What I wore Sunday… colours of autumn

Autumn seems to be a favourite season of most people and I am no exception. I love the leaves and their change in colours and something about cosy nights in. I love the knitwear, scarfs and the chance to change my wardrobe and go back to the things I loved so much last year.

Surprisingly, despite late October it still feels fairly warm where I live. I have not worn a single coat yet and may leave it until November. So today’s outfit is not particularly season focused, it is something I feel comfortable wearing all year round. Leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans are just easy to dress up or down and something that I relay on a lot. Adding my favourite pair of sneakers and slouchy knit and I am ready to go !

If there was only one item of clothing, I would recommend to get for autumn it would be a classic knit. It can be colour and style of your choice, made out of quality fabric that will last season after season. The excitement of taking it out and wearing it again after the summer will make it even more special next year.

So that is what I wore this autumnal Sunday !

Jacket All Saints (similar here)

Knit Topshop (similar)

Jeans Zara (similar)

Bag Dior

Sneakers Golden Goose

Sunglasses Dior

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What I wore Sunday… the comfiest I have been

Wearing what I love to wear is not always possible. Work and weather determine most of the time what I choose on the daily basis. That is why when I get to wear something that I truly feel good at, I treasure that for a very long time.

This outfit is my comfy one. I felt very put together yet comfortable. As you may have realised I like block colours and simplicity most of the time. I will try to add a pop of colour every so often but stripes, odd shaping and mixing various styles is not something that feels like me.

Classic, single breasted wool coat is such a must that I feel very glad I got mine last season. It is warm enough to keep me cosy but stylish at the same time. I wear it most days and I strongly believe that this will continue until it gets really, really cold and starts to snow !!

A pair of shoes I have on maybe not to everybody’s taste. It took me quite a few months to find my way of wearing them that will suit my style. I knew I liked them on other people but somehow I could not rock them myself… They were definitely worth the wait and you will see them more often in the near future !!

So that is what I wore this Sunday…

Story by Aggie 1**

Coat Joseph

Knit Zara

Jeans AllSaints

Sneakers Isabel Marant

Bag LV

Story by Aggie 0*

Story by Aggie 10*

Story by Aggie 5*

Story by Aggie 16*

Story by Aggie 12*

Story by Aggie 7*

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What I wore Sunday… village life at its best

We have taken these pictures quite some time ago but I have never had the chance to share them with you. As with most of my outfit posts, they were taken on Sunday when the temperature dropped and I felt I need a nice comfy knit and quite a few layers !

The village we are in is one of my long time favourite locations and it feels like home to me. As is was a very casual outgoing, I decided to wear clothes I feel most comfortable in and that make me happy. The jeans and the jacket are old-time favourites of mine and you may have seen them already (here, here and here).  For under layer I went for an amazing knit (first seen here) that I bought and loved ever since I got last season. It is an amazing quality and value for money and comes in many different colours. A complete bargain to me and I am seriously considering adding more than one to my closet !

The rest of the outfit is just my trusted pair of white sneakers which are the most comfortable pair you can ever imagine as well as the statement bag. I do not wear that bag a lot but when I do, I am still amazed by the quality of the finish and craftsmanship involved in creating it. I have included that particular style in my Designer bags worth investing in video so check it out if you want to know more…

Without keeping you any longer that is what I wore Sunday !

Story by Aggie 8*

Jacket AllSaints

Knit & Other Stories (similar)

Jeans Topshop

Sneakers Golden Goose

Bag LV

Story by Aggie 4*

Story by Aggie 5

Story by Aggie 9

Story by Aggie 11

Story by Aggie 16

Story by Aggie 14*

Story by Aggie 15

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