, scarfs and the chance to change my wardrobe and go back to the things I loved so much last year.

Surprisingly, despite late October it still feels fairly warm where I live. I have not worn a single coat yet and may leave it until November. So today’s outfit is not particularly season focused, it is something I feel comfortable wearing all year round. Leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans are just easy to dress up or down and something that I relay on a lot. Adding my favourite pair of sneakers and slouchy knit and I am ready to go !

If there was only one item of clothing, I would recommend to get for autumn it would be a classic knit. It can be colour and style of your choice, made out of quality fabric that will last season after season. The excitement of taking it out and wearing it again after the summer will make it even more special next year.

So that is what I wore this autumnal Sunday !

Jacket All Saints (similar here)

Knit Topshop (similar)

Jeans Zara (similar)

Bag Dior

Sneakers Golden Goose

Sunglasses Dior

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Keep warm and I hope to see you all soon…

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What I wore Sunday… back to university days

Few weeks ago I had a pleasure of doing a presentation that took place in the local university. As I have not been to campus since I finished my education quite a few years ago, the visit brought back all the memories. Some of them were good some not so good but it made me reflect of how far I have come since my graduation.

The outfit of the day is not the most glamorous but it is fairly practical. As the day was very cold and damp, I needed a hat and this one is my favourite. I  wore my newest purchase which is also the warmest of knits I have. It is by French brand Sezane, my discovery of the year. I love the typical French vibe of their pieces and the quality is to die for.

I like fairly low-key make up. Smokey eyes and contouring is not something I will ever attempt… From time to time I like to spice thing up and add a pop of colour, hence my red lip. I am looking for a new red lipstick so if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

My what I wore Sunday outfit !

Jacket Paul Smith (sold out)

Knit Sezane

Jeans AllSaints

Sneakers Isabel Marant

Pag Prada (similar)

Story by Aggie 6**

story by aggie 7*

story by aggie 9

story by aggie 17

Story by Aggie 10

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I always look forward to reflecting on what have happened in the last 30 days. I know that I have already mentioned this but it is so eye-opening process that helps me to prioritize and gives me the sense of achievement.

Story by Aggie 4

My professional life has been a centre of attention in October and whether right or wrong my priority on most days. Work-life balance is something that I struggle with and may need to address it in the near future.

As for my private life, the main highlight of the month would have to be our trip to Brighton. As my husband told me, it was a very original choice of destination but no regrets there… Seeing new places, taking everything in and memorizing is a real journey that I do not want to end.

Story by Aggie 11

Story by Aggie 23


Story by Aggie 25.JPG

The blog post you liked the most in October was beauty-related and can be found here if you missed it. The one you liked the least was a fairly recent style-related one, well-worth checking out in my opinion (available here).

I had a few fashion favourites lately, mostly clothing ones. To name just one or two, this coat from Zara is an absolute dream and the quality of the fabric is second to none. It reminds me of high-end giants coats like Joseph or MaxMara. Zara can be a difficult place to shop as the quality vary from item to item. That is why, I like to visit the store and get the feel of the item before buying anything.

Story by Aggie 8

Coat Zara

Another piece of clothing I have been wearing non-stop since I got it, is this silk shirt from & Other Stories. The fabric is very delicate, more spring appropriate but the way this shirt makes me feel is supper cosy and comfortable. It is a trusty staple that will stay in my closet for a very long time !


Shirt & Other Stories

Finally, I decided to develop my YouTube channel further and as a result I will try to publish at least one video a week. Creating videos is definitely more demanding than anything else I have tried before but the more I do it, the more pleasure and satisfaction I get out of it.

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What was your October like ?


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Autumn essentials vlog

You may remember that I have done a post lately listing all of my favourite style pieces for autumn. As the subject is so interesting, I decided to elaborate and prepare a video, showing you five things I like to invest in and what really matters in my opinion.

I enjoyed preparing this video so much that I am considering making it a regular thing with a new one every season. So stay tuned as the winter special will be coming in December…

Making videos and sharing my personal experience with you is something that I love doing. It is not an easy process and required some serious determination from me in order to master editing and making it fairly presentable. I hope you can see that and you will like what I have prepared for you !!

Enjoy and let me know what do you think…

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My five autumn essentials 

I have spoken about the trends for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 already and I thought it will be a good idea to share my top picks for this season and things I love and enjoy wearing in the colder months.

They are not trend lead, more lifestyle and weather oriented pieces that I think everybody needs in their closet. The styles and colours shown here are my own preferences and I understand that yours may be different…

  • Good leather jacket

I am huge on biker style jackets, the fabric and cut does not really matter. They have to be nicely finish and fit you style and personality.

I like to splurge on the quality jacket as it is an investment that will keep on giving. But remember to look after you biker especially if it is in brushed leather or suede ! Clean it professionally and use suede protector to prevent the damage and slow down wear and tear.

Story by Aggie 20


Picture 3**

Rick Owens

  • Classic coat

I like a good coat and would risk a statement that I try to add a new one every colder season. If you can afford to spend a small fortune MaxMara or Joseph is as good as the coat can get. However, there are a lot of more affordable versions available on high street with Zara and Topshop being on the top of my personal list.

The brand and price do not guarantee the quality. What matters most is the fabric and the attention to details, the buttons and whether the coat is cut properly.





  • Knitwear to die for

In colder months, I love the layers and the comfort and luxury of quality knitwear. Wool and cashmere would be my preference as they are natural fabric that allow your skin to breathe and are in general more environmental friendly.

My first choice for knitwear would be & Other Stories. Their prices are reasonable and the quality of the fabric used is second to none. For more of a splurge head to Joseph. Pricy but their pieces will blow you away !

Story by Aggie 3


Story by Aggie 4*

& Other Stories



Joseph (similar)

  • Layering pieces 

Blouses, shirts and anything else you may wear under a blazer or jumper. Again the quality over quantity is the key for me.

I have few blouses and shirts that I keep recycling and wear over and over again under something else. My absolute favourite shirt is from Zara and if I am not mistaken I bought it over 8 years ago. I love it so much that the minute it is out of wash I will wear it again !


& Other Stories

  • Favourite pair of boots 

I cannot do autumn essentials without mentioning my favourite pair of over-the-knee boots. They are by far the most expensive pair I have ever bought but without any hesitation I can confirm that they are worth it.

Over-the-knee boots are not for everyone and maybe biker boots are more your style ? I have a pair of beautiful grey boots that I will be thrilled to share with you in the coming weeks. Whatever the choice is, make sure you look after them properly especially if they are suede.

Story by Aggie 11


Stuart Weitzman 

Let me know if I have missed anything and what are your favourite autumn pieces you relay on ! I am happy to answer any of you questions or suggestion so fire away…

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx