June has gone so fast that I have not had a chance to stop and reflect… It is something that I like to do whenever I closed a chapter in my life. It maybe after the end of the month, year or after a significant change in my circumstances. I try to look at the positives and address everything that I should have done that I have not… so I do not feel like I am drowning…

Last month have been better for me that I have expected. There were so many things that I was worried about that in the end turned up to be not so scary after all !!

I have also made some new purchases for summer time and I will be more than thrilled to share them with you in the very near future !! As I am currently enjoying little get away, my biggest priority were summer accessories and clothing. These are just few examples of what came to my possession lately…


Newest Gianvito Rossi sandals I have got on sale with more than 50 % off !!

For the sizing reference they fit true to size, I am size 37.5-38 and all of Gianvito Rossi shoes I own or ever tried are size 38…


New Topshop shirt (still on sale, available in stores in the UK) and Sensi Studio hat (I got mine on sale but the one linked above is exact one but unfortunatelly slightly more expensive…)


Green pleated skirt that I have been loving lately… If you are interested in that outfit, all the details are available here xx

In regards to my blog I am very happy that my community is growing and new bloggers are checking out my website. I cannot express enough gratitude for all the likes and lovely comments. I really hope that this trend will continue as I have all the intentions to carry on…

The blog post with the most amount of views last month was Few words about self-confidence and the one that attracted most likes was Responsible fashion !!

As I have mentioned before I am currently travelling and I will be keeping you posted on what I have been up to… For now I can show you my home for the next few days and I cannot imagine anything else more picture perfect xx

IMG_1271 2


For more updates and hopefully nice pictures head to my Instagram as I am trying to post daily xx

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you had a good month as well !!


Aggie xx

Fifty posts… statistics and what next ?

When I wrote my first blog post, I had no idea if anyone will read it or be interested in what I want to show you. It took a few weeks but after my Bangkok post I have realised that same of my fellow bloggers are checking what I have posted !

I have mentioned before that nothing gives me as much pleasure as knowing that a new reader checked out my website especially from a new to me country or place I have never been to. No words can describe the satisfaction you get from the kindness and encouragement from your readers and followers. As a lot of my friends have been asking how is it going with the development of my blog I thought I will let you know !

FullSizeRender 9

  • The most surprising views for me came from South Korea, Brunei, Trinidad & Tobago, Pakistan and Argentina…


  • The most popular time for viewing my blog is Sunday at 7 pm (!)
  • I am normally one to two Sundays ahead with the pictures and lately I have been giving my followers a sneak preview of what is yet to come on my Instagram so if you are interested go and check it out xx

I am so surprised with myself how much I love blogging and expressing myself this way. I have all the intention to continue and deliver even more posts with better content and take more interesting pictures as the time progresses.

I want to say massive thank you to everybody who supported me so far, to all my colleagues and fellow bloggers that have been commenting and liking what I have been posting especially to Anil M. and Matt !!

I hope to see you all very soon !!


Aggie xx

Few words about self-confidence…

It is a difficult subject but I feel that it needs to be addressed and managed accordingly to the needs. There are so many people who put themselves down (including myself) for one reason or the other that I decided to give you my view on the subject. I am not a professional therapist and everything included in this post is based on my experience and my own ways of managing my self-esteem.

I have never been a very confident person and due to my very critical nature I am quite harsh about myself. I know what I am worth but that does not stop me questioning one or two things. I am not necessary referring to the physical beauty which is just a cover but my character and selfishness…

I am not ideal but I have manage to get friends with myself, get to know my strengths and weaknesses as well as not allowing others to put me down or influence the way I feel. I am not always successful but I thought it will be good to tell you about my ten steps that I try to stick to and incorporate in my everyday life:

  1. Be honest with yourself. There is no reason to lie to yourself, more truth is refreshing and overtime anything false will stand out.
  2. Nobody is perfect. Self acceptance is very needed.
  3. Imperfections are in human nature so it is no shame to admit the mistake and apologise or repair the damage.
  4. Learn from anything that has happened. It will come back in one way or the other.
  5. Be friends with yourself and treat your body and mind with well deserved respect.
  6. Try to surround yourself with the people who spark the joy within you, the ones you can trust and relay on.
  7. Be nicer than you have to be to all strangers and never allow the lack of manners to change your attitude.
  8. Be generous and learn to give more and enjoy it more.
  9. Know your value and never put yourself down.
  10. Look after yourself. Healthier body will bring healthier mind.

That is what I am following and what is important to me. I understand that everybody is different and some of this point will vary for different people.

Let me know what do you thing ? I would really appreciate your feedback and maybe there is something I have missed off that maybe useful ?

As usual thank you so much for stopping by !


Aggie xx

Why blogging ?

