Traveling disasters and pet peeves plus my first ever collaboration !!

I have not planed this post today but as it is in life the best things happen just like that !

Few weeks ago I got approached by Ken from travel website called to joint forces and write one or two things down. The website specialises in collaborations with different bloggers with big emphasis on travel experiences and if they were bad on what could you have learnt from them.

When I got asked to talk about mine I could not resist !

It is so interesting to read about other people travels and their likes and dislikes. Especially when they are either traveling professionally or more often than myself.

With holiday season so fast approaching I hope you will check them out as it is very eye-opening…

It took me some time to reflect on my mistakes and travel choices. I have listed one big one but since writing that little note I could probably name few more… What about you ?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx