What I wore Sunday… best of the high street

Shopping on the high street can be a very good experience, not only because items are generally more affordable but also due to some amazing quality finds. There are a lot of pieces that are not worth your time and money but if you look a little bit deeper, you will find some treasures.

The dress shown today is from H&M and it comes from collaboration between the clothing giant and the fabric designer GP & J Baker. They are famous for their prints and with more than 100 years of tradition, the collection does not disappoint.

When I saw this dress first, I was not sure if the style was something that would suit me but when I tried it I knew instantly that I love it. Wrap dress as a style is completely new to me but with this dress being such a hit, I will shop it in the future.

The rest of the outfit is nothing that you have not seen before. My trusted pair of sandals and a cross-body bag that goes well with most of my outfits.

So that is all I wore last Sunday !

Story by Aggie 26*

Dress H&M

Sandals Gianvito Rossi (similar)

Bag Gucci

Sunglasess Ray-Ban

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If you are interested in GP & J Baker H &M collaboration I have linked it here. But be quick as it is likely to sell out fast !

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What I wore Sunday…feeling blue

Wearing only one colour from head to toes can be very tricky and I would not normally recommend to do it. Having said that I had this particular outfit in mind for a very long time and I just waited for the weather to warm up. Besides whites, blacks and greys blue is the colour I wear the most. Something about it screams out to me and makes me feel comfortable and put together.

As I have mentioned before, I wanted to pair these two items (shirt and skirt) for a while. I think that although they are both quite cool toned blue pieces, they work together well due to texture differences. Pleated midi skirt seems to be my personal must have when it comes to summer wardrobe and as you may know I have quite a collection… (more available here and here).

Before I show you my final look, I wanted to mention that this What I wore Sunday will be the last one for such a regular schedule. I have published a new look every week for more than a year now and I feel like I need to updated my timetable. I am still going to be doing weekly outfit posts every now and again but maybe doing it once a month with all my Instagram looks would be much more interesting ?

Please let me know what would you like to see from me and what are your suggestions ?

That is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie 17

Skirt & Other Stories (sold out but similar available here)

Shirt Madewell

Bag Gucci

Sneaker Golden Goose

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

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Story by Aggie 7

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Designer handbags shopping rules and five starter bags

Starting your designer handbag collection can be daunting. There are so many to choose from that is very easy to get lost in all of this and buy something just for the sake of buying with little resell value or even more importantly little use.

I would lie if I said that all of my bags were well thought through and researched but somehow I have managed to stay true to my style and avoid big mistakes. Not everything that I have bought would stand the test of time, however all in all I am quite happy with my collection !

So having all this in mind, I decided to put together five golden rules when it comes to bags together with my recommendations for best starter bags with the biggest resell value in the future… I have already put a comprehensive post detailing dos and don’ts when it comes to designer handbags so if you interested go and check it out here !

Let’s begin…

  • Start small

I would not start buying into designer handbags with the most expensive Chanel flap or even more pricy Hermes. Learning what you really like and what not will take some time so test the water before you jump in !

  • Do your research

Research is truly a key to successful purchase ! Impulse buying when it comes to luxury, can be very costly… Find the style you like but be practical and think about different situation in your life and occasions you would want to use your new accessory.

  • Do not compromise

Sometimes when you have been saving for a particular bag that feels out-of-reach, it is easy to settle and buy something cheaper instead. Speaking from experience I would say do not do that as soon or later you will end up going to your original choice (I promise !).

  • Quality over quantity

It is always better to have couple of good quality, functional handbags than half a dozen of cheap and tacky ones. Invest in neutral colours and the ones you will be able to style day and night !

  • Classic is the way forward 

As mentioned before classic colours and models will stand the test of time. Bright colours and stand out prints may not be the best of choices. Classics will also have much better resell value should you decide to let them go in the future !

