Shopping Christmas sales

With festive season fast approaching I thought it will be a good idea to write something about sales… They will traditionally start on the Boxing Day but nowadays more and more retailers offer them mid-December. I am all about buying quality without overpaying but shopping Christmas sales requires some preparations and forward thinking…

I have touched on this subject already (previous post available here) but as December sales are a little bit different that any other sale, I decided to list all the items worth hunting for as well as all the preparation stages I take in order to buy only things I really need and save myself some money…

My usual starting point would be to make a list. Planning ahead of what is missing in your closet, homeware, accessories etc. is crucial. The more specific the list the better. If you are interested in particular brands, list the retailers that stock them and add the appropriate links to your favourites. Regardless, if you prefer online shopping or traditional approach it would be my starting point.

The second step is to make the list smaller… Ask yourself three magic questions:

  • Do I want it ?
  • Do I need it ?
  • Can I effort it ?

Lately, I have added the fourth one that is more a rule that a question.

  • Can I buy it twice ?

It will be hard initial but the more I practice this approach the more conscious all of purchases are.

Step three is the most difficult in my opinion and consist of shopping but with ability to restrain myself from buying anything that is not on the list or not perfect. Sometimes I will see something that ‘will do’ but I know that I will end up going to my original item over and over again. So not settling for any thing than perfect is the key !

To prove that shopping sales can be a good idea I am going to include my five top purchases made during sales. All of the examples featured here are in my opinion good options to buy on sale as their initial price point will be higher but they hopefully deliver on quality of the finish and durability…

  • Outerwear (coats, jackets, parkas etc. made out of quality fabrics)

Story by Aggie 8

Amazing Joseph coat bought in 2016 during Christmas sales (with nearly 70 % discount)

Story by Aggie 6

AllSaints leather jacket bought in Bicester village (60 % off)

  • Shoes (especially designer heels and boots that will be used for many years to come)

Story by Aggie 27

Story by Aggie 22

Most wanted pair of Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps (over 50 % off original price)

  • Occasional pieces (dresses and jumpsuits with limited amount of re-wear)

Story by Aggie 2*

Maje dress bought in Bicester village (30% off)

  • Swimwear (may be an odd choice but I only ever buy higher price point swimwear on sale as the initial price is far too high to justify the spending)



Swimsuit from Solid and Striped (bought during summer sale for 40 % off)

  • Handbags (this one can be tricky as classic designer models sporadically if ever go on sale, but worth exploring)

Story by Aggie 14*

One of my most loved bags by Bottega Veneta bought in Bicester village (with 50 % off the full retail price)

Let me know if I missed anything and what are you planning on buying if anything this time ?

I hope that you find this guide useful and I would love to know you thoughts.

As always many thanks for stopping by…


Aggie xx

Few words about guilty pleasures…

I have to start with the confession that I have self-discipline build in me. From the very early years, I knew how to divide my time and when to play and when to learn and do my homework. During my university years when I was exposed to constant tests and exams that self-discipline became even more obvious. As a result, I may have occasional difficulty to switch off and just relax. I feel the more I have on my plate, the better I can perform but I also know that there is limit to what I should handle.

That is where the guilty pleasures are coming and saving my sanity and help me to relax.  Having work-life balance is very important to me to be able to keep distance and enjoy my life. Everything listed below is very personal to me and as everybody is different your needs and necessities will vary.

Theses are mine (but keep it secret !):

  • Eighties music (the cheesier the better) especially when I am driving on my own and when I can sing along…
  • Shopping for holidays when I am not going on one… I will start the minute I come back home after a longer trip. It is difficult to explain but I love it !
  • Binging on YouTube… My favourite channels will include Fleur DeForce, Tanya Burr or Chase Amie !
  • Shopping in Space NK… It is a boutique beauty chain with the best selection of brands you can imagine. I love spending my money there but I am not sure if my husband can say the same…
  • Anything to do with yoga ! I try to do yoga most days, especially in the morning to wake me up. I have been practising it for over 10 years and nothing works better for mind and body.
  • Online shopping is something I love… Sometimes browsing is enough but every now and again I feel like I need to pull the trigger and treat myself !
  • Coffee !! I love going out for a cup or two… I like my coffee strong with a touch of milk so coffee of choice would be flat white.
  • Pancakes and waffles… I like mine with fruits and maple syrup all every day not only on Sundays !


I would love to hear about your guilty pleasures… Care enough share ?

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you back very soon !


Aggie xx