Brighton vlog

Today I have a pleasure of sharing my weekend away with you all ! We traveled to Brighton for few days and although the choice of the destination was quite an unusual one, I have no regrets.

Brighton is full of contrasts and as it is a seaside town, it has a lot features typical for that. I loved the old buildings and lots of tiny side streets along with the promenade and variety of cafes and bars. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of poverty and homelessness. First impressions are not always the right ones so I will let you decide for yourself !

Enjoy my vlog and if you liked it, check out my channel for more fashion, travel and beauty related content.

Let me know you thoughts as well as any recommendations and suggestions for more gateways ?

Thank you very much for stopping by.


Aggie xx


Krakow- city with a soul

We have not traveled together for the last few weeks and I thought it will be good to show You where I came from. Although I was not born in Krakow, I have been visiting the city for as long as I can remember and I have many good memories associated with Krakow.

It is one of the largest cities in Poland with incredibly rich history. I would say it is the prettiest and the most romantic of places if You visiting Poland. It has so much to offer from its characteristic cobbled streets, most amazing main market square to a must see like Wieliczka (Salt Mine) or slightly further away from Krakow Auschwitz concentration camp.

Krakow is simply a place to visit if You not have been there yet ! I have some many memories associated with this city from my early childhood, school trips and finally organising our wedding and getting married.

Whoever visits Krakow is spoilt for choice of where to stay. My personal recommendation would include three hotels listed below. I had a pleasure of staying in all of them and they stand out for me for very different reasons…

Tiny, very romantic hotel with a soul, most amazing patio and rooftop terrace.  Known for its privacy and quality service is very popular with celebrities and well-known figures. George Bush, Colin Farrell or Ennio Morricone they all stayed there. If You interested in interior of the hotel check out my post Wedding trailer and some wedding ideas !




Very well-known hotel that belongs to the same family as Copernicus. It is much bigger and grander than the first one with the same first class service. Ideal for a weekend break is positioned just few steps away from the main market square.



Situated in a close proximity to the main square is a very modern hotel with good level of service. Most of our wedding guests stayed there and I would not be able to find anything to complain about. It may lack that character of Copernicus but it is still very convenient, well-run hotel.

Krakow is extremely accessible destination with two airports in the close proximity- Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice.

But what I like the most is the character of the city. Beautiful buildings, nice boutique shops and bars, restaurants with so much choice that it becomes difficult to choose… There is so much pride in me to be able to show You all that beauty !





I hope You have enjoyed and please let me know where would You like to go next ?


Aggie xx

Welcome to Cambridge

Living on the island with good transport links makes spontaneous traveling possible. After a very long week at work we decided as a spur of a minute to go on a trip to Cambridge. Why Cambridge ? First of all, we have not been there before and second of all, the day before I watched one of those Escape to the country programmes (UK daytime television programme about moving from the city to the countryside) and the choice was obvious.

The trip started really badly, it was raining and most importantly I booked the wrong date so when we arrived to the hotel our reservation was not valid.. Luckily, a very nice customer assistant from came to the rescue. Not only did he called the hotel to change the date for the booking but he also sorted the charge for the room so we did not have to pay any extra !!

Cambridge is really special, maybe even more than Oxford. It has that vibe to it, with all the beautiful buildings, colleges, bicycles and restaurants. I cannot even express how much I like it. The weather was not ideal but it did not stop us to explore the place.

We went punting, we visited the famous Fitzwilliam Museum with its amazing collection of art, we went to Botanic Garden and had few drinks on Regent Street. I loved being surrounded by old buildings and historic sites and although my live is far from traditional trips like this make me to reflect on my everyday life.

I do not think that the pictures I am including do Cambridge any justice but I have the best intentions in mind so please forgive me..




Bikes and bikers are everywhere so be careful.. Crossing the road can be very tricky !




As I have never been punting it was very exciting for me to try. Taking a boat ride allows You to see all the famous colleges with their student accommodation and some of the most known bridges in Cambridge. It is a definite must if You are in the area !




Botanic Garden in Cambridge is out of this word and taking a walk on a sunny day like ours is something You cannot put a price on.. I have also got our next travel destination put on my wish list..



Many thanks for going on a trip to Cambridge with me and I will see You soon !!


Aggie xx