November is one of my least favourite months. Cannot really explain why but somehow it feels gloomy and brings up bad memories. Last year my husband had serious accident this time of the year and it took him well over six months to recover.

This year November was different and it brought some changes both in our professional and private life which I am looking forward to embracing. The weather have been pretty mild and I had not had a chance to catch a cold (yet !). We also had our first snow in UK which made me feel a little bit more festive.

Last month was a month of spending… Right or wrong I have made few purchases that I will be able to share with you all in the near future. Season of sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not something I go crazy about but somehow I felt that I needed to add some essentials to my wardrobe !

Most loved item‘ title would have to go to this Acne Studios scarf. It is the softest and warmest of scarves and the quality is to die for. I like the shade of grey as well, not too light not too dark.

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Second of the items I have been loving this month is the pair of sneakers by Isabel Marant you may have already seen here and here. They are not new, I got them last year but somehow only this autumn I have learnt to love them. They are super comfortable, well-made and add a little bit of edge to my outfits.

Picture 12**

Blog has been doing very well last month and there were number of posts you really liked. Gifts ideas for her and him ended up on the top of your favourites. They were quite tricky to prepare so I am happy that you checked them out and enjoyed my suggestions.

The blog post that you liked the least was vlog from Brighton (available here if you are interested). I personally really like this post as it brings back positive memories but I agree if may not be for everyone.

One thing that I have missed in November is going for a walk. With so many nice villages  around where I live I should definitely do it more often than I do !

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In December I am looking forward to some family time as well as documenting first Christmas on the blog. I cannot wait to share some of my Christmas traditions with you all and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

I have four different videos in a making on my YouTube channel (one of which is an incredible train ride from Sri Lanka…) so stay tune for that and do not forget to subscribe.


As usual thank you very much for stopping by !!

Aggie xx

Christmas gift ideas for him

As promised last week after posting a gift guide for her (available here), this time is all about men in your life. Shopping for men can be tricky so I have tried to be consistent and incorporate many ideas form very different price points.

Regardless of how difficult it is to choose the right gift the happiness of giving is always enormous and as a result I love this time of the year very much.

As with previous post all the gift ideas are only my suggestions and I am more than happy to take on board any of your ideas and comments. If you are interested in any of the products featured here, just click on the bottom of the image and the link to the item should come automatically.

So without further delay, let’s begin…

  • Fragrance

This one is pretty obvious choice as most men like a nice bottle of perfume (or two…). Both my husband and my dad are huge on fragrance and I try to give them a bottle each at least once a year.

Buying a specific scent can be tricky as we need to think about the preference the person we are giving to has, not our own. My personal number one for the most loved perfume would have to be Giorgio Armani Code. I do not know the men that do not love it !



  • Grooming accessories 

This one is slightly unusual but in my opinion may make a beautiful and practical gift. As grooming accessories I mean anything from scissors, brushes, clippers, wash bags and many more.

I had this shaving set on my radar for quite some time now and I know that my husband would love it. It is on a pricy side, but it will last for very long time !



  • Scarves

The simplest and most useful gifts of all… The beautifully finished and classic scarf can make a very stylish present without breaking the bank. You can spend as much and as little as you like.

I love cashmere so my top pick would be on a more expensive front. This one here is such an investment piece that would take the very special man in you life through a lot of winters.



  • Leather accessories

I think that every men should have a good wallet or card holder. It is a practical item that he will use every single day and the quality really matters.

My personal favourite would have to be this one from Aspinal of London. It is a statement piece that can also be personalised and I know it will stand the test of time !



  • Practical gifts (ties and socks)

There is nothing wrong with a trusty pair of socks under the tree… I love to give quality pairs that will last. Black, navy, grey pairs are always well received in my family but I may try more adventurous approach this year and add a little bit of colour.

This set from Happy Socks is awesome and I am very tempted to buy it for my husband…



  • Jewellery and watches

Jewellery and watches are such statement gifts for a very special man in your life. A good watch will last a lifetime and will always remind the receiver about you…

I love to give watches and personalized or collectible cufflinks. The budget and the choices are endless, both on high street or in designer boutiques.

I love this watch as it reminds me of my grandfather’s watch that I was lucky enough to receive as his last gift to me…



  • Technology

Gadgets like new smartphone, drone, speakers are in general very good yet pricy gifts. With so many options available and new releases every season it is difficult to keep up…

I know that my dad would be very happy with new phone and my husband would love this home speaker !



Let me know if you find my selection useful and what are you planning on buying this year for the men in your life ?

As usual thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon !


Aggie xx