Sales- is it worth the hassle ?

With sales in full swing, I though it will be a good idea to tell you about my approach to sales shopping and show you best (in my opinion) sales happening at this minute.

I am not a person who see sales and wants everything because everything is half price. I like a good bargain, but regardless whether it is a reduction in price or not the item in question must be needed, fit me well and go with everything else that is in my wardrobe. When I consider my next purchase I need to be able to come with at least two, three different outfits I could pair the item I am considering buying. It is not always a pain-free process and more often than not I have to walk away and say no to myself…

During sales I make a small list in my head of key pieces I would like to add to my closet. I will always look at the higher end brand first as the reduction in price helps me to justify the spending. I like to buy quality, classic items that will stay in my wardrobe for years to come. Statement items like leather jacket, good pair of brogues or heels, quality handbag and a pair well-made sunglasses will not only dress you appropriately but will also stay in your closet for a very long time.

I have a number of websites and shops I like to visit during sales. I have decided to split them into three categories with the best of the best items from each of them:

High end websites and shops:

Favourite of mine for accessories, shoes and handbags. Customer service is first class and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I always want more from their sale than I can afford but that is life…

The most amazing selection of clothing and accessories. Everything comes beautifully packed in super stylish box. Dream shopping experience.

Probably my most loved luxury website. The selection of items is just right and the bargains available are always great.

This one is another favourite of mine for luxury fashion but I think visiting a store is better idea than shopping online. I managed to get some great clothing bargains in winter sale and I may take a journey to my nearest store to see what is out there at the minute.

High end high street shops:

Oldie but goodie with the best quality shoes out there. The prices are on the higher end of the scale but it my opinion well-worth the hassle.

I could dress from head to toes on that website. The finish and the fabrics used are amazing and everything is very current.

French brand that have stolen my heart some time ago. All of the designs are very unique and you will not find it anywhere else. Their dresses are amazing and extremely comfortable.

High street shops:

With shops at most of the high street it is a favourite for many people. I like the variety and how responsive Zara is to the changes in trends. Quality varies so check the composition and the finish before purchasing.

For a very long time I was not sold on Topshop. Everything changed when I discovered their jeans range. Worth checking out, especially during sales.

I am not sure why but everything I always want from River Island gets sold out so quickly that I never have the chance to get it… Some of the designs are first class but be prepared to make decisions without any delays.

I really hope that this quick guide to my favourite places to shop will help and maybe allow you to find something that you have not seen before ?

I will keep you posted if I make any purchases this sale season and I maybe do a haul video on my channel ?

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Discount shopping anybody ? … Bicester !

I am sure we all agree that everybody likes a bargain ! I hate wasting money and by wasting money I mean buying something not worth the money of poor quality or unnecessary.

Quite some time ago a good friend of ours introduced me to the outlet shopping village called Bicester. It is enormous and as the official website tells me it has more that 130 fashion boutiques. All the shops are descent space and the selection of goods is surprisingly current. The choice is endless as both high street and high-end are represented here. My favourite brands present in Bicester will include All Saints, Barbour, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Dior, YSL or Burberry.

Bicester is an extremely interesting place to shop for one more reason (apart from the minimum discount of 30 % from the retail price up to 70 % during sales). You are not allowed to film or photograph inside the shops only to keep you guessing of what stock shops have ? It is unpredictable experience and you will never know if you are able to find anything you like or your trip will be unsuccessful.

Transport links are very convenient as the village is located in close proximity to Oxford. You can travel from London by train, bus or car. More details are available on Bicester official website which is linked here.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. The only think I cannot stress enough is the unpredictability of the shopping experience. Stock will change very frequently so be patient and be prepared to go home without all of the items on your shopping list !

Taking this opportunity I would like to share some of my best finds with the brief description of the item and some advice. So let’s begin !


One of my oldest purchases and the most loved beautiful dress by L.K.Bennett worn to the wedding of my friends back in 2015 ! I got is as a sample sale item and paid less than £50 for it !

FullSizeRender 4

Finding comfortable bag that is as light as the feather is tricky… This handbag delivers that and is of beautiful quality by italian brand Bottega Veneta. I bought it back quite some time ago and it was definitely money well spent !


The most recent purchase Maje dress with detachable collar. It was waiting for me in the store with only one left in my size and over 50 % off the original price.


Handbag that I was searching for over the year… When I discovered it, it was already sold out. Never in my life I would have guessed that I find it in Bicester. It is by Tod’s and when the shopping assistant brought me this burgundy one I started jumping up and down. Price reduction was 50 % and in my opinion it was a complete bargain !


Finally, my most recent jeans purchase (more pictures available here and here). They are by Belstaff the brand my husband loves. The quality of the coating on that pair is unbelievable and with 60 % off it was difficult to complain !

FullSizeRender 3

That is just a few examples of the stars you can find in the village. Whatever your budget is, I am sure you will find something to suit your needs.

Do you know of any other outlet villages around the world worth visiting ? If so, please let me know !

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Find Your perfect match… jeans edition !!

Finding a right pair of jeans that fits You well is a job… And believe me I know what I am talking about. Shopping for any other piece of clothing (maybe apart from bikini) is a real pleasure but finding a pair of jeans that fits, is the right length, has just the right amount of stretch in a fabric is not easy.

I love my jeans. On almost all of my days off You will see me in a pair. I have tried to save in the past, then I went through a phase when I decided to invest in the right pair so I think I am able to give my honest opinion on both ends of the scale !

I will be splitting my choice into two different categories. First one being a designer jeans that will require some investment and the second being much more affordable option from the high street.

For the designer jeans there is nothing like Paige denim. They are so well-fitted with just right amount of stretch I like. I bought the pair below about two and a half years ago, washed them countless amount of time and they still feel and look brand new.  They are very price (I agree) but I think that if I was to calculate the cost per wear (my favourite way of justifying my spending habits) I would be looking at about few pounds if not pennies…



Paige jeans (similar here and here)

For the high street choice the answer is very simple for me. There are no better jeans than the ones in Topshop. I have four different pairs, each of them slightly different style and I would recommend them all without any hesitation. They are all priced under £50 and they all last and wash very well. The cut and the quality of the jeans is comparable to the designer pair and I cannot imagine splashing the cash again to buy something more pricy knowing that I can have the ones from Topshop.

They come in variety of styles but my two absolute favourites are Jamie and Lucas. Jamie jeans are designed to be skinny and well-fitted whereas Lucas are more relaxed, boyfriend style.

However, what I like the most about these two styles is how many different fabrics and colours there are to choose from. Black, white, waxed, ripped, washed… the choice is endless.

Just to give You few examples…


Topshop Jamie jeans


Topshop Jamie waxed jeans (sold out)


Topshop Lucas jeans (similar)

So that is it for today… let me know what would You like to see in the next edition of Find your perfect match… (previous post available here).

Ps. Just a quick reminder about the giveaway from last week (details available here). I will be extending the deadline for the comments till Sunday so there is more time if You are interested !

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