Find your perfect match… foundation !!

I have already revealed my favourite fragrances and pairs of jeans so it is high time for my most tested make up essential… foundation. I have tried variety from the cheapest on the market to the most expensive. Sometimes the price is not a guarantee for quality and as you will be able to see on my shortlist some of my favourite foundations are available on the high street. Good foundation must be durable, blend well and never cake or look like a mask… Colour selection is crucial, but over time you can learn to blend different shades to create the best match.

So without further delay that is what I have for you. I have selected five of my absolute favourites (plus that extra special one) and I will present them in a price order from the cheapest to the most expensive one !

My latest discovery that can easily compete with the high-end brands. I love how durable it is and how natural my skin looks. It comes in variety of shades but to get my perfect match I normally mix two shades in equal proportions ivory and true ivory. It offers medium to full coverage and it is ideal for day and night.


The one I would recommend for everyone to try. The coverage of this foundation is unbelievable, it will cover anything ! Consistency and the feel on your face is like there is nothing there. The only negative is quite limited colour range. From my experience finding the right shade may require mixing different shades…


This brand is quite new to me and initially I was very caution to try it. I am very glad that I did because this foundation is amazing ! It offers full coverage and can easily cover blemished and dark circles. Shades are quite close to each other and I can easily buy one of three and they will all match !


Nothing else will give you so much glow and general appearance of health than this foundation. It is a perfect colour match for me (shade Deauville for the reference) but I tend to use it more in summer than winter as it is lighter in texture and it will give you maximum of medium coverage.


Not cheap but in my opinion worth every penny. It does offer quite high coverage and it lasts forever… I love that you only need a small amount of this foundation to make such a difference to your face. It is probably better for combination skin as it will suppress any shine but I always made it work for me as well.


Bonus one as it is number six on the list. My shade (number 2) got discontinued some time ago and I do not use it anymore. Very pricy but in my opinion worth every penny. Will last months plus it smells of roses so be prepared to get sold on it quicker than you think !


That is it for today… I hope you liked it and please let me know if I missed anything off ?

As usual many thanks for stopping by and see you soon very soon !!

Aggie xx

Ps. The cover picture is by Adam Trzcionka our amazing wedding photographer !!