Now with some examples… I decided to suggest five handbags that in my opinion will make an excellent first (or even tenth) investment handbag. Please take my examples with a pinch of salt as my view and lifestyle maybe different to yours and what I like may not be to your taste…

In no particular order…

Story by Aggie 27*

Best work handbag goes to LV Neverfull

Story by Aggie 16

Best evening handbag goes to Chanel WOC

Story by Aggie 20

Best day to night handbag goes to Chloe Drew

Story by Aggie 8

Best day handbag goes to Gucci Soho Disco


Best starter handbag (all things considered) goes to LV Speedy

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find it useful…

I would love to know your feedback !

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What I wore Sunday… in search for a perfect light

Taking pictures on a Sunday became a tradition now. My husband stopped protesting and even bought a new lens… The ones that you will see today are a couple of weeks old when the weather was still more like summer than autumn. Since then UK started preparing for colder season with new stock in every clothing shop. Days are shorter and shorter and unfortunately it is colder than I would have liked.

For this outgoing I decided to go very casual and I hope you will not be disappointed by what you see. Probably not the most adventurous of outfits but it feels completely me. My favourite pair of jeans and the t-shirt I bought some time ago that has that perfect, more flattering fit. I could not resist and wore the new pair of espadrilles (first shown here) which in my opinion add that special something to this look.

However, the best part of that Sunday outgoing was the view. I have never been to this port before, but it completely blew me away. The colours and the light were truly perfect. This particular type of light is so difficult to capture, delicate yet powerful and used perfectly lets you shine…

So that is what I Wore (this casual) Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 12*

T-shirt AllSaints

Jeans Topshop

Espadrilles Castaner

Bag Gucci

Sunglasses Chanel

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Story by Aggie 9*


Story by Aggie 2*

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What I wore Sunday… my life by the sea

Living by the sea or river is quite new thing for me. I have not lived by the big water when I was growing up and I remember that every summer holiday we would go to the seaside to experience the beach, swim in the really cold Baltic sea and try fresh fish which was never my cup of tea…

Living on the island means that you are never too far away from a beach. Although I do not go to one weekly and the water is far to cold to swim in, I could say without the shadow of the doubt that I love my surroundings. I hope to be able to show you more of my favourite spots in the area in the coming weeks or months !

I have chosen my outfit only by comfort factors for this lazy Sunday afternoon. We had absolutely nothing planned. Just a walk, popping for a drink or two and enjoying the day.  All of the items I was wearing have been in my closet for quite some time. Belstaff coated jeans are my long-time favourite and this simple yet unusual H&M blouse adds a little bit of put together yet relaxed vibe. The only pop of colour is my lipstick which every time I wear, I promise myself to do it more often as I like it so much.

So without further delay that is what I wore Sunday !!

Story by Aggie 9

Blouse H&M (sold out but I like this and this)

Trousers Belstaff

Flats Alexander McQueen (sold out)

Bag Gucci

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

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What I wore Sunday… spring where are You ?

The weather this year is not spoiling us… Since the beginning of Spring we had two sunny and warm enough days to wear short sleeves and bare legs in the UK. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon, but I am waiting for the sunshine to come !

We have taken advantage of one sunny Sunday to take pictures for today’s post. I wanted to show You a little bit of colour so I decided to wear a dress that I had in my closet for nearly four years. It is a beautiful quality fabric that draw my attention to it in the first place. It is on the thicker side but as I am always cold it was never a problem for me. The dress reminds me of 50s style clothing and it is by the Polish brand Simple, which I have been obsessed with for some time few years ago. Since then, the brand changed their designs and although I have not shop with them any more I will try to explore what they have to offer.

I kept the accessories very simple as the dress is enough statement for me. My flats are the most comfortable shoes I have and the bag is a purchase from last season that I feel I do not wear enough…

Picture 9**

Dress Simple (sold out)

Shoes Chloe

Handbag Gucci

Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Picture 6*

Picture 18**

Picture 19*

Picture 23*.JPG_7

Picture 12**

Picture 20**




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