Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2018

It became a tradition now that every couple of seasons or so I give you an update of what is yet to come. I personally really like working on these posts as not only it gives me the knowledge on what trends are going to be popular but it also allows me to look at my closet and reflect on what I need to update.

I am not huge on trends but I like to try something new from time to time. Maybe come out of my comfort zone and push the boundaries a little bit further. I will never be the most trend-lead person but I think adding your personal twist on what is ‘fashionable’ can be beneficial.

All of the trends featured below are available on high street as well as high-end. The ones I decided to featured are my personal favourites and the ones I would recommend to try but if you look deeper into the subject, there will be more options available out there.

Before I start, just a quick reminder… Personal style vary from individual to individual. Do not allow to be a ‘fashion victim’ and follow anything that is considered to be fashionable at this minute in time. Adding one or two of these trends maybe more that enough. An individual is so much more that the clothing that she or he is wearing so stay true to who you are !

  • Pastels or ice cream colours

It will come as no surprise as pastels come back into fashion every spring or summer. This year they come back with a twist in a form of ice cream colours. My personal favourite would have to be creams and blues. But if you are more brave why not to try yellows, pistachio or lilac colours ?

  • Trench coat

I love the idea of wearing the trench coat all the time as outerwear or as a dress. The colour and the fit are personal preferences and finding something that suit your style should not be very difficult as there are so many options available. My suggestion would be to invest in fit and the fabric that will last for a very long time.

  • Bold colours

Complete opposite to pastels but strong colours are here to stay. From reds and oranges to very popular bright pinks and yellows. It is not a trend for everyone but I think it can work if you do it right. I would suggest not to mix and stick to one statement shade. Or maybe adding brighter handbag or shoes would be enough ?

  • All about pencil skirt

Buying a pencil skirt that fits and make you feel comfortable can be tricky and the next two seasons will feature a lot of them. I personally love a good pencil skirt and if I was looking for one, I would choose the fabric very carefully. My top choices would be tweet or wool as they are classic fabrics that will come back into fashion sooner or later !

  • Checked everything

You may have already notice from the choice of skirts feature above but check is going to be huge. From blazers to trousers and coats. Choices and combinations are endless and absolutely up to you. I have warmed up to the idea of checked blazer lately and I am going to invest in another one in the coming months.

  • Extra texture

This will be probably the trend that would be the most difficult to incorporate in everyday life without making it look cheap and tacky but fringing and feathers are going to be very hot. I completely agree that is not for everybody so start small and add just a detail- pair of shoes or statement earings.

  • Sneakers

Without a shadow of a doubt it is a trend that comes to me naturally. I love the idea of wearing a pair of white sneakers with any pieces of clothing I can think of from jeans and trousers to skirts and dresses. If I was to invest in one thing out of this post it would definitely be a pair of shiny new shoes. What about you ?

Let me know which of the trends featured above are you interested in and which are you going to miss out on ?

I love doing the trends post and I hope that it shows !

As usual, thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you soon…


Aggie x