March has been a very busy month for me. My workplace has kept me occupied and as it was the first month of running the blog I did not have any time to spare. But overwhelming good response to what I am doing here is keeping me going. I would like to say to anyone that commented on my blog that it means a lot and that You have truly made my day so thank You very much !

I thought it will be interesting to share with You what has been happening in my life this month and post some pictures I have not featured before. Most of them will be blog related but I managed to find some from my everyday life as well.

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Enjoy and let me know what do You think !


Beautiful blue sky on my way to work earlier in the month.


Some unseen pictures from Cambridge.




Best place to eat in Cambridge Bill’s restaurant. We have visited the place twice in the same day !


Behind the scenes..


Very soon on my blog- York and me..


My fashion journey and walk-in closet post was by far the most popular last month.. available here !


Working on the blog post without much idea of what do You want to achieve ??

Picture 20

One of the best beaches close to where I live.

Thank You so much for stopping by !!


Aggie xx

Welcome to Cambridge

Living on the island with good transport links makes spontaneous traveling possible. After a very long week at work we decided as a spur of a minute to go on a trip to Cambridge. Why Cambridge ? First of all, we have not been there before and second of all, the day before I watched one of those Escape to the country programmes (UK daytime television programme about moving from the city to the countryside) and the choice was obvious.

The trip started really badly, it was raining and most importantly I booked the wrong date so when we arrived to the hotel our reservation was not valid.. Luckily, a very nice customer assistant from came to the rescue. Not only did he called the hotel to change the date for the booking but he also sorted the charge for the room so we did not have to pay any extra !!

Cambridge is really special, maybe even more than Oxford. It has that vibe to it, with all the beautiful buildings, colleges, bicycles and restaurants. I cannot even express how much I like it. The weather was not ideal but it did not stop us to explore the place.

We went punting, we visited the famous Fitzwilliam Museum with its amazing collection of art, we went to Botanic Garden and had few drinks on Regent Street. I loved being surrounded by old buildings and historic sites and although my live is far from traditional trips like this make me to reflect on my everyday life.

I do not think that the pictures I am including do Cambridge any justice but I have the best intentions in mind so please forgive me..




Bikes and bikers are everywhere so be careful.. Crossing the road can be very tricky !




As I have never been punting it was very exciting for me to try. Taking a boat ride allows You to see all the famous colleges with their student accommodation and some of the most known bridges in Cambridge. It is a definite must if You are in the area !




Botanic Garden in Cambridge is out of this word and taking a walk on a sunny day like ours is something You cannot put a price on.. I have also got our next travel destination put on my wish list..



Many thanks for going on a trip to Cambridge with me and I will see You soon !!


Aggie xx