What I wore Sunday… minimum effort, maximum impact

Despite a common belief, I am a fairly lazy dresser. I do not like to get ready for too long and I try to make quick decisions when it comes to my clothing. And this outfit is a perfect example of that attitude.

You will not believe how long I wanted this top for. When I saw it initially, it was a love at first sight. But as much as I liked to buy it, I knew that I cannot spent a fortune on a top that I would wear only a handful of times. I ended up admiring this top for about two years until I finally managed to find it on sale ! It was reduced over 70 % with only one left in my size… I knew that it was now or never !

I have built my outfit for this outgoing around this top. It is such a statement piece that you truly need very little to make it stand out. Skinny jeans, neutral bag and a pair of my favourite heels was all I could come up with and I have to say I am quite happy with the end result.

That is what I wore (going out) Sunday !

Story by Aggie 22*

Top Roland Mouret

Jeans Zara

Heels Gianvito Rossi (similar)

Bag Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 23*

Story by Aggie 8*

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Story by Aggie 6*

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Aggie x

What I wore Sunday… colours of spring

Going for a walk and admiring world around me is something that I enjoy doing and promise myself to do more often. Visiting this beautiful garden last weekend opened my eyes to the fact that I can finally enjoy outdoors and I cannot wait to take the full advantage of that.

My outfit of the day is very Spring appropriate in my opinion. Pastels are very strong this season and from my experience they come back every April-May. The coat that you see in this post has been in my possession for more than four years now. I love to wear it with otherwise very plain outfit. Nothing beats simplicity of white t-shirt and a comfortable pair of blue jeans.

Keeping my accessories simple and to the minimum was a must with this look. One stand out piece is enough for me as I am firm believer in less is more theory.

That is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie-lightroom 19

Coat Zara (similar)

T-shirt & Other Stories

Jeans 7 For All Mankind

Belt Zara

Bag Chloe

Shoes Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie-lightroom 16

Story by Aggie-lightroom 6

Story by Aggie-lightroom 5

Story by Aggie-lightroom 17

Story by Aggie-lightroom 10

Story by Aggie-lightroom 7

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Apologies for one week off from the blog but as you may have guessed life gets in a way…

I really hope to see you all very soon !


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What I wore Sunday… quiet village life

I had a chance to go to Manchester last week and although I love going there for shopping and to get the chance to experience big city, I could not have been more happy to go home at the end of the day. Hustle and bustle are good for a short break but the noise, traffic and crowds are something that I left behind quite some time ago.

The outfit for this outgoing is anything but glamorous. I wanted to feel comfortable and that was my priority. Jeans and t-shirt are hardly ground breaking but there is nothing wrong in classic combinations.

You may remember this bomber jacket from last year’s post (available here). I have been wearing it a lot since I got it and although I had some initial reservations to the style and its suitability, it worked out very well for me.

That is what I wore Sunday (relaxed style) !!

Story by Aggie 18

T-shirt Tee & Cake (sold out)

Jacket Lukasz Jemiol

Jeans Zara

Sneakers Golden Goose

Bag Chloe

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Story by Aggie 13

Story by Aggie 10

Story by Aggie 3

Story by Aggie 6

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 31

Story by Aggie 35

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I really hope that weather in UK improves enough for me to show you more Summer appropriate pieces in the coming weeks…


Aggie x

What I wore Sunday… London affair

My affair with London started more than a decade ago. I had a pleasure of getting to know the city in my early twenties, firstly as a holidaymaker and later as an exchanges student. I know that it is not a place where I could live on a daily basis but I enjoy coming back every few months to experience this cosmopolitan and fascinating city.

We have taken all the pictures for today’s post in Mayfair. It is one of the oldest and most well-known parts of the London and as I was surrounded by designer shops and boutiques it seemed like a perfect location.

London with its diversity is full of contrasts. Wealth and poverty are very close neighbours. I always felt (and still do) intimidated by opulence and luxury but somehow London takes it to another level. You can never be too overdress here… So for this afternoon outgoing I decided to wear something that will give me a confidence boost !!

This Maje dress is last season find that I have managed to get in Bicester Village. It is a very unusual print and length for me but I love it. I wanted to buy it last year, however, the price put me off number of times. I am glad that I have resisted the temptation as I manage to get it at almost 40 % in the outlet… The rest of the outfit is my staples that you have seen number of times. I am still in love with these sandals and I am determined to wear them as many ways as it is possible.

So that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 1

Dress Maje (last season, more here)

Shoes Gianvito Rossi (suede version here)

Bag Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 14

Story by Aggie 10**

Story by Aggie 9*

Story by Aggie 18

Story by Aggie 17

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 25*

I hope you like this look as much as I do xx

Visiting London is always a pleasure and every time I manage to discover something new- restaurant, park, boutique shop or cafe.

Thank you very much for stopping by and see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday plus birthday celebrations !

My husband has been celebrating his birthday last week and that has prompted me to take that dress out of the closet. It is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite item of clothing. It is extremely well-made, fits me perfect and has that something special about it. I bought it about two years ago before Self-Portrait popularity. It was fairly new brand at the time with great potential. It has not disappointed me both the dress and the brand… They have been delivering gorgeous items with characteristic lace and very good quality, heavy fabric.

This particular dress is sold out long time ago but there are many similar ones I would love to add to my collection like here, here and here.

Self-Portrait is a pricy brand but in my opinion worth every penny. Their dresses, jumpsuits, blouses are timeless so much so that I have invested in more items from them and I will share that with You when the time comes !

The rest of the outfit is just couple of accessories. My trusted pair of heels You have already seen in here and new bag I have shared with You here

Without any hesitation these pictures are my absolute favourites so far. I love the combination of lilac and grey and beautiful marina as a background.

Please give it thumbs up if You like it too !!

Picture 19*

Dress Self-Portrait (similar)

Bag Chloe Drew

Heels YSL (sold out)

Picture 15*

Picture 20*

Picture 13*

Picture 2*

Picture 9*

Picture 22*

Picture 30*

See You soon and many thanks for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday with a new addition to my wardrobe

I have never really liked Sundays. I was always trying to enjoy them but the thought of a Monday and the tasks and responsibilities that are due have always put me down… Why am I telling You this ? Because most of my outfits pictures are taken on a Sunday.. I will always try to take then in advance but 9/10 it will be that day. So how quickly my approach has changed and now I am in fact excited for every new Sunday…

This particular Sunday when we took the pictures for this post I had clear vision of what I want to achieve. The outfit vibe was to be relaxed, dressed down but with a little bit of edge presenting coated jeans and my new accessory… But from time to time what You set to do and what You actually ended up doing are two different things. I would not have been honest if I said I do not like the pictures we took but they are far away from what I had in mind. The lighting was difficult, there were too many people walking about and the contrast of the shoes, my complexion and the jeans made it pretty difficult shoot..

What I am trying to show You is how to mix casual or everyday wardrobe with some key elements that each of us should have as a staple in Your closet. My coated jeans are defiantly one of mine.. I love them dressed down with a shirt and flats or something more dressy and pair of heels (like here). I have added a new handbag in my collection that I was dreaming of getting for a very long time. I love the colour, hardware and how versatile this bag is. It works perfectly for day and night and over time I will try to prove it !

Enjoy and let me know what if anything You consider a staple in Your closet ?


Aggie xx

Picture 4

Shirt Rails (similar)

Jeans Belstaff (sold out)

Flats Chloe

Handbag Chloe (colour Motty Grey)

Coat Reiss (sold out)

Picture 21

Picture 20

Picture 6

Picture 23

Picture 33

Picture 35

Picture 15

Picture 1

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