When I started my blogging journey I had no idea where I am going to go with this… I sat down one Saturday afternoon and came up with this website, with no clear plan what to do next.

I did some YouTube videos before and initially my plan was to this blog in order to support my YouTube channel. The reality turned up to be very different. I soon realised that I enjoy blogging more than anything else. I am still going to try my luck with YouTube, but this blog is my main priority.

It is so good to be able to express myself on a different level. Creating outfits and taking pictures is something that gives me a lot of pleasure. During the week I have to keep my head straight and fulfil my professional duties but on the weekend I can use my creative site and experiment.

I am never been about countless amount of hauls and tons of new purchases every month. That is not what I am about. I want to show you how to buy good quality items and use them, treat them with respect and re-cycle season after season. More on that philosophy and my fashion journey available here.

I get really excited when I see that people from different countries have visited me (from Madagascar to Argentina…) and every time I had a view from a country that I have not seen before, I cannot resist to share that with my work colleagues.

Interacting with other bloggers and my readers gives me a huge pleasure and inspiration. I try to stay within topics I love and I am interested in like fashion and beauty but I will maybe introduce some health related posts like one here.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what would you like to read ?

I will see you tomorrow for the What I wore Sunday and I can say that the pictures we took are probably my favourites ever so stay tuned for that !

As usual love,

Aggie xx

Few words about self-care…

I have done one of these posts about three weeks ago and I thought it will be a good idea to do one more this time concentrating on me rather that us.

Constant stress, work, family issues etc. make us concentrate on everything else but ourselves. It is very easy to miss one or two appointments to the dentist or doctor with easy justification of lack of time and different priorities. The reality is that looking after everyone else and everything else should start from looking after own body and mind.

I would lie if I say that I am an expert in self-care. More often than not work and relationship problems will come first. But I try to reflect on things and if this post will make only one of my readers to do the same, it was worth writing it…

The idea of today is give you simple guide of what each of us should (and hopeful want to) do daily, weekly, monthly etc. I will concentrate on the things that are the closest to my heart and I will try to give you examples of what I do as well as things that I try to avoid for one reason or the other…

Daily priorities:

  • diet full of greens and healthy fats
  • no highly processed food or fizzy drinks (I mean it !!)
  • undisturbed deep sleep (in my case at least eight hours…)
  • water- tap or bottled (I try to drink at least 1-1.5 l a day)
  • exercise… as little as 20 minutes a day can make a difference (I do yoga every morning, few positions that is all I have time for)
  • finding me time (meditate, read a book or apply a face mask whatever makes you happy)

Weekly priorities:

  • flossing (I am huge on dental care so I will try to floss at least twice a week)
  • spending some time with the loved ones (mental health should never be underestimated and if you are like me charging your batteries will only be possible next to the people you cannot live without)
  • checking your breasts for any abnormalities (as they may feel different due to menstrual cycle it is a good idea to check them few times a month with the absolute minimum being once a month)

Monthly priorities: 

  • skin self-exam (checking unusual moles, changing shape birth marks or skin abnormalities takes only few minutes but can save a lot of stress in a long run)
  • couples time (finding time just for the two of you should be something to look forward, to re-connect to speak and just to be together), we try to go somewhere new every month even if it is only day trip !

Half a year priorities:

  • dental check (I would recommend to go twice a year but absolute minimum should be yearly, find the dentist that make you relaxed and you are not afraid of what is to come)

Yearly priorities:

  • visit to your doctor for annual blood pressure check, medication review or/and blood profiles (full blood count, biochemical profile, lipid profile etc.)  that in my opinion is an absolute must
  • eye check (it is recommended to have your eyes check at least once every two years but from my experience I would do it every year)
  • annual pill check if any of my female readers use hormonal contraception (worth every minute of yours and the nurses time)
  • mammograms should be part of the yearly (minimum two yearly) priorities if you are over 40 or 45 depending on a guidance from various sources

Every two years or less often:

  • hearing test (it can be done by your doctor or specialist and it will only take 15 minutes… mine is very overdue so hopefully this post will give me motivation for that)
  • depending on your age bracket the frequency of the cervical screening will vary (from three to five years) but it is an essential that I would not miss

I really hope that what I put together will be useful and may help you to put the priorities in order. Nothing too complicated, nobody will change everything just like that. Simple reminder on the phone or calendar should be enough. Once the commitment and the will is there everything else will follow. I understand that some of this appointments and tests may require payment if they are not included in your health insurance… But in my opinion they are worth every penny as it is an investment in our health and wellbeing !

Have I missed anything ? Is there anything else you are doing for your own health benefits ?

As usual thank you so much for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

Ps. The profile picture for this post was taken during our stay in Knaresborough… More on that very soon !!