I feel like August was a good month for me. Not everything I set to achieve happened but that is what life is all about. Expecting unexpected is something that I always keep in mind !

What August has taught me is to stand my ground and believe in myself more. Self-confidence is something that I have to work on constantly with some days being better than the others but I think I am winning xx

Fashion-wise it was a very adventurous month. I made few purchases, some of which you may had a chance to see on the blog or my Instagram account.

My favourite new thing would have to be a pair of espadrilles from Castaner (first shown here). They are the most classic pair, exceptionally made and they will stay in my closet for a very long time !

Story by Aggie 22

Another thing worth mentioning is this Zara set, I got at the end of the month. I was eyeing this knit from the moment I first saw it but the shirt was a total surprise. I am not a huge fan of the prints, especially 70s inspired but somehow I could stop myself from trying it on. The end result is quite obvious on this picture !

Story by Aggie 4

Story by Aggie 5

Statistic-wise two most popular blog posts of last month would be from What I wore Sunday series Country life is never boring followed closely by Hollywood glamour. Interestingly, my personal favourite would be the end of the month for July. Looking back on the last thirty days, gives me sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Story by Aggie 22

Story by Aggie 8*

I have also added an additional feature to my blog. It is called Shop my closet and you can find it in the main panel next to menu and contact links. I will try to list all my new finds as well as some timeless pieces from my wardrobe in case you are interested !!

Finally, I am really looking forward to September. The beginning of a new season as well as my wedding anniversary makes that month really special. I have one or two things planned that will come as a surprise so stay tuned for that !!


As usual thank you very much for stopping by and for all the interest and support xx

Hope to see you all soon,

Aggie xx

Few words about self-confidence…

It is a difficult subject but I feel that it needs to be addressed and managed accordingly to the needs. There are so many people who put themselves down (including myself) for one reason or the other that I decided to give you my view on the subject. I am not a professional therapist and everything included in this post is based on my experience and my own ways of managing my self-esteem.

I have never been a very confident person and due to my very critical nature I am quite harsh about myself. I know what I am worth but that does not stop me questioning one or two things. I am not necessary referring to the physical beauty which is just a cover but my character and selfishness…

I am not ideal but I have manage to get friends with myself, get to know my strengths and weaknesses as well as not allowing others to put me down or influence the way I feel. I am not always successful but I thought it will be good to tell you about my ten steps that I try to stick to and incorporate in my everyday life:

  1. Be honest with yourself. There is no reason to lie to yourself, more truth is refreshing and overtime anything false will stand out.
  2. Nobody is perfect. Self acceptance is very needed.
  3. Imperfections are in human nature so it is no shame to admit the mistake and apologise or repair the damage.
  4. Learn from anything that has happened. It will come back in one way or the other.
  5. Be friends with yourself and treat your body and mind with well deserved respect.
  6. Try to surround yourself with the people who spark the joy within you, the ones you can trust and relay on.
  7. Be nicer than you have to be to all strangers and never allow the lack of manners to change your attitude.
  8. Be generous and learn to give more and enjoy it more.
  9. Know your value and never put yourself down.
  10. Look after yourself. Healthier body will bring healthier mind.

That is what I am following and what is important to me. I understand that everybody is different and some of this point will vary for different people.

Let me know what do you thing ? I would really appreciate your feedback and maybe there is something I have missed off that maybe useful ?

As usual thank you so much for stopping by !


Aggie xx