What I wore Sunday… the warmest day in October

Every October since I lived in the UK we have one weekend when the temperature goes up to 20 degrees… It always gave me the chance to wear everything I loved during summer time and style it, maybe in slightly different way. This particular Sunday the choice was an easy one as this bomber jacket and a good pair of jeans are my staples and something I really on heavily !

I like to mix things up from time to time and add trend-led element like this bag and the slogan t-shirt. I had both for quite some time and the quality and versatility in my opinion is second to none. I can understand that obvious branded pieces maybe not to everybody’s taste but I personally love them.

As the weather was so good, I decided to wear my most colourful pair of shoes which added a pop of colour to this simple outfit. They have been in my possession for about year a half and they are perfect. Heel high is just right and I can wear them all day without any discomfort. I would love to have them in hot pink as I do not own anything in that colour but I think that may need to way till spring…

Without any further delay that is what I wore (this warm) Sunday !!

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Bomber Lukasz Jemiol (similar)

T-shirt Kenzo

Jeans Topshop

Bag Chloe

Shoes Paul Smith

Sunglasses Chanel

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Next week I am taking you down south so stay tuned for that !!

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Social media and how not to judge the book by its cover…

This post will be quite different to my usual routine but I feel like need to address it and get it out of my chest. Quite recently I have heard the comment about myself and my shopping habits. It was not anything nasty or unpleasant but it made me reflect and I think it is good time to share it with you !

I started my blog and social media journey in order to share and maybe inspire, never to show off. I never buy anything just to take a picture and then give it away or sell… I have been interested in fashion in particular for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, wanting or pursuing job in fashion industry would be considered risky or irresponsible to say the least. As a result, I have chosen a different career which as much as I love, it does not satisfy all my ambitions.


I do my weekly outfits post to show you guys, how I dress, what I like to wear and where I am investing in. I hope that checking my blog, Instagram account and YouTube channel will spark the joy within you, make you smile and maybe inspire to try something new or different that you have not tried before.


I like my closet big in order to allow me to shop around in my own wardrobe. I love recycling and looking after my belongings. Some items you will see over and over again here as they are true staples in my mind.


Coming out of my comfort zone is something I like to try from time to time in order to experiment and push the boundaries if that makes any sense.

So, I would love to hear from you… Do you find fashion blogs and Instagram accounts useful and enjoyable or self-centred and pushy ?

As I am trying to start a discussion, I am allowing all the comments without the need to leave your email address and all the usual details that are sometimes too time consuming to be bothered !

What do you think ?


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… my life by the sea

Living by the sea or river is quite new thing for me. I have not lived by the big water when I was growing up and I remember that every summer holiday we would go to the seaside to experience the beach, swim in the really cold Baltic sea and try fresh fish which was never my cup of tea…

Living on the island means that you are never too far away from a beach. Although I do not go to one weekly and the water is far to cold to swim in, I could say without the shadow of the doubt that I love my surroundings. I hope to be able to show you more of my favourite spots in the area in the coming weeks or months !

I have chosen my outfit only by comfort factors for this lazy Sunday afternoon. We had absolutely nothing planned. Just a walk, popping for a drink or two and enjoying the day.  All of the items I was wearing have been in my closet for quite some time. Belstaff coated jeans are my long-time favourite and this simple yet unusual H&M blouse adds a little bit of put together yet relaxed vibe. The only pop of colour is my lipstick which every time I wear, I promise myself to do it more often as I like it so much.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 9

Blouse H&M (sold out but I like this and this)

Trousers Belstaff

Flats Alexander McQueen (sold out)

Bag Gucci

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

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