What I wore Sunday… metallic obsession

I have been desperately looking for a metallic, pleated skirt in dirty silver colour. As I could not find anything exactly to my taste on a reasonable budget and as I was not prepared to spend my holiday allowance on this skirt I had to make some compromises. When I saw this one in the beautiful, deep green colour I knew this is the one… I have not seen anything like this before and I hope to make a staple in my wardrobe !

I have pair this skirt with my current favourite denim skirt and my must have flats and handbag. The combination maybe something I have not tried before but I felt really good wearing it and I think it works.

We have found this warehouses on the outskirts of Sheffield. I have discovered them some time ago when trying to find my way home and I truly loved this setting.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !


Shirt Madewell

Skirt & Other Stories

Handbag Chloe

Flats Chloe

Sunglasses Chanel (sold out)







And a little something extra… We have been playing with the camera and although it was proven more difficult than one may think that is the result…


Thank you so much for the visit and I hope you have enjoyed this post !!


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday with a new addition to my wardrobe

I have never really liked Sundays. I was always trying to enjoy them but the thought of a Monday and the tasks and responsibilities that are due have always put me down… Why am I telling You this ? Because most of my outfits pictures are taken on a Sunday.. I will always try to take then in advance but 9/10 it will be that day. So how quickly my approach has changed and now I am in fact excited for every new Sunday…

This particular Sunday when we took the pictures for this post I had clear vision of what I want to achieve. The outfit vibe was to be relaxed, dressed down but with a little bit of edge presenting coated jeans and my new accessory… But from time to time what You set to do and what You actually ended up doing are two different things. I would not have been honest if I said I do not like the pictures we took but they are far away from what I had in mind. The lighting was difficult, there were too many people walking about and the contrast of the shoes, my complexion and the jeans made it pretty difficult shoot..

What I am trying to show You is how to mix casual or everyday wardrobe with some key elements that each of us should have as a staple in Your closet. My coated jeans are defiantly one of mine.. I love them dressed down with a shirt and flats or something more dressy and pair of heels (like here). I have added a new handbag in my collection that I was dreaming of getting for a very long time. I love the colour, hardware and how versatile this bag is. It works perfectly for day and night and over time I will try to prove it !

Enjoy and let me know what if anything You consider a staple in Your closet ?


Aggie xx

Picture 4

Shirt Rails (similar)

Jeans Belstaff (sold out)

Flats Chloe

Handbag Chloe (colour Motty Grey)

Coat Reiss (sold out)

Picture 21

Picture 20

Picture 6

Picture 23

Picture 33

Picture 35

Picture 15

Picture 1

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