January spending ban

January is proving to be a new start for me. Not only it is a start of New Year, but also first month ever when I decided that I am putting ban on my expenses. By ban I mean not buying any unnecessary items of clothing, accessories or beauty. Only essentials are allowed so toiletries and things that I have run out of.

I have bought everything that I needed and wanted back in 2017 so I think this exercise will make me think differently and maybe make me appreciate what I already have… It is one thing to buy quality and ‘treat’ yourself from time to time but compensating all the bad stuff by shopping is a complete different story.

Getting a little bit of prospective on what I really need and what I want is something that I have to work on constantly and I hope that this spending ban will provide just that.

I am giving myself thirty days to start fresh. If at the end of January I have learnt anything, I will try to repeat the ban every three or four months for continuity and practise !

When I shared my plans with my colleagues, I have heard that I have chosen the worst time ever as January is famous for its sales. It will be unlike me saying this but I cannot imagine what would I like to buy during these sales ? The fact that something is reduced does not mean it is what I look for and need.

I have fairly substantial closet (my closet tour and fashion story available here if you want to check it out) and all of my possessions are really precious to me. I have spent years choosing clothing and accessories I want to have and most of the time they stay with me for years. Maybe as a result of that, I do not have a feeling that I am missing out on anything. Creating new outfits from what I already have gives me an enormous satisfaction and pleasure !

What are your plans ? Are you going to try to put a ban on spending or maybe something on sale caught your attention ? I would love to hear your opinion on the subject so let me know !

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New Year resolutions and end of 2017

New Years resolutions is not something that I usually make. I do not understand the desire to change something dramatically at the beginning of the year only to discover few weeks later that it cannot be achieved…

I like to set myself targets and goals at any time- mid-week, month, or day. What counts is the will and the decision that I make. Being honest and truthful to myself is the best policy. Discipline and thoughtful approach to your body and health makes it easier too !

Next year I have few things on my ‘to do list’ and things that I want to change or improve. Some are very personal, some work-related but what I am going to share with you is these two:

  • Schedule as much time for traveling and discovering new places
  • Plan my meals in advance and get involve with the cooking more…

I have heard recently that to travel is to live so that is why I am determined to do it even more often. Going away, getting on a plane, seeing things that I have not seen before, taking lots of pictures is something I cannot stop thinking about.

Traveling is time and money consuming so I have to consider my options. Going away every couple of months maybe tricky but with the right mindset and effort from me and my husband it can be achieved…

Meal planning is something that I struggle with. I hate eating highly processed food that give my body nothing else but sugar. At the same time I find it impossible to schedule my meals the same way I schedule everything else in my life.

I want to be more organise and prepared more meals in advance. I do not want to buy my lunch just because I am hungry and I have no other option. Only time will tell if I manage to stick to my resolution but I have high hopes !

2017 was a good year and I hope that will continue in 2018… I have made a decision of starting the blog as well as YouTube channel and I have worked extremely hard to keep it going and publish relevant and interesting posts.

I have to admit that I surprised myself in how determined I became and how much effort I have put into that. Taking pictures, writing to you all is something that I have enjoyed greatly and I know it will continue next year.

To sum up, I have included my twelve favourite pictures of 2017… (if you are interested in any of them, just click on the image and that should take you to the relevant post !).





Picture 19*


Picture 26**


Picture 29**


Picture 9**








Story by Aggie 11


Story by Aggie 13*


Story by Aggie 12**


Stayed tuned as the next post coming you way will be fashion related and will include all of the What I wore Sunday looks in one place…

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