What I wore Sunday… back in my comfort zone

As much as love traveling, coming back home after a holiday is always a relief for me. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and just be at home for a couple of days. That need for rest and isolation is a very short one as after about a week or so I cannot resist to plan our next vacation…

The outfit I am showing you today is a very casual one, with a nice pair of heels and a designer clutch bag to add that more luxury feel. Everything I am wearing today, makes me feel comfortable and I love each and every one of these pieces.

The only new thing featured here is this leather jacket by AllSaints that I got during my recent visit to Bicester Village. It was originally retailing for over £300 and I have managed to get it for under £150 !! I am not sure if that is a rule with all the leather jacket, but most AllSaints jackets run big to size so if you are thinking of getting one, my advise would be to definitely size down…

Leather jacket is one of those transitional pieces that will take through all seasons. You can pair it with the summer dress and heels for more romantic vibe or pair of trainers and jeans for a dress down look. If you interested in more styling ideas, I would recommend to check out this post here.

All of the pictures taken for today’s post are from the nearby village which I really like. It is quintessential British and has that amazing feel about it. Small shop, post office, nice pub and a hairdresser that is all that is needed…

So without further delay… that is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie 1*

Jacket AllSaints (similar by Topshop here, here and by AllSaints here)

Jeans Topshop (very similar here)

T-shirt Whistles

Shoes Saint Laurent (black version here)

Bag Chanel

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How good is to be back home !!

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you all very soon…


Aggie xx

Wardrobe essentials… everyday style !

Initially when we took the pictures for this post I wanted to include them in What I wore Sunday series. But after careful consideration, I realised that everything that I am wearing is a staple in my wardrobe. I thought it will be idea to carry on with essentials theme and present different categories every so often. Let me know if you like this idea ?

Starting from today my everyday must haves include:

  • leather/ suede/ faux-leather black jacket

It is a piece of clothing that in my opinion everybody should have in their closet. It is extreme versatile and durable item that will serve its purpose most seasons (especially in UK) !

Mine is a brushed leather jacket that I bought over a year ago. It is by Rick Owens and I wanted it for as long as I can remember. When I finally got it, after saving to buy it I am 100 % sure it was worth it. I wear it almost every day for running errands, work or more dressed up with a cocktail dress and a pair of heels.

Picture 17**

  • Good cotton t-shirt

I would risk a statement that everybody needs a few different t-shirt that are good quality and fit well. My colour suggestions will include white, grey, navy and black ones. It is not particularly adventurous item in anybody’s wardrobe but styled well will save you time and stress of what to wear on quite a few occasions.

The one I am wearing is a loose-fitting one from Zara. The quality of the fabric is beautiful, it washes really well and although I got it over two years ago it looks like new !

Picture 23*

  • Black (coated would be my preference) pair of fitted jeans

It is not easy to find a pair of good jeans (more advise on this matter here). They have to fit well and the fabric must be durable. I like thick, less stretchy jeans but with such a variety on the market, possibilities are endless.

The ones I am wearing are my longtime favourites from Topshop. If you have not tried them yet I would highly recommend. For the price quality is exceptional !

Picture 4*

  • Quality day to night handbag

Not everyone will be happy spending a small fortune on a handbag and I respect that. I would never recommend to buy beyond your means or spend money we simply do not have. However, more often than now, less is more and buying one quality product (branded or not) is better option than wasting money on five average ones.

I got my bag about three years ago. It costed more than it should but looking back I know that I made a right decision to get it. It is my proud possession and I hope it will last me a lifetime !

Picture 8**

  • Pair of black brogues or sneakers

Good pair of shoes will last you a long time. Brand is not important, what matters is the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used to make them. They have to fit well, never buy shoes too big or too small- the fact that they are on sale should not be a justification !!

They one I am wearing are probably more casual than my normal choice but I wanted to try something new when I got them. They are very good fit and in my opinion they look good too. They are by Isabel Marant– one of my favourite brands. Worth checking out, especially during sales !!

Picture 12**

That is my five esentials for everyday wardrobe ! Having items that you can relay on and dress up or down is something that I practice a lot. By adding only few new things every season you can create totally different looks. Buying less but quality is the key !

Please let me know what would you like to see next !

Many thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow for What I wore Sunday !

Picture 16*


Aggie xx