Hand luggage essentials

When I travel, I like to be comfortable. I also like to feel good in myself and I always try to look fairly put together. I does not really matter if it is a weekend away or two weeks of sightseeing, I will aways have few travel essentials by my side.

It maybe controversial but I like to limit my carry-ons, especially when I am flying. I do not like to have too many thing with me, mainly because of convenience and the weight. However, there are few things I would not travel without and I thought it will be useful to share them with you…

The ‘must-have‘ list includes the following:

  • Toiletries

They will be quite minimal in my case and will always include: contact lens solution and case, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup wipes, deodorant, universal face moisturiser (that can double up as a hand-cream) and a small, travel-friendly bottle of fragrance.

  • Travel documents and passport

They are always by my side in less or more organised way… I never put any of my travel documents in plastic pockets, instead I like to fold them and store them in my passport holder for convenience and space-saving…

  • Electricals

Extra phone charger, laptop, camera and all the lenses are too pricy and very needed when I am on a go so they will always travel with me in a hand-luggage. If I take tripod, laptop charger and all the adaptors I may need, I will keep them in a main luggage as they use is limited during traveling.

  • Reading materials

Magazines are good but only for few minutes in my case. There is nothing like a good book, gripping enough so you will not be able to put it down. I remember one eight-hour flight during which I read entire Gone Girl… best flight ever !

  • Extras (socks, sunglasses and pricy items)

As I am cold most of the time, I like to have my nice, comfy pair of socks with me. I know that most airlines will provide some free-of-charge but my own are my favourites. Sunglasses are also an essential, even if I am not traveling anywhere hot. They are perfect if you are without make up and always add that special something to the look.

  • Snacks

I am a fairly healthy eater and I generally like to know what goes into food I am going to eat. Nuts and dry fruits (dates and figs are my favourites) will be always in my bag even if I am not traveling. A bottle of water is also very needed but I am not going to lie… I will have a G&T especially on long-haul flights !

What about you ?

What are your travel carry-on essentials ?




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Let’s travel to Italy again…

Sometimes when life gets in the way, I have to prioritise. It took me much longer than I would have liked but I finally managed to put a vlog together that documents our stay in Italy. Woking on editing, adding music and joining all the elements together gave me huge pleasure and I am very excited to share that with you !!

I will take you on a road trip from Pisa and Florence to our picture perfect farmhouse near small Italian town called Montevarchi. Although this vlog is far from perfect, it shows the details of our stay and it also brings all the good memories back.

As it is my first attempt with editing video like this, forgive all the minor issues… I promise to improve in the near future !!

So let’s go !

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Italian cuisine

I do not think I can talk about my Italian adventures without mentioning the food. Italian cuisine is big all over the world but there is a very good reason for that. Almost everybody all over the world has tried pizza, pasta or calzone at least once in their life.

What I like the most in Italian cuisine is how fresh all the ingredients are and the fact that their signature dishes are relatively simple. I have ordered the spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil on three different occasions in different places and every time that dish tasted delicious !! Signature al dente pasta, extra virgin olive oil and beautiful, juicy tomatoes with herbs that is my perfect combination.


There are few things that I have learned during my stay in Italy that I did not know and I thought it may be useful to share that with you !

  1. Italians are not huge on breakfast. Few sweet pastries and espresso that is all they have…
  2. The type of pasta really matters ! In every place that I have visited I got asked what type of pasta would I like ? Spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine etc. For somebody like me they all taste delicious so it does not really matter but point taken !
  3. Italians like to feast… Typical dinner will consist of antipasto, first course (soup or pasta), main course (fish or meat) and dessert.
  4. Typical antipasto is made out of different types of cured meat, cheese and marinated vegetables. You will always get some bread, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar with it.
  5. They like their salads in particular something called panzanella. It consists of tomato, cucumbers, onion, garlic, basil and bread…
  6. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients are everything. Nothing gets pre-packed ready for the microwave.
  7. Italians do not like to rush… If they meet family for dinner it will go on forever ! As a result of that if you book a table in the restaurant you will have as much time as you like so enjoy !
  8. They are huge on desserts and their ice-creams are the best in the world. Everybody knows panna cotta, tiramisu or semifreddo.
  9. Italians like their coffee strong and with very little milk or even better without it. Forget the latte something like that does not exist in their dictionary.
  10. If you ask for iced coffee be prepared that you will receive something which I can only described as espresso with ice… Still very refreshing but maybe that is the secret to their diet ?

Just to tease your taste buds I will share one of very simple meals we had in Italy…

Enjoy !!


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One day in Tuscany

When I look at the pictures from Tuscany, I get the impression that whatever I see is not real… But the reality is even better. Everything is just picture perfect ! I cannot imagine anybody visiting that part of Italy and not falling in love with this beautiful countryside, wineries and rustic farmhouses on every corner.

During our week in Tuscany, I could not resist the temptation of taking as many pictures as possible to document every move in order to share my happiness and joy of visiting Italy with all of my readers. As a result, I would like to take you all on a road with me for just one day…

The day started with beautiful and sunny morning walk… The house that we were staying at was truly spectacular and very Italian. Ideal rural location with just right amount of luxury !


IMG_1273 2


Our first stop on the roads was Lucca which is located about two hours drive from our accommodation. It is a beautiful city and the one that is most loved in the whole Tuscany. It is famous for its Renaissance walls and characteristic cobblestone streets. Lucca has an incredible charm so driving there was a real pleasure !




For the outfit of the day, I decided to go for something casual that would make me feel comfortable yet dressed appropriately. I paired my beloved jumpsuit with the newest addition to my wardrobe… a pair of Topshop sliders ! They are extremely comfortable with animal print adding something extra to the whole design. The quality of the finish is really good for the price and I would highly recommend to check them out if you have a chance !!



Jumpsuit Isabel Marant

Sliders Topshop

Hat Sensi Studio

We ended our visit in Lucca by having this delicious lunch in one of many restaurants in the city centre. Everything was so tasty and fresh !!


For our next stop we decided to go to the seaside. It was a very spontaneous decision but I have no regrets. We drove to the nearest resort called Viareggio. It is a seaside town with fabulous sea front and very good infrastructure. There was so many bars and restaurants and the beach itself was really good as well. We also found a pier with some amazing views !!





After few hours of sunbathing and relaxing we decided it was time to go home as the drive back was well over two hours… But that was not the end of the day as we had a table book in the village restaurant so after refreshing, changing and resting we went to eat and enjoy the end of one of my favourite days ever !

This is a sneak peek of what I was wearing that evening but more on that will follow soon !!


I hope you have enjoyed the day trip in Tuscany and I hope to see you soon !!

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Traveling disasters and pet peeves plus my first ever collaboration !!

I have not planed this post today but as it is in life the best things happen just like that !

Few weeks ago I got approached by Ken from travel website called TravelOopsies.com to joint forces and write one or two things down. The website specialises in collaborations with different bloggers with big emphasis on travel experiences and if they were bad on what could you have learnt from them.

When I got asked to talk about mine I could not resist !

It is so interesting to read about other people travels and their likes and dislikes. Especially when they are either traveling professionally or more often than myself.

With holiday season so fast approaching I hope you will check them out as it is very eye-opening…

It took me some time to reflect on my mistakes and travel choices. I have listed one big one but since writing that little note I could probably name few more… What about you ?

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Packing dos and don’ts

With holiday season fast approaching I thought it will be useful to give you my view on holiday packing or packing in general. It does not matter if you are going away for the weekend or two weeks, I believe you can apply these rules to any circumstances.

Some of the things maybe very obvious, some maybe slightly strange but over the years I came up with my own way of managing packing to ensure I have everything I need with me.

So that is what I do !

Four weeks before you travel:

  • If you have a holiday coming up that you booked for some time make a list of everything that is missing you want to take with you. It maybe anything from a summer hat or a pair of sandals to medication that you need for your travel.
  • Collect all travel documents and passports. Print all the travel documents or make a screenshot on your phone. I try to stay paperless as much as it is possible so I would choose the second option.
  • If you are traveling far away make sure your travel vaccinations are up to date and you do not need any malaria prevention. If so, four weeks should be enough to organise an appropriate appointment with a doctor or nurse. Never leave those things till the last-minute !

Two to one week before you travel:

  • Start planning your suitcase and things you want to take. Do the washing or ironing to prevent last-minute surprise. Try to take thinks that will be easy to wear and maintain while away. I stay away from anything linen. I love the texture of the fabric but it creases too easily for my liking.
  • Prepare your case… Make sure it is still in good condition and the closure is working fine. Think about the hand luggage. Even if you are frequent flyer it is worth checking luggage restrictions as different airlines will have different dimensions allowance.
  • Take care of your toiletries ! From my experience they are the heaviest items in the luggage. If you are limited of how many kilograms you can pack, consider miniatures products or samples that you may have collected during recent months.

The day before you travel:

  • This one will be slightly controversial but I will not start packing sooner than the day before I travel. I like my clothes fresh and uncreased and as I am quick packer, it would not take me long. I have tried many techniques and folding works best for me. I always like to take few extra hangers even if I travel to a nice hotel. From the past experiences I never seem to have enough !
  • Charge all the electrical equipment (normally my other half looks after this part). Make sure that all the cameras have matching batteries, SD cards etc. and remember to take the chargers and adapters !
  • Make sure you have some reading materials. Magazines are good but only for five minutes in my case. I prefer a good book or two (criminal books are my favourites) from my trusted authors. For light, travel reading I would recommend Agatha Raisin series from M.C Beaton…

The day of your travel:

  • Pack the last bits that you may have needed on the day like toothbrush, toothpaste or contact lens solution. I like to leave some space in my the case as I always try to bring something new from my travels…
  • Take a little snack with you ! As I am not keen on the airport food I like to have some nuts or dried fruit with me just in case.
  • Before you leave the house make sure you have all the essentials that you cannot live without. For me it would passport, travel documents, wallet, medications and spare contact lenses. The rest can be bought so do not worry and enjoy you time !!

I hope that little guide is useful and as I will be traveling in the next two weeks I have already started my preparations…

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Ps. Me after about 20 hours in the air… I love traveling but the more prepare I am the more I enjoy it !! More on that experience available here.