Social media and how not to judge the book by its cover…

This post will be quite different to my usual routine but I feel like need to address it and get it out of my chest. Quite recently I have heard the comment about myself and my shopping habits. It was not anything nasty or unpleasant but it made me reflect and I think it is good time to share it with you !

I started my blog and social media journey in order to share and maybe inspire, never to show off. I never buy anything just to take a picture and then give it away or sell… I have been interested in fashion in particular for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, wanting or pursuing job in fashion industry would be considered risky or irresponsible to say the least. As a result, I have chosen a different career which as much as I love, it does not satisfy all my ambitions.


I do my weekly outfits post to show you guys, how I dress, what I like to wear and where I am investing in. I hope that checking my blog, Instagram account and YouTube channel will spark the joy within you, make you smile and maybe inspire to try something new or different that you have not tried before.


I like my closet big in order to allow me to shop around in my own wardrobe. I love recycling and looking after my belongings. Some items you will see over and over again here as they are true staples in my mind.


Coming out of my comfort zone is something I like to try from time to time in order to experiment and push the boundaries if that makes any sense.

So, I would love to hear from you… Do you find fashion blogs and Instagram accounts useful and enjoyable or self-centred and pushy ?

As I am trying to start a discussion, I am allowing all the comments without the need to leave your email address and all the usual details that are sometimes too time consuming to be bothered !

What do you think ?


Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday…when the graffiti tells a story

I have first noticed this graffiti when I was driving past it well over a week ago. At the time I did not know what was on it, all I have seen was how big it was. I instantly knew that I want to take some pictures there. When I have realised that is all about South Africa journey to freedom and human rights I could not be more happy as the subject is very close my heart.

I am fascinated by the story of Nelson Mandela and South Africa itself is on top spot for my travel destination. I really hope that I would be able to fulfil that dream in the near future !

As for the outfit is very simple. I wanted something that will make a statement but I wanted the background and the graffiti to be on first plan… Black and red seemed like a dream combination.

My dress is from my long-time favourite brand Maje. I bought it in Bicester Village about six months ago and I wore it on at least three or four different occasions. I love the simplicity of this cut and the detachable scalloped collar that adds that special something to this very plain outfit.

Maje is a French ready to wear brand that has been a long favourite of mine. Their dresses are very feminine and beautiful put together. Their cut suits me perfect and although their items are on the pricy side I think they are worth the investment as they will stay in your wardrobe for a very long time. I have another dress from that brand that I hope to share with you very soon.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 16

Dress Maje (similar)

Pumps Isabel Marant (similar)

Sunglasses Chanel

Story by Aggie 2*

Story by Aggie 10*

Story by Aggie 20*

Story by Aggie 19*

Story by Aggie 1

Story by Aggie 12

Story by Aggie 23*

Story by Aggie 22*

I really hope that you like what you see and the simplicity of this outfit matches the expectations xx

I will see you all very soon !


Aggie xx

Responsible fashion

The idea for this post came to me when I popped to my local Zara for some last-minute shopping. As the sales are in full swing the amount of clothing everywhere really made me think… How much is too much and do we really need half of the things we buy ?

I am as guilty in the whole process as most of the population but maybe there is something we can do to stop wasting money, damage the environment and reduce the wastage so common in the fashion industry ?

I love shopping but I also like quality items and looking after my stuff. I would happily buy one thing that is going to last me ages that five that will get damage after first wash. The idea of throwing away things I bought with my hard-earned cash is something I cannot agree with… Also the amount of items we buy or we are made to feel we need to buy via social media is really overwhelming. We all need cloths and beauty products but the amount presented in those sources is insane…

I like to have different options available in my closet but I try not to lose my head in all this. So that is what my advice would be !

  • Look after your possessions, be proud of what you have and that will pay off !
  • When looking for a new item to add to your wardrobe think about the rest of the outfit, do you have something else to pair it with ?
  • Shop in your closet and recycle. One item can serve so may occasions… and some examples below…


Favourite pleated skirt (more here and here)


Denim shirt as a must in my closet (more here and here)


Leather jacket I cannot live without (more here and here)


Statement jacket from Zara (more here)

  • Look at the fabric ! Natural fabrics are always more skin-friendly. Anything synthetic is less preferred by me and it is not so environmental friendly either.
  • Never spend the fortune on trends. The items that are statement or come in fashion for one season only are not something I would invest in… classics always !!
  • Donate anything unwanted… Do a seasonal clean and give away anything that you have that you have not worn for over a year (or 18 months in my case). It may make somebody else very happy !
  • And the most important rule… Appreciate what you already have ! Shopping may give you pleasure but it will not bring you happiness !

I have to remind myself of all of this rules from time to time as I am not the finished article and I make mistakes more often that you may think !

Let me know if you like what I came up with and if you like to read more blogs like this one ?

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… music festival !!

As promised the details of what I wore to the Radio 1 Big Weekend are here ! I decided to go for a very casual outfit with simple colour way and the one I would feel comfortable in. Both my denim shirt and the sneakers are fairly new purchase but the shorts I had in my wardrobe for absolute ages.

When I got them about seven years ago (time flies… ) I felt they were too short and I did not feel confident wearing them. Over time I decided I like the way they look on me and stop caring about every little detail that is bothering me !

I wanted denim on denim look so I decided to team darker shorts with lighter shirt. I bought this shirt few weeks ago and I have been wearing it non-stop. The quality of the material and the finish is really good and it is by Madewell. I have been looking on their clothing before but I never decided to take the plunge. I like the simplicity and the price which is more than high street but the quality and the finish is better.

The rest of the outfit is consists of sneakers (the most comfortable pair I have recently bought) and my trusty sunglasses.

All the pictures presented here were taken before the festival on deserted runway (!!) located very close to were I live. I love that area and I will try to take more pictures there…

Picture 14

Shirt Madewell

Shorts Jules B (sold out)

Sneakers Golden Goose

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Picture 15

Picture 9*

Picture 16

Picture 11

Picture 19

Picture 3

Picture 5

Thanks you so much for stopping by !!

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Aggie xx

What I wore Sunday… shopping in my wardrobe !!

Although I know some of my nearest and dearest will disagree I do not consider myself a shopaholic. I like to buy new things but I take a real pleasure in looking after my clothing and accessories and re-wearing them year after year. So for this post I decided to look for items that I had for some time but for one reason or the other I do not reach for often enough.

All of the pieces featured in today’s blog are at least one year old with the oldest being five-year old wedges from L.K.Bennett. I would encourage everybody to buy less and recycle more as a more friendly option to our pockets as well as environment. Investing in classic pieces like this white dress is the key. Good quality fabric, nice cuts that is what makes the items not to date.

The pictures for this post were taken during our trip to Knaresborough. Beautiful, market town at the north-east of England. It is slightly off the bitten track but worth every minute of your time.

So that is what I wore Sunday !!

Picture 23**

Dress Miss Selfridge (similar)

Cardigan Zadig & Voltaire

Handbag Gucci

Shoes L.K.Bennett (similar)

Picture 5*

Picture 9

Picture 0

Picture 14*

Picture 10 **

Picture 18*

Picture 26*

Picture 15

As usual many thanks for all of your lovely comments and likes !!


Aggie xx

What I wore Saturday and Sunday… part 1

As you may know I always publish my What I wore on a Sunday on a Sunday… But sometimes I have too may ideas in my head that I can not satisfy all my needs with only one look per week. When I bought this skirt, I knew instantly it is a winner. It fits me perfectly and although I wear more dresses than skirts it was definitely love at first sight.

It is by & Other Stories brand that I discovered at the end of last year. I love the quality of their clothing and very reasonable prices. Not everything will be my cup of tea, but it is without any doubt worth checking out. As I love this skirt so much, I thought I will style it twice for you. One of the looks will be shown today, the other one will be published on Sunday as a part of my What I wore Sunday cycle.

Beautiful bomber jacket that I am wearing in today’s post is by polish designer Lukasz Jemiol. I have bought it during my recent trip to Poland and I like it a lot. The quality of the finish is exceptional and the design is so unique. I will link the website of the designer here if anybody wants to check it out as all of the pieces are very wearable and of outstanding quality.

So without further delay that is what I wore on Saturday !

Picture 18**

Jacket Lukasz Jemiol

Top River Island

Skirt & Other Stories

Sandals Jimmy Choo (sold out)

Handbag Chloe

Picture 34*

Picture 16**

Picture 9*

Picture 32*

Picture 28**

Picture 21*

Picture 39**

Picture 25*

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you tomorrow !


Aggie xx

My fashion story and shopping rules

My love for fashion started really early. I can remember that when I was a child and later a teenager I would wait for my mum to come home with the latest edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine called Twoj Styl which translated directly would mean Your Style… I would go through the pages of that magazine imaging how it would feel to wear anything featured there.

When I was old enough to go shopping for clothes independently I would go and spend my entire pocket-money on one or two items. Some of those purchases were a complete disaster !

During mu university years I had a chance to study in London as a part of an exchange programme. As our budget was reduced (to say the least) to bare minimum, I would go to Battersea Car Boot Sales to buy my clothing. I still have some of the gems I managed to pick up during mu usual Sunday shopping habit. Everything was second-hand but You could find very good quality items for just few pounds !!

Looking back at myself from 10 years ago I know that I have gone a really long way… I do not come from a wealthy background and everything that I have it is because of mine and my husband’s had work. So whatever Your goal is, it can be achieved !! Although I still consider my purchases (maybe even more than I have ever before) I do not have to shop in second-hands or Car Boot Sales.

Going back to my fashion obsession I have made some shocking mistakes in the past (mostly shoes related..). Not only I have wasted money and time, but also damaged my pride more than I should have. Just to name some of these mistakes:

  • Buying a pair of ALDO heels a size too big just because they were on sale and looked similar to the ones from Sex and the city
  • Buying a pair of Jimmy Choo’s just in case I want to wear them for my wedding day exactly 4 years before getting married !!
  • Buying a pair of extremely unflattering white jeans just because it was summer. They made me look awful and I can still recall somebody on a street commenting how badly I looked in them !!

But over time I have learnt my lessons and picked up few things along the way. I am in a point in my life where I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I am still passionate about designers and newest shoes and handbags but I understand that not everything will work for me.

I am very lucky that I have a man in my life that understands my passion for fashion. However, I would lie if I said that some of my extravagant handbag purchases did not cause an argument or two…

But as we get older we get wiser so I have learnt to stick to my golden rules which I am happy to share with You:

  • Limit Your spending.. For expensive things never buy more than one maximum two items a month. They can be harsh on a budget and if You buy more than two things per month You will not appreciate what You are gaining !
  • Visualise.. Do You have something that will go with the item You are planning on buying ? Or would You have to buy the whole new wardrobe to find something to wear it with ?
  • Wait.. Impulse purchases from my experience can be tricky so if You find something that You like give it a week or so.. If You still think about the item after that time do not have any guilty feelings and go for it !
  • Respect.. Treat Your belongings with love and respect and they will last You a very long time to come.
  • Invest.. There are some items in my closet that over time increased in retail value. That is mainly the case with handbags so knowing what is worth Your money is crucial. Do Your research and be critical. Investing in a very expensive clutch bag (currently on my wish list Bottega Veneta) may not be practical if You do not go on a red carpet at least once a week !!

The effects of everything I told You about can be seen below.. Let me know what do You think ? I would really want to hear from You !!





And lastly a sneak pick into my closet !!


Aggie